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What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today

What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today - Forums [Biker Match] What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today - Forums [Biker Match]
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What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today

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Laughter is like Chicken Soup for the Soul... If you stop and watch.. the world and it's inhabitants can be utterly ridiculously mad and hysterically funny! Me included

Sharing this with a friend on here made me giggle like a fruit loop! So share the giggles...

<wordtidy>Trying to impress a bloke... high heels.. the works... Saw him standing there so put a slink in my walk and a smile on my face... Walked towards him.. slipped on the smallest puddle of water you have ever seen.. slid along said floor on my ass and sat there in shock for what felt like five hours before I scrambled like a hippo to my feet! </wordtidy>

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rockchickeelicious @ 29/09/2011 13:23  

Now if he was nice,
He'd have helped you up,
Or sat down next to you...
(obviously after he stopped giggling uncontroledly he he)

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oldyeti @ 29/09/2011 16:55  

But did it work??? Was he impressed? Good looking woman and does her own stunts!!!

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RobL @ 29/09/2011 17:00  

While out on mountain bike this morning (with 3x blokes 20 yr younger)
I was riding down a new section of trail (actually unfinished)
When I rode off the end over some inocuous looking shallow mud
To end up stuck,
Sepped of bike and took a step. Only shoes didn't!
Trying to pick up shoes without getting muddy I fell, getting totally covered in clay, and couldn't get shoes on anyway as feet now twice size with clay!
(don't think anybody noticed?)

Hardly mentioned @ all rest of ride. :-))

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oldyeti @ 29/09/2011 17:03  

This is hilarious!

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XKLYBR @ 29/09/2011 21:36  

"Innocuous shallow mud" had me dying laughing!! I told you mountainbiking was a dangerous sport but you wouldnae listen

Rockchickeelicious ~ Stunt Woman!
what a wickedly lush take on a mishap lol.. :D

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rockchickeelicious @ 30/09/2011 08:03  

didnt see this topic ... this REALLY should be in here cos it had me in stitches

Ians new car ... Gizmoed up to the hilt & with voice recognition ...

Every time he said something the car replied 'pardon' ... the more annoyed with it he got ... the more I giggled ... the more the car said 'pardon' the more I giggled

In the end he turned it off

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Deleted User @ 30/09/2011 18:39  

Pardon? Shell

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 30/09/2011 18:42  

LOL ... have never heard such a polite Voice Recognition system before

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 30/09/2011 18:46  

I would have had to get out lol..



Billy Connolly had the same problem.. here you go Shell.. "Posh Sat Nav"

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rockchickeelicious @ 30/09/2011 22:13  

LOL Chickee ... YUP that's Ians car aright ... its nicknamed Hitler already, when on satnav mode it for some reasons doesnt like motorways ...

(lovely soft voice) In half a mile prepare to turn left onto the M ONE!!!!!(voice a darlek would be proud of)

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 01/10/2011 07:49  

oops PC has taken lessons off the sat nav ... double posted

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 01/10/2011 07:49  

The M One!!!!!! had me snorting my coffee

My ex would say I was just as bad.. reading a story to my wee minx in the back of the car.. soft sing songy voice.. then.. Badger!! he nearly went through the windscreen! Made him park up the car because there was an injured badger in a field.. Walked about 500yds into the field to "rescue" the Badger.. turns out it was a bucket and a red and white carrier bag! Needless to say.. he was non too impressed

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rockchickeelicious @ 01/10/2011 09:12  

OMG you got me crying now ... thats just the kind of thing I would make Ian do heheheheh

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Deleted User @ 01/10/2011 10:13  

Me and my three daughters were on a hired narrow boat doing the Cheshire ring. We'd carefully timed arrival in Manchester to coincide with the Manchester Gay Pride festival on August bank holiday, so that we could cruise down Canal Street and maximise the posing opportunity. As predicted all attention turned to us cruising down the to a lock and leapt off the front....was supposed to be like a little gazelle but missed footing, tripped & went arse over tit over the side! Fortunately I landed on the towpath & not in the canal... only time I've ever fallen off a boat and I had to do it in front of 100, could even have been 200 spectators. Oooooh the humiliation

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Minnie the Minx @ 01/10/2011 11:02  

Awwww Minnie Bless ya! Take the advice earlier in the thread.. pretend you're a stunt woman!! ~ Next time bounce back up.. and shout out to the air around you.. "It's a Wrap Guys!"

If it's any consolation.. I had to walk past about 20 leather clad bikers (some seriously hot) in wet jeans with a slimy ass! That was todays mishap.. they happen regularly!

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rockchickeelicious @ 01/10/2011 19:16  

Ian saying he has figured out the voice recognition on the car ... Turning it on ...

And straight away before a word is said, the car saying 'pardon' !

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 05/10/2011 05:28  

Think should rename this.. "Rockchickie In Blonde Mode" Thread... Today.. caught toe of cowboy boots on lip of van.. fell out of van.. slipped on ice and missed being plunged into a vat of icey cold water full of spider crabs waiting to die by about an inch! Got such a fright when I saw them move I screamed like a girl and did that whole jumping about thing only to slip on ice again and land on my backside... And all in front of some very amused fishermen... Lush lush lush stuff.. Aiming to bring smiles to the nation wherever I go!

   Update Reply
rockchickeelicious @ 06/12/2011 17:01  

Andys post on the 'who would be from a film' thread!

   Update Reply
W.M.F. @ 06/12/2011 19:15  

Seeing someone tread in dog poo and realise it - pmsl !!!

   Update Reply
potnoodles @ 06/12/2011 19:23  

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