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BikerMatch Karma

What is 'Karma' and how does it affect me?

Karma [Biker Match] Karma [Biker Match]

BikerMatch Karma

What is Karma?

Karma is your reputation within the BikerMatch community. Karma is a way for other members to view your activity, status & popularity expressed as a percentage.
Your Karma percentage rating is based on your Karma compared with that of the member with the highest Karma on the website.
For example, if you have a Karma rating of 80 compared with 160 for someone else, then you have a 50% Karma rating.

 How do I earn Karma?

Karma is a mathematical calculation that is only known by our site developers. We will not give out the secret behind Karma, so please don't ask!
We can however tell you that the following activity will change your Karma...

  • Posting in the forums
  • Chatting in the chatroom
  • Sending/Receiving Private Messages
  • Sending/Receiving Nods
  • Views of your profile
  • Uploading photos to your profile
  • Tagging yourself on event photos
  • Attending events
  • Subscribing as a full member
  • Visiting the site daily
  • Good/Bad votes from other members (in development)

You will gain points for some activity and lose points for others. For example, you will loose points for every day you are offline but will gain points every time someone views your profile. Each activity has a different "weighting" and so not every activity will necessarily change your Karma by the same amount.

Popular Members Pages

The "popular members" pages will instantly calculate everyone's Karma, then display those with the highest Karma who have been active in the past 14 days. The lists do not show inactive members even if they have a high Karma. The lists also don't include those who have no profile photo uploaded or have hidden profiles.

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