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NWBTRTM - Inaugral Meet Up

NWBTRTM - Inaugral Meet Up - Forums [Biker Match] NWBTRTM - Inaugral Meet Up - Forums [Biker Match]
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NWBTRTM - Inaugral Meet Up

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North West Bikers to Rivel the Midlands Right ho, with regard to Ian 2690's suggestion lets see if we can get this up and running. The next bank hols is end of August and there are only two rallies/events I can see on the calendar (Thunder in the Glens being one). Seeing as it is a quietish weekend for rallies and the like, how about arranging the inaugaral meet up for then. Either the Sunday or the Monday (personally I'd prefer the Sunday, but happy either way). Good mix of riders, newbies and experienced, all bikes (don't be put off if you have only just passed...I am still new to all this or have a 125) welcome. Rides to suit everyone's level of ability. Meet ups, times, and ride out suggestions welcome. Soon as we get some details I will ask Sandi to add to the events page. RB

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rowanblossom @ 28/05/2013 14:09  

Sounds good, should be able to meetup anywhere around the north west ;)

P.S. Sunday sounds good as well :)

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FireStorm-X @ 28/05/2013 18:54  

Hi RB - good to see a great northern lass taking on such an initiative for the North West - just a shame that I'm so far away in Peterborough. Wishing you. and others involved, good luck and success with setting this up.

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Saltaire @ 28/05/2013 20:02  

Well Firestorm...thats two of us lol. Thanks Saltaire, I can't take credit for the Idea as that was down to Ian2690, but it would be a good crack. Shame you are aways away, but if you are ever over here, shout up and hopefully we can get something organised. Come on you lot. it would be nice to beat David Neal's meet up of 4, and we are half way to that lol. RB

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rowanblossom @ 29/05/2013 13:36  

Hey RB we are always up for ride, we'll keep watching the thread and will be there if available.

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Blackberry @ 29/05/2013 20:16  

Need to find somewhere central in the north west with good rides, since I am new to this I will have to bow out on ideas as so far only been to Rivington, southport, Liverpool and up the cost roads to Blackpool lol....Novice :(

   Update Reply
FireStorm-X @ 29/05/2013 22:19  

FireStorm I'm new too, as I only passed Mod 2 last July...oooh nearly a year. blimey not sure where that went...anyhoo. I too will have to bow to the more experienced riders as to rides.
Hopefully we will get some good ideas and a good crowd. RB

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rowanblossom @ 31/05/2013 07:33  

Okey dokey....bumping up. Come one you Northerners.....two months notice.....surely we can get something arranged in that time? RB

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 06/06/2013 13:49  

I'm in.

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non-hotmale @ 06/06/2013 21:05  

me to

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kaycat @ 06/06/2013 22:44  

RB's comment:- Come on you lot. it would be nice to beat David Neal's meet up of 4, and we are half way to that lol. Cheeky RB next one may even reach 8 wow All good things start in small packages Good luck with you ride outs guys and gals. If ever I am up your way I may just join you

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davidneale @ 06/06/2013 23:15  

David you are more than welcome to join us any'll up the numbers RB

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rowanblossom @ 07/06/2013 14:08  

bumping up for anyone interested. I am going to suggest the Sunday. Suggestions as to rides out, meet up points and stop offs welcomed. We had a lovely ride out to North Wales on the last trip out (thank you again Martin, Diane, Mal and Ollie) in April. All levels welcome. If you are still learning its ok we can find routes that don't involve motorways etc. RB

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rowanblossom @ 13/06/2013 13:44  

I'm in, Sunday's good for me too.


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Deleted Member @ 13/06/2013 16:57  

I'm up for this if any of my bikes are still working (I seem to have a knack for breaking them lol). Dont mind where we go.

   Update Reply
DukeZ @ 14/06/2013 01:03  

The Sunday is the 25 if this suits everyone can we pin the date down. I can then get it added to the events calender.

Suggestions of places to end up/routes.......north wales, Morecambe, southport, the lakes. Any more suggestions/preferences?

Anyone who is learning let me know and we can sort a route that doesn't includes motorways and all levels/experience/engine size are welcome. The more the merrier.


   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 16/06/2013 16:57  

Maybe it could be combined with the North Wales ride out, the events calendar is pretty full up until August. As for motorways........well I can do'em but they bore the cr*p out of me TBH.

Must admit though the M56 gets you close to some good biking routes in record time although I still regularly go Runcorn, Frodsham, Helsby way.

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2013 20:24  

i should be free that weekend so i'll have a blast out be good to blow the cobwebs of me lol

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franny @ 16/06/2013 20:27  

Absolutely RD.... I checked and its a fairly quiet weekend for rallies.

I will have been riding for just over a year at this point so still green round the edges. So more than happy for the more experienced to take the lead with routes,.

Not keen on motorways but dont like em when driving either.....boredom sets in REAL quick.

It will be good to meet you Franny.

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 16/06/2013 23:27  

Okey have just asked for the date to be put on the events page so people can add emselves to it.

I have indicated that the route will be sorted out nearer the time.

Sandi hope that is ok for the mo and as soon as I get the route details and meet up place and time I will let you know


   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 16/06/2013 23:36  

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