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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas  - Forums [Biker Match] Happy Christmas  - Forums [Biker Match]
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Happy Christmas

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May i be the first to wish u all a very Happy Christmas and all the best for for 2008HAPPY XMAS EVERYONELOVE RC XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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RC @ 12/12/2007 16:56  


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Deleted Member @ 12/12/2007 17:21  

same to u chele hunnie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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RC @ 13/12/2007 18:11  

Just to tell you lot on here, these past twelve weeks have been the best ride of my life, I've had a lot of laughs, fun, made some brilliant friends, you lot have given me back my faith in the human race and I cant thank you enough - what a brilliant end to a bad year - thanks everyone - May you all have the best Christmas, that you and yours could ever wish for, lots of love and hugs, Nut xxx

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Nutkin68 @ 14/12/2007 04:43  

Hi all and yes, I echo all of that too Nut, they really are a great bunch on here (well most of em, save those that have to be edited/deleted etc etc but then we're all different and it addes to the variety lmao!!) A very merry, happy, healthy and safe Christmas to you biker match members out there and a prosperous and even better New Year for everyone. Looking foward to many 2008 events/meets and rideouts too!! Best wishes Sandy xxx

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Deleted Member @ 14/12/2007 06:05  

merry christmas 2 u all x x x x xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx x

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nina @ 14/12/2007 07:12  

Even though I'm a grump, I'll wish everyone on BM a very cool yule!!! XXXXX

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abctrev @ 14/12/2007 14:07  

ohhh bless abc

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nina @ 14/12/2007 18:22  

tis the season to be jolly

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RC @ 15/12/2007 05:14  

Merry Christmas to all at BM. A special thought for all of you who are spending your first Christmas "in different circumstances" and all the best for a super New Year

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Steve55 @ 15/12/2007 06:11  

Merry Christmas to Everyone on BM Site...have a happy and safe one...and a lovely New Year

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bikerchick1966 @ 15/12/2007 08:14  

happy christmas to everyone on bm,its been a year since i joined this site,and what a difference its made having so many great new friends....and as i type,sam just pulled the xmas tree over...fantastic!!! xx

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witchiest @ 15/12/2007 10:32  

LOL! Yeah but I bet he looks fab! MERRY CRIMBLE TO ALL ON BM. Hope to get around to meeting some of you do tonight so watch out Northants constabulary!

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ghosthunter @ 15/12/2007 12:23  

Have a fab time at christmas everyone, may the new year bring much happiness and joy Hugs to all, Xv

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middlv @ 15/12/2007 17:27  

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everybody on BM site, From everybody on the UKBEG site!!!

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1958model @ 15/12/2007 17:43  

have a good one 1958model merry xmas

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RC @ 17/12/2007 14:55  

Very Merry Christmas to all on BM I hope you have a great time and lots of love and laughter with friends and family and for those who will be working or alone an extra special and felt XXXX to you!! Lots of love Mazza xxxxxx

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Mazza @ 17/12/2007 19:21  

Christmas Day is nearly here, I'm wrapping pressies while drinking a beer! The tree is up, the decs are bright, Thank God this year will bring no fights! I'm looking ahead to the coming year, I raise my glass and give a cheer, To all my new friends on this site... Wishing you love and a future thats bright! Merry Christmas to you all and those you love... Leigh xxxxxx

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wiccan-one @ 18/12/2007 04:28  

Christmas I've been getting ready for Christmas
I'm revving up for the great day
my credit card's cracked and my freezer is packed
'cause I started my shopping in May The mistletoe's hanging in bunches
'cause the odd Christmas kiss isn't wrong
and the Vicar I've found - quite likes calling round
and exploring my crowns with his tongue The bin men have gotten quite friendly
they're after a present I fear
they won't feel so chuffed when I tell them - get stuffed
'cause they don't speak the rest of the year The family is coming for dinner
last year it was quite a good laugh
we ate fairly late - dished the veg on the plate
found the turkey was still in the bath the Kids are all pink with excitement
'cause Santa will come so they say
their lists are extensive - extremely expensive
and they'll break it all by Boxing day But it's worth all that fuss Christmas morning
when their little eyes are all aglow
when we're all feeling merry full of goodwill and sherry
and suffering from wind Ho Ho Ho But please don't forget why we do it
why each year we must go to this fuss
for that guy up above who brought peace and brought love
and who probably owns Toys R Us.........

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RC @ 18/12/2007 06:45  

Santa Christmas eve and all are asleep
as I sit in my favorite chair.
Snow piles up on the window sill
as the fireplace warms the air. And then... I open up my eyes
I didn't realize they were shut.
What's this? Santa Claus I see?
Nah... that's just my ol'man's big butt.

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RC @ 18/12/2007 06:49  

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