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Help Me / FAQ

A list of commonly asked questions, to save you the trouble of contacting us

Help Me / FAQ [Biker Match] Help Me / FAQ [Biker Match]
1) I have not received my Activation Email

This is more than likely because you have entered an invalid email address during signup or you have Spam filters/Junk mail folders.  Check these first (especially on Hotmail and Yahoo addresses)

If you are sure that the email has not been received, please use this link to resend it...

Please always wait up to 3 hours before contacting us for further assistance, as email can sometimes be delayed.

Please contact us if you would like us to investigate and/or change your email address.  You can also re-register using a correct/valid email address.  However, you will be unable to use the same username as you originally created.

2) My profile does not appear in searches

This is because your profile is disabled.  Please login to your account and select to "Enable" your profile from the Profile tab.

3) My profile does not appear on the homepage

Only qualified profiles appear on the homepage.  These are profiles for full BM members who are are enabled, have at least one picture uploaded and have been online more than 24 hours for vetting and belong to a fully subscribed account.

4) I cannot send messages to a specific person

This may be because the user has blocked you from contacting them. This sometimes happens by mistake (when someone accidentally clicks the "block" button. We can contact another member for you on your behalf if you think this might have happened. Please contact us directly

5) How can I disable my profile without deleting account?

To remove/disable/hide your profile, simply login to your account and select to "Disable" your profile from the Profile tab.

6) I cannot upload photos to my account or events

Please first try to use another computer or browser. We find Chrome works the best for BikerMatch.
It could be that you have necessary features disabled which are required for the upload process. For example, JavaScript, Cookies, session support, page redirects and popups, etc.
If you find another browser works ok, we recommend that you reset your original browser settings and try again.

7) I received a notification via email, but I cannot find any message in my inbox

This is a common problem when a spammer gets through our checks and manages to send out spam.
This causes you to receive a notification via email. However, we've often had the account reported to us and deleted before you get to see the junk they sent you.

8) My payment has been sent but my account has not been updated

Sometimes there's a problem for our bank notifying our servers of a successful payment.
If you logout and back in again, but find your account has still not been upgraded, then please contact us for further help.
Please do not send a new payment if you think the first attempt should have been successful.

9) I keep getting an error message when trying to upgrade. I've retried without success

The most common reason for payments to fail is when you have mistyped some details.
Please double-check you have entered your name, address and postcode exactly as it appears on your bank statement.
If you're still having trouble please contact us and copy/paste the entire error message you're seeing.

10) How do I unsubscribe/stop payments?

All new payments since 2010 have been single payments.  From now on you only "Top Up" your BikerMatch account when you want to use the full features of the site.  You do not therefore have a recurring payment and there is nothing you need to cancel or worry about.

Thanks to everyone who supports the site. It makes a great difference.  If you choose to leave the site we hope to see you back again soon

11) How do I delete my account?

If you no longer want to be an active member, please simply disable your profile. This will hide your account from online areas of the site without deleting it entirely.
To do this, disable from your profile page.

If you want your account deleting entirely from the site, please click here to DELETE account
Please note: your account will be gone forever! We will never again be able to retrieve previous messages, profile, forum posts, etc once we have removed your account.  You will not receive any refund for unused premium access to the site.

12) The site keeps telling me I'm not in the UK, but I am!

There are 2 possible causes for this -

1) Your IP address needs updating in our database.
2) You have a proxy server enabled (common with business connections) routing you through another country.

Before we dive deeper into things, please first try disabling your proxy server by following the instructions here:
Disable Proxy Server

13) If I upgrade, can standard members reply to my messages?

Yes, absolutely. For as long as you are upgraded, anyone can reply to your messages.

14) Why is BikerMatch not for free like Facebook?

Good question. MOST of the site is free to use. You can create an account, upload photos, use our forums, reply to messages, etc. It's just we ask a little contribution from our heavy users who want to upload more photos, remove adverts, etc.
But the internet is supposed to be free for everything, right? Facebook, Twitter etc are all free.
Well sadly it actually costs a lot of money, time and effort to keep a small social network running like BikerMatch.
Without your support we simply cannot afford the magazine adverts, online promotions, server costs etc.
BM simply can't survive without your generosity (or covering the entire site with adverts, which nobody wants!)
We're now more than 18 years online and have managed to maintain our prices over this entire period. The site doesn't make a profit and all funds raised go back into improving the site and promoting it. Bringing in more members for you to meet through advertising, developing new content to keep the site up to date, etc
We hope you'll help us improve the site by making a small contribution. Every little helps and is most appreciated.

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