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Covid 19 and motorcycles

Covid 19 and motorcycles - Forums [Biker Match] Covid 19 and motorcycles - Forums [Biker Match]
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Covid 19 and motorcycles

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Be careful out there this year.

The NHS is ramping up for an unprecedented number of seriously ill Covid patients. We are changing the use of hospitals to provide additional critical care beds. This has a knock-on effect and will mean non critical operations and appointments get delayed.
It is akin to a war footing, although potentially with more bodies.

What the NHS does not need during this time are avoidable injuries and accidents clogging up the system.

I'll still be out riding albeit even slower and more cautiously than usual.

So as I said at the beginning, be careful out there.

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Steve_H @ 17/03/2020 20:01  

Thanks Steve and thanks Matt for the message.

I was wondering if war had been declared, when I went to the supermarket and most of the shelves were empty.

I don't understand the panic buying.

It's a virus not the plague. It's deadly to young and old and those of us with a poor immune system.

If some people were more hygienic most germs wouldn't be around.

It amazes me how many people don't wash their hands after going to the loo. Basic hygiene practice.

At the hospital today a member of staff opened a waste bin with his hand instead of the foot lever, then went into the hospital shop.

He probably didn't realise he'd done it, but it's so easy to spread germs that way.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 18/03/2020 17:47  

I was planning on coming off tomorrow morning but after reading this I have changed my mind and put it off till November lol. But on a serious note I just wish some nob heads in cars would stop thinking just because the roads are quiet it doesn't mean that they are on a race track and they certainty don't have the skill level to drive as they do.

   Update Reply
JP @ 18/03/2020 18:33  

That's one thing I've clocked too the way car drivers are booting it and the roads in London ain't that empty yet.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 18/03/2020 19:23  

Blacked out Mercs and BMWs perchance? Most likely just deliveries as folks stock up for armageddon. 😁

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 19/03/2020 20:59  


Blacked out Mercs and BMWs perchance? Most likely just deliveries as folks stock up for armageddon. 😁...

Steve, those ones are probably delivering illicit drugs to those folks who have discovered the supermarkets are fresh out of regular tablets

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 19/03/2020 23:33  

That could lead to some interesting situations. Granny has just ran out of sleeping pills, can you drop of a gram of charlie for her.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 20/03/2020 07:24  

I just hope all the Vikings make it through this Spamdemic...

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 20/03/2020 07:43  

They are probably driving fast to stay ahead of the virus.

   Update Reply
GL Blue @ 20/03/2020 09:13  

Lol at Blue's comment

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 22/03/2020 06:34  

Dunno about a gram of charlie Steve. What with the cancellation of rallies, races, closure of pubs, cafes and general isolation and solitary confinement for so many a gram of cyanide might be more palatable.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/03/2020 16:11  

Well after the actions of shit loads of dick heads over this weekend flooding the coastal towns and country parks with family holidays and days out Im pretty sure there will be a massive clamp down now on all roads thought out the UK. I can see all holiday parks being closed down beaches cordoned off and maybe even complete travel bans

   Update Reply
JP @ 22/03/2020 16:58  

One thing's for sure JP. If we do get actually get together for a rally/meet up this year at any point, there'll be no complaints about toilet facilities as I'll be bagging and binning it.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/03/2020 18:05  

You're most likely right JP.
A glorious day so I've been out for a ride today. Lots of bikes out and most folks riding sensibly. Ditto the cyclist and the walkers.
All the cafes are closed but, and it's a big but, the pop-up take-away cafes are busy and fuck all social distancing going on around them.

Keep. Your. Fucking. Distance.

Rant over.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 22/03/2020 18:11  

Kinda brings to mind the line from the film "Starman" when asked about the human race...………….."It is in your nature to destroy yourselves"

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/03/2020 19:49  

I think that for the later camps Barmouth and Lower lode wont be a problem but to be honest I am thinking we could be looking at 4 months but lets just be positive if its Barmouth or Lower lode next it will be 1 hell of a weekend

   Update Reply
JP @ 22/03/2020 19:53  

I wonder why we aren't being prescribed anti malarial drugs which have been tested and work against covid 19.

   Update Reply
Double six @ 22/03/2020 20:02  

If it goes on that long, I may even have a beer at Barmouth myself.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 22/03/2020 20:02  

I watched a programme about the virus, and an expert said we could be looking at 2 YEARS of it before we finally get it levelled out, under control. 😷☹️

This morning's news stated if U K citizens don't heed advice, strict measures will be taken. Enforced isolation will be introduced.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/03/2020 04:25  

Well,i ventured out on Sunday ,to visit a friend with a bike problem...motorway down to Bristol was blissfully empty,ditto my 20 mile ride for work this morning,empty roads...:)

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 23/03/2020 12:01  

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