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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

First K.I.S.S Rally Tickets On Sale NOW!

First K.I.S.S Rally Tickets On Sale NOW! (10) - Forums [Biker Match] First K.I.S.S Rally Tickets On Sale NOW! (10) - Forums [Biker Match]
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First K.I.S.S Rally Tickets On Sale NOW!

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Simon i am world champ so bring it on lol

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 14/06/2011 14:40  

I'll hide some in my tent just in case I loose; lol. I know they'll be safe in there because once I take my boots off no-one will go near; lol

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 14/06/2011 15:05  

**** note to self raid Simons tent before he goes to bed !!!!

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 14/06/2011 15:39  

Got to ask JP....what is that hung from your hat? and why is there a limited number of tickets for the K.I.S.S rally?

   Update Reply
loving it @ 14/06/2011 20:13  

seaweed and its hung over me ear long story lol The limited number is not for the site but for the room as all bands have to play in bar area its a bit of a balancing act we have to do so as not to over book and get complants about not getting in the bar

   Update Reply
JP @ 14/06/2011 20:49  

Can I pitch my tent in the bar?

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 14/06/2011 20:54  

If you cross my hand with silver you can pitch it anywhere lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 14/06/2011 20:56  

I was right Jp.....thought it was vaguely reminded me of Johnny Depp in pirates of the carribean. :) what's the limited number for the K.I.S.S rally?

   Update Reply
loving it @ 14/06/2011 23:36  

The does not have a limited number but thay said bar is 250 I think if I'm wrong can someone correct me please BJ lol so I recon about 300 tickets as some will milling about outside etc

   Update Reply
JP @ 15/06/2011 14:48  

Blimey Old Un you got it right lol

Bar capacity is around 250, camping wise bout 300 :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 15/06/2011 14:59  

Oh I thought it was 500, and I'm sure I wrote 500 somewhere (facebook maybe). Better go find my facts and correct them. Wooops.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 15/06/2011 15:02  

Please also add yourselves to the Facebook attendance list...!/event.php?eid=219669531385948 From there you can also invite all your Facebook friends. Please do this! Let's get as many folks going as we can. :-D

   Update Reply
Matt @ 15/06/2011 15:04  

Matt 500 camping should be ok but when thay can't get to the bar just had a thought will get back to you on this ASAP BJ call me when you get 5 mins

   Update Reply
JP @ 15/06/2011 15:22  

ads now rotating around BM promoting the event also.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 15/06/2011 15:29  

Called Old Un and a cunning plan is now in action, watch this space ...

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 15/06/2011 16:13  

Just followed the facebook link and it came up with an error message saying the link was out of date.

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 15/06/2011 16:27  

Problem solved, it comes up now. Think it might be my mistake; lol

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 15/06/2011 16:31  

haha yea i think it was you :-P

   Update Reply
Matt @ 15/06/2011 21:26  

No it wasn't wasn't working when I looked...he's fixed it and just letting you think it was you

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 15/06/2011 22:54  

these geeks eh lol

mind folks sensible shoes and cowboy boots may come in handy lol

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 16/06/2011 09:22  

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