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General Chat/Anything Goes

Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike"

Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike" (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike" (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Motorbike.. "Family" or "Just a Bike"

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My bikes are an important part of life...when I'm working away I often say I cant wait to get back to my bikes...and just pray for dry days in the winter, cold and dry...
but hey, I get withdrawal symptoms after I leave for these 7 -10 week trips.... ha ha...I miss the beast...

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johnnytb @ 09/12/2012 12:41  

Over the last 3 years i've spent more time with my bike than i have spent with other people and that tends to build a close relationship. Have done 45000 miles on it in just under 3 yrs and love it to bits. Its my first bike since 1991 and has given me a great deal of pleasure . Its called zed and i just made the final payment the other day --really pleased with it

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Deleted Member @ 09/12/2012 13:20  

look after your babys and they look after u your life my depend on it you'v got to love em

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kaw600 @ 09/12/2012 15:28  

Like i said in chat the other day, your bike is your partner, it goes where your body tells it. I never did name my bandit, it was just Bandit and it was a she, a bitch when she wouldnt start, but a doll on the road.

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Momeg @ 09/12/2012 18:57  

family deffo, I sold one of mine recently and was gutted to find out that the new owner had killed it (he is now trying to get his money back off me) I was sad to see it go as I wasn't using it even sadder when I found out what had happened.

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Bluey1450 @ 09/12/2012 20:29  

my old kwak is built like an old brick sh*t house with a rough exterior and certainly lives up to its american moniker `tomcat` brutishly quick but easy to maintain ....i supose with the vx and the xt they are my own little brood and i make sure i always warm the spanners first lol....

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nellie @ 12/12/2012 21:34  

...i make sure i always warm the spanners first lol.... LOL Nells

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Sandi @ 13/12/2012 02:45  

I love my bikes, I don't even let other ride them usually, unless there is a good reason or essential someone else I can trust rides my bikes. Not bothered about my car in that way, to me that is just a tool. My first bike was a Suz GS500E, I named it 'A Boy named Sue', my second was Rhonda the Honda (CB500), my KLE500 didn't have a name, I didnt have it long enough. My Aprilia's name is Nala, after The Lion King's childhood friend. My Bonny is just Bonny at the mo, not thought of a decent apropriate name for her yet,but she is defo a girl with class....

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Lynn1584 @ 13/12/2012 16:32  

My zebedee is my baby all my bikes have been my best buds and ive loved everyone of them.only two people have every got to ride any of my bikes

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zzrbabe42 @ 15/12/2012 07:21  

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