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Best UK Biker Social Networking App

Download: Free Biker Match App For Bikers

Biker Match App Download - Motorcycle App For Bikers [Biker Match] Biker Match App Download - Motorcycle App For Bikers [Biker Match]

Biker Match App

Progressive Web App For Mobiles AND Desktops

BikerMatch has been built as a Progressive Web App. This is new technology and means we no longer need to build a separate mobile app for each platform.
The following features, when installed together, give you access to our superb biker social app.
Each feature will unlock new parts of the site. You can consider BM installed as an "app" when all features are allowed/installed/setup.
You don't need to download anything. Just click each of the buttons to enable the necessary feature in your browser. Remember to click 'allow' or 'approve' etc in any popup that appears.

Notifications Blocked

It seems you may have blocked the popup notifications from working.
To progress further you will need to unblock the notifications.
Here are some screenshots from the most common 3 browsers showing how to enable the notifications.
Once you have followed these steps please refresh the page.

Enable Biker Match App Disable Biker Match App


Latest Javascript is installed (Required for basic website)



Service Worker is running (Required for basic website)



Notifications are enabled. You can disable via your browser's settings.

Notifications blocked. Click here for more info.

Push Messages


Push subscription activated

Notifications blocked. Click here for more info.



App added to home screen. To uninstall follow your normal browser/desktop procedures.

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