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GHW's BikerMatch ProfileGHW's BikerMatch ProfileGHW's BikerMatch Profile


Black Country, 59

Bald, bearded and barmy - that just about sums me up ;-)...
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CopperFox's BikerMatch ProfileCopperFox's BikerMatch ProfileCopperFox's BikerMatch Profile


Preston, 49

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pinkbikerbabe's BikerMatch Profilepinkbikerbabe's BikerMatch Profilepinkbikerbabe's BikerMatch Profile


Cirencester, 36

I live and breath for my motorbikes and my SLR photography. ...
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bevk1tty's BikerMatch Profilebevk1tty's BikerMatch Profilebevk1tty's BikerMatch Profile


Manchester, 56

blonde female into bikes. sidecar passenger for my sins. ...
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The old fox's BikerMatch ProfileThe old fox's BikerMatch ProfileThe old fox's BikerMatch Profile

The old fox

Swansea, 66

Getting on but still fell like I'm thirty least in my head like singing and dancing and having a good time...
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Ratty955i's BikerMatch ProfileRatty955i's BikerMatch ProfileRatty955i's BikerMatch Profile


Bromley, 53

Hard working professional within a technology industry with a complete bohemian outlook on life!...
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Tigerpilot's BikerMatch ProfileTigerpilot's BikerMatch ProfileTigerpilot's BikerMatch Profile


Loughton, 56

53 going on 33, still full of life and not ready to be all grown up and boring, just yet!...
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Danielle_88's BikerMatch ProfileDanielle_88's BikerMatch ProfileDanielle_88's BikerMatch Profile


Lincoln, 29

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Gas61's BikerMatch ProfileGas61's BikerMatch ProfileGas61's BikerMatch Profile


Lincoln, 55

Hi, looking for biker friends...
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Phoebe's BikerMatch ProfilePhoebe's BikerMatch ProfilePhoebe's BikerMatch Profile


Ripon, 71

Short, blue eyed, blonde, fun loving gal. ...
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kevjud1961's BikerMatch Profilekevjud1961's BikerMatch Profilekevjud1961's BikerMatch Profile


Doncaster, 56

Non smoker occasional drinker like going for rides out on my bike...
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ChilliD's BikerMatch ProfileChilliD's BikerMatch ProfileChilliD's BikerMatch Profile


Lichfield, 50

Blonde, witty, and adventurous. ...
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paul harley1's BikerMatch Profilepaul harley1's BikerMatch Profilepaul harley1's BikerMatch Profile

paul harley1

London, 50

come on girls dont be going shy on me...
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Redz242's BikerMatch ProfileRedz242's BikerMatch ProfileRedz242's BikerMatch Profile


Scarborough, 52

I enjoy my life , just some one missing from it . ...
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Motorbike50's BikerMatch ProfileMotorbike50's BikerMatch ProfileMotorbike50's BikerMatch Profile


Rhyl, 62

Easy going. Good listener. Likes a good laugh//time. ...
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rowanblossom's BikerMatch Profilerowanblossom's BikerMatch Profilerowanblossom's BikerMatch Profile


Manchester, 48

What you see is what you get, a 5ft 2 round short arse ninja on the plainer side of plain...
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Brianns's BikerMatch ProfileBrianns's BikerMatch ProfileBrianns's BikerMatch Profile


Wakefield, 59

Tell you later...
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JH1's BikerMatch ProfileJH1's BikerMatch ProfileJH1's BikerMatch Profile


Preston, 45

laid back down to earth what you see is what you get...
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hdvrod's BikerMatch Profilehdvrod's BikerMatch Profilehdvrod's BikerMatch Profile


Greatstone, 67

tall, bit overwieght, bvlue eyes hair is now greying, fairly fit, like nto go to rallys on the bike touring eu...
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Lakota Starwalker's BikerMatch ProfileLakota Starwalker's BikerMatch ProfileLakota Starwalker's BikerMatch Profile

Lakota Starwalker

Bury Lancs, 62

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Lindsay's BikerMatch ProfileLindsay's BikerMatch ProfileLindsay's BikerMatch Profile


