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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

2nd BM K.I.S.S. Rally 2012

2nd BM K.I.S.S. Rally 2012 (52) - Forums [Biker Match] 2nd BM K.I.S.S. Rally 2012 (52) - Forums [Biker Match]
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2nd BM K.I.S.S. Rally 2012

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Well what can I add that has not already been said by others so many times... it was indeed a great weekend, great entertainment, both from the professional bands and the ad-lib members who took part... go also for me especially the highlight was to actually meet face to face many of the folk I have only spoken to in chat or PM....a great friendly bunch all round and I look forward to many other such gatherings in the future... BM RULE... lol So many folk I never got the chance to speak to personally, and those I especially wished to chat and share a drink with... you know who you please get in touch and say "hi" in PM...amazing to think our tents were parked within yards of each other but I did not know it...until it was too late...hahaha.. oh well maybe next time .... And I cannot say it any better than anyone else but I huge huge THANK YOU one and all to the organisers for putting in so much hard work and making it a party to remember... ummmm!!!... well from what I can remember... maybe due a little too much falling down juice being taking ... enough said... think I'll just go to my bed and dream to relive it all again, and buy the drinks I owe.... well we can all dream can't we.... Thanks again one and all..... see you at the next "do".... Cheers everyone

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Rider10 @ 03/09/2012 01:18  

Somebody said they spotted me in the dance tent in the early hours of Saturday morning. I said that it couldn't have been me as I can't dance. And they said "We noticed"!!!

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XKLYBR @ 03/09/2012 09:41  

I'll mirror everything everyone else has said, fantastic weekend and massive thanks to the KISS team for their hard working to ensure all had a good time and for making the event so memorable . Massive thanks to the BM Village Peeps for the entertainment, again memorable . Great catching up with mates, and making new friends xx

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sherry @ 03/09/2012 10:29  

Well what can i say folks .................. you guys are awesome, thank you all for making it a great weekend all round, we appreciate all the nice stuff said :)

Apologies regarding the catering, it wasn't what we had agreed and we were disappointed that you guys were let down by it, all we can do is say sorry.

I have to say a massive THANKS to Bikeabill, Jaffa, Sumo, Spesh and BBZ for their performance as the Village Idiots, they were awesome. I am still having knightmares about walking into the erm ..... changing area to be confronted by lots of bare flesh in areas i really wish were covered lol BIG UP TO YOU GUYS you did me proud :) and raised a shed load of money for charity.

Thanks to everyone for making sure they cleaned up their own mess, savved us loads of time and effort after a very tiring weekend for us.

I do have a pair of bike gloves that somebody left on the ground, so if there yours let me know. The owner of the rucksack has been found and its return sorted :0

Bands were great and apart from the DJ daring to play a song by the band who shall remain namesless, he was a good un and all lol

I anybody wants any tshirts, hoodies etc, please contact Boss Mom :)

Was good to see lots of new faces there and some old ones who i havent seen for a while, sorry if i didnt get chance to chat to you all, perks of being on duty i guess :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 03/09/2012 10:53  

hi everyone. thankyou soo much for a brill weekend, especially those who organised davids surprise birthday celebration. he was well chuffed. and a thanks to noddy 1 for a fab ride out. also thankyou to ragnar for organising ride up. made so much more fun and a chance to ride with new fellow riders. hope to see you all again soon. xvalerie

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fantasia @ 03/09/2012 11:11  

Fantastic weekend BIG thank you to all involved in making it happen.

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cw @ 03/09/2012 11:21  

Awesome weekend - well organised and made to feel very welcome by everyone I spoke to... who could possibly ask for more?

BIG thanks to Noddy for a great ride out - you're a star

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justjerry @ 03/09/2012 11:59  

Where did the weekend go I lost it?? A big thank you to the KISS team who done us proud again this year!! I'll never be able to dance to YMCA again without falling over with laughter I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to chat to you all but thank you for making me feel very welcome to those I did. Great to see old face's and new. I've made some lovely new friendships that I will treasure

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Elliemay @ 03/09/2012 13:04  

As ever with the Midlands Team, another great event. I can't add any more than has already been said on here so thankyou to all of you for the hard work and time put in to organising the weekend. A chilled out relaxed weekend with great people. See you all soon.

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Simon66 @ 03/09/2012 13:05  

Fantastic weekend and what luck with the weather in the end! Thanks to all the organisers for all the hard work you put in. Thanks to all on the ride out to Malvern, what an ace café we found, I still say salad counts as food ;p Emzed, shame on you for trolling the tired drunk guy, good game well played. Here's to more drunken philosophising in the future ;p

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Say_Ten @ 03/09/2012 13:25  

Brill Week end. Special thanks to Jackie, Vanessa, JP and Ken, all the Marshalls the bands the YMCA guys and everyone for making it a an awesome time ! just uploaded some pics

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Ninja Lou @ 03/09/2012 13:58  

Well as always had a great weekend with the BM family

Massive thanks and total respect to all the team who pulled this off for us, provided great entertainment, and generally showed the love, you are all stars!!!!

Glad to hear you got home ok Sally sorry to hear about the bike hun, we missed you and Mike in Matlock

Marge I have photographic evidence of your mirkin, which still traumatizes me!!!
Ginger Jen, came looking for you hun to say bye, but you'd gone

Big love to Paul and Chris for pillying me, and all those who fed me and made me tea

will upload pics later xxxx

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Annie C @ 03/09/2012 15:42  

As BJ has said thanks for all your kind words it is much appreciated. Sorry I didn't get to chat to many of you but as my teacher use to say "must try harder" lol. The only thing I would like to add is the rally would have been a total flop without you because you make the rally and BM what it is so thanks for coming and see you all soon.

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JP @ 03/09/2012 19:49  

brill weekend, brill weather, brill bands, brill company

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drobess @ 03/09/2012 22:46  

Just uploaded some pics so get tagging people

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IanT1966 @ 03/09/2012 23:02  

Great weekend thanx to all the KISS Team,see you all soon,
A big thank you to LOANER,SHELLYGIRL&SPESH for the help with my Bike

   Update Reply
Onearmbandit52 @ 03/09/2012 23:21  

Oh Sorry I forgot to say a BIG THANK YOU to ONEARMBANDIT52 for his kind offer of giving me a hand on Saturday eve

   Update Reply
JP @ 03/09/2012 23:42  

it's ok JP any time ,(there's no arm in it)

   Update Reply
Onearmbandit52 @ 03/09/2012 23:55  

So, so pleased that everyone appears to have enjoyed their weekend, that's what it's all about at the end of the day and makes it all worthwhile.
Thanks to Emzed for the special buns that saw me through Saturday morning, to everyone for exercising the dog so much that he's still hard to move now cos he's that exhausted, and to the security team who did a grand job for us and took some of the pressure off. Finally a huge thanks to Ken, Bill, BJ and Phil for helping dis-assemble the mansion on Sunday otherwise I think we might still be there lol.

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Deleted Member @ 04/09/2012 01:44  

Great weekend and thanks to the organisers who i know have put in a LOT of work to get KISS on for us again this year. THANKS to BRUMMIE JACKIE, BOSS MOM, SCORPIO54 and JPHARLEY. Had a laugh with the village people and a much needed chilled weekend. And i got to meet some more new people, and was supprised at all the newbies that made the effort to turn up - so good on ya.

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Timeout @ 04/09/2012 11:09  

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