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Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike"

Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike" - Forums [Biker Match] Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike" - Forums [Biker Match]
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Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike"

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Has come to the conclusion that Motorbikes are indeed an extension of "Family" and just like Children...

Have shed tears and fretted over Poppy since she and I limped home on Saturday.. Booked her in for what I feared the worst.. Emergency Throttle Surgery complete with Cable Procedure... Turns out the wee minx had only become disconnected from her heated grips!! My sigh of relief was tangible and probably felt the world over..

Poppy is a MOTORBIKE!!

How has she got me so that I worry just as much for her as I do Ellieminx.. who incidentally has had her fair share of late night runs to A&E with many tears and desperate phone calls only for her to walk out with another free teddy bear a few short hours later...

Children AND Motorbikes.. I must be mad or just love the stress!!


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rockchickeelicious @ 25/10/2012 18:24  

I had more stress from my bike than I ever had with my son I think I had PND with both of them, Post Navigational Depression with Taffy (my bike) not getting lost, just wondering IF I was going to reach my destination, or get back, he never had the stamina for both journeys in one day

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Sandi @ 26/10/2012 02:26  

definitely family although mine dont have names they are all "shes" and i do get very attached to them something my ex never understood as he used to laugh whenever i had to go to bed at night via the garage!

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kwakgirl @ 26/10/2012 08:12  

mine is my baby girl, and is called Roxy. and I always say goodnight to her when I lock the shed up at night....I also say thanks for a good safe ride everytime too. My family think I'm crackers

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rowanblossom @ 26/10/2012 09:06  

"He never had the stamina for both journeys in one day..."

Laughed my ass off Sandi.. Coffee snorting lush comment.. Thank you!!

Debs and Rowan.. glad it's not just me!! Although bless her she doesn't have a garage at the moment.. One day though.. and it will be heated and carpeted too...

Is it telling that no men have commented on this do you think..

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rockchickeelicious @ 26/10/2012 18:05  

I know wot's good for me... 'Come to bed, come straight to bed, do not pass go, do not come via the garage, an def no "nitey-nites" '!

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XKLYBR @ 26/10/2012 20:33  

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Deleted Member @ 26/10/2012 20:50  

ooops trigger happy lol..... Mines called eve and i always say sorry when i ride her badly ie forget to change down or just bad driving in general.. she loves going fast though and gets her own back by racing down all the nice wide bendy roads.... Honest . it's not me that goes fast.....

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Deleted Member @ 26/10/2012 20:54  

My 3 bikes are my babies, I love them all. If one of them isnt running right or has something wrong with it I do get stressed about it. Dont like my babies to be ill. This must make me sound so sad, but hey I dont care.

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Sweeny Todd @ 26/10/2012 21:33  

@ rockchick....hmmmmmm.....very very telling! they think we are bats! apparently you cant get "emotionally attached" to a bike!!! well sorry guys ....but actually you can! especially when you get more back from the said inanimate object than the rest of you sorry bunch! sorry sounding bitter now ....i'll go back and sit in the corner.

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kwakgirl @ 26/10/2012 22:17  

I think it's the difference between a biker and someone who rides a bike just to get around. I am a biker, the bike and the friends I have are family, a big part of my life.

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timhall @ 26/10/2012 22:31  

LOL R C, I'm glad I made ya laugh (don't tell anyone tho or it will ruin my rep) I'm curious as to why some women refer to their bikes as SHE/her, does it mean I'm in touch with my masculine side by referring to my bike as HE/him? I couldn't imagine sitting on something that was classed as feminine.

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Sandi @ 26/10/2012 22:36  

I wonder if it is the same things as all ships/boats/yachts. They are all referred to as being she. Possibly its a control thing and a hangover from the past. Looking back, men were ships captains, rode horses a certain way, drove cars/bikes (thought they were in control...mmmmm know a few who are still under that misconception).... women were just not allowed/permitted to do so until what is classed as fairly modern times.

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rowanblossom @ 26/10/2012 23:02  

hmmm Sandi - my first proper bike was "Boris" and was deffo male he was an owd Z1000 dont know if its a sports bike thing...but they have all been female....or maybe its just that im seriously pissed off with the whole of the male of the human species therefore nothing half decent can be male!

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kwakgirl @ 26/10/2012 23:11  

My bike hasn't got a name although sometimes she's called a right b***ard or bitch when she's playing her refusing to start trick. She's most definitely a she and she's my fourth baby girl.
I absolutely adore her and frequently hug, pat and kiss her.
When the starter broke last year & she was off the road for 5 weeks I almost went into a clinical depression. Some people thought I was mad to pay the extortionate price for a new starter motor, but to me there was no choice- I had to do it and I don't regret it one little bit.
She's brought me amazing joy and freedom but is soon to be my ex-baby. But I try to avoid discussing this where she can hear. Her new owner has my seal of approval cos it's most important to make sure she's going to a good home lol

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Minnie the Minx @ 27/10/2012 01:43  

KG, with a name like Boris your bike wasn't going to be a male escort was he? LOL Ah, maybe that's it, SPORTS bikes are referred to as female cos they are elegant and racy. My bike was a baby cruiser, he was more a knackered old hobo than a sex god ~~~~~~~~'s most important to make sure she's going to a good home lol The man (in his 70s) who bought Taffy said he was going to make a TRIKE out of him, PML Taffy had enough trouble getting himself up hills without adding another wheel. A 125 trike, has there ever been such a thing? If anyone sees the number plate TUJ 487Y that's Taffy (Honda CM)

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Sandi @ 27/10/2012 05:43  

i love my bike to bits... she is called Harleyy i know who would think it for a harley eh!! bt my ohter bikes had diff names its jus this suited her and my last bike was a he but my harley is def a gal.... coz we are like mates out together having fun and causing trouble when we can and i am the controller and she does what i say........ i wouldnt want a male to let me have that much control over him tho i try for sure hahaha.... but i want a male to never submit totally, whereas i want my bike to submit.......and do as she is told with all her heart and character that's my bike...

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xSuzix @ 27/10/2012 11:06  

your all mad!! I had a CBR 600 that nearly ripped my arms off my body, I could barely reach the floor, that bike had many many names which may be a little too offensive on here!! then I bought my slow bus virago ( due to stumpy leg syndrom) I class it as neither male or female, its my chunky beast just how I like em

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Crissy2012 @ 27/10/2012 11:40  

Yeah it real is strange how we get so attached to our bikes, we spend hours making them look their best, never really like letting them get wet and dirty, talk to them and believe they understand what your saying.......
Mines called Betty by the way!!!

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Inspector Gadget @ 27/10/2012 16:30  

all bikes have names,just some owners don't realise 250 guzzi is "red",my 1000 guzzi is "old bill"(ex police),900tiger is" tootall" or" tiger9" and 600 triumph is"speedy"....see profile for pics..any others you need to know ask...xx

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jinx57 @ 27/10/2012 19:20  

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