Leeds, 51

Did I do anything last night that suggested I was sane?...
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HS's BikerMatch ProfileHS's BikerMatch ProfileHS's BikerMatch Profile


Oldham, 52

Caring, genuine and lust for life!...
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Crimmy's BikerMatch ProfileCrimmy's BikerMatch ProfileCrimmy's BikerMatch Profile


Edinburgh, 52

Curvy Rock Chikky...
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bcjone's BikerMatch Profilebcjone's BikerMatch Profilebcjone's BikerMatch Profile


Ilford, 60

Interesting, active bloke. Ultimate aim to meet similar female but friends always appreciated. ...
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ThePurpleFairy's BikerMatch ProfileThePurpleFairy's BikerMatch ProfileThePurpleFairy's BikerMatch Profile


Colchester, 54

Short and Slim, Likes Narrow Boats & Bikes...
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spike69's BikerMatch Profilespike69's BikerMatch Profilespike69's BikerMatch Profile


Shaftesbury, 54

happy go lucky guy...
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Billthebiker's BikerMatch ProfileBillthebiker's BikerMatch ProfileBillthebiker's BikerMatch Profile


Halifax, 53

Travellin biker, lookin to find a companion...
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Honda cbr seren's BikerMatch ProfileHonda cbr seren's BikerMatch ProfileHonda cbr seren's BikerMatch Profile

Honda cbr seren

Wigan, 44

I dont bite and life is too short to be small minded...
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Heart's BikerMatch ProfileHeart's BikerMatch ProfileHeart's BikerMatch Profile


Wiltshire, 60

Happy, Out Going, ...
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Tony_C_REME's BikerMatch ProfileTony_C_REME's BikerMatch ProfileTony_C_REME's BikerMatch Profile


New Milton, 47

47 In reasonable shape looking for a lady to ride and explore with. ...
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About BikerMatch

                         Welcome to BikerMatch (BM)!

BM was started in the summer of 2006 after over 3 years of development as an offshoot from, predominantly aimed at being a dating site.  However, over the years it has progressed into a more broader social site with members organising ride outs, meet ups, BBQs, international trips and we're now in the 6th year of our very own rally, started and organised by the BM Members, the K.I.S.S Rally (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

11 years down the line now and we have members, 2 million page views per month, over 1,000 events per year, millions of forum posts & chatroom messages plus around 3,000-5,000 people logging on and 100 new members joining every single day.

Matt is the site owner who designed BM from the ground up (as a hobby) and continues to maintain it with voluntary help from the moderators who are here to ensure forum etiquette, check profiles/photos are legit and to stop you (the members) from being spammed by malicious users. The moderators can also help you with any site issues or queries, but please check the Help page first.

There are also voluntary events co-ordinators for most areas of the United Kingdom who are there to help you if you wish to set up an event/meet up/ride out. However it should be noted that they are not responsible for organising ALL events. This is your site, you make it happen.

Please note all site staff are members of BM who volunteer their time to help make BM what it is today. They usually have a proven track record of helping other BM members (aka 'BMers') and have shown special dedication to the site.

There is also an events calendar, so if you want to add any events, then follow the instructions in the calendar or send us an email.

BM is largely free to use.  You can create a profile, upload photos, respond to Private Messages, check our forums, join our events etc completely FREE of charge.  You can also opt to upgrade your account, removing adverts from the site and allowing a few extra features.

The funds raised through memberships goes towards promoting the site with full-page adverts in magazines such as Bike, Performance Bikes, Ride, MCN etc as well as online advertising on Facebook and Google.  This keeps a continuous flow of new members joining the website, which would otherwise fail like previous, similar, sites.  Your subs make the site grow so please continue to contribute!  Of course there's also costs of maintaining the servers that run this site 24/7, more subs = better performance and features.  BM is NOT a large corporate site run by faceless gremlins - we're a site run by bikers for bikers.  Matt also has his own day-job and runs BM in his spare time.

We hope that you enjoy your time here.  It's been said many times that you get out of BM what you put in! So join in with the forums & attend some events/meet ups/ride outs. You'll soon make loads of friends and may even meet that special someone in the process - Bonus!  If you want proof please read the testimonies page.

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