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Understanding Men

Understanding Men (4) - Forums [Biker Match] Understanding Men (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Understanding Men

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tangoman60 @ 27/01/2009 15:42  

i knew i would get you to respond tingo x

   Update Reply
stmarysloch @ 27/01/2009 15:47  

tingo ! i like it! you stay of the vodka now my girl x

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 27/01/2009 15:49  

Hey TM, you go on about me, and here's you..... well what can i say..

   Update Reply
SP @ 27/01/2009 15:52  

not on the vod vod,not after sat,never again! mr tungo x

   Update Reply
stmarysloch @ 27/01/2009 15:54  

Tango how do you know that's not what HDbabe means

   Update Reply
hdbabe @ 27/01/2009 18:16  

judgin by the piccy wiv the almost naked bloke reckon it does! .............Tungo!!!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 27/01/2009 18:28  

Tango, Littlechick isn't kidding!! However she probably can't help it.

   Update Reply
prof @ 27/01/2009 20:38  

alright mate?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/01/2009 21:08  

And Lo peace reigned upon the forum and all was well

   Update Reply
prof @ 28/01/2009 21:32  

I'm having trouble working out who's joking and who's not!!

   Update Reply
hdbabe @ 28/01/2009 21:43  



Bout time we had a big flame war on here... it's not even kicked off on the religion thread... most unusual for t'interweb ;o)

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 28/01/2009 21:44  

Cant add pics so have to use.../FONT> Light blue touch paper and stand well back

   Update Reply
micksaway @ 28/01/2009 22:33  

hahah.....very good...but seen it in an email at work....and hes in hiding too!!!

   Update Reply
Karey @ 28/01/2009 22:39  

I was sent it a few days ago but only just thought of putting it on this thread

   Update Reply
micksaway @ 28/01/2009 22:45  

It's even worse when you're in a club frequented by trannies cos then you get pretend women making use of the facilities too! ;o)

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 28/01/2009 23:08  

I can tell you it's less traumatic than finding a pretend woman using the urinal next to you!!!

   Update Reply
prof @ 28/01/2009 23:10  

Valid argument Prof!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 28/01/2009 23:13  

What I can't understand is why would any man want to pretend to be a woman, I would rather be a man any day!!!

   Update Reply
hdbabe @ 29/01/2009 21:24  

Ok hdbabe I'll bite, why?

   Update Reply
prof @ 29/01/2009 23:36  

 Posts: 106       Pages: 4/6

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