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General Chat/Anything Goes

Why were you dumped?!!

Why were you dumped?!! - Forums [Biker Match] Why were you dumped?!! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Why were you dumped?!!

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Just something that really amused me when it happened I got dumped recently 'cos I got my first bike and I would make new friends!! Triffic!

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Di @ 17/09/2006 14:36  

I think I've only ever been dumped twice but I can't remember why.

But I have dumped a few girls before now.
Mainly cos I just got fed up with the situation and them but a few times because I just didn't feel the same way about them they they did about me.

I'd rather be honest with someone and tell them how I feel then lead them on.

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Moxey77 @ 17/09/2006 15:26  

got dumped about 2months ago because i had 2 kids & the girl couldnt deal with me giving them attention not her all of mine, quite glad it happened really 'cause it showed how insecure she was, how can someone be jealous of a parent giving thier children a bit of time,sad really i felt sorry for her to be honest cause she gave me the ultimatum of them or her, guess who won lol

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oggy @ 17/09/2006 15:48  

Send her to me, I got no attention to give anything else

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Moxey77 @ 17/09/2006 15:51  

My son would win every time too!! You did right

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Di @ 17/09/2006 16:01  

In that case Diane, will you be my new mummy please?

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Moxey77 @ 17/09/2006 16:15  

well i been dumped a few times ,cuz i like going out with my mates and im never getting rid for another man ever!!! cuz im lively oh cuz i very passionate well i like a lot one ex always moaned becausde he was tired from work,honestly sum men !!!!

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Sexysmirnoff @ 17/09/2006 17:10  

I still believe in child labour 2w. So go tidy your room!! I learnt not to give up your mates the hard way! No one to go to if you give them up.

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Di @ 17/09/2006 17:22  

yes that true i lost mine when i got married to a twat!!!! but now 2 yrs later i meking sum very gud mates and ill never do same again rather have mates then men anyhow thers things to replace men lol not ya mates lmao

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Sexysmirnoff @ 17/09/2006 17:24  

Tehe. Know where ya coming from. Pardon the pun!!

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Di @ 17/09/2006 17:26  

lmao im glad sumone else like us is on here wait till rc cums back god help them with the 3 of us lmao

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Sexysmirnoff @ 17/09/2006 17:32  

I got dumped as she feel like it was working which I respected her for, recently found some more details about it which I won't go onto here, I've been in relationships that have been a lie before and you just feel used and that you've wasted part of your life. For now I've gotta get on with life and enjoy

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apes @ 17/09/2006 18:22  

I got dumped on Christmas day, she got her son to tell me over the phone. Never did find out why, all I know is she got more of my money than I did for a while.

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rubecula @ 17/09/2006 20:45  

i dumped my last fella cos found out he'd hit my son on the quiet !!!! he was an asshole who wanted all the attention... he was very jealous of my kid but then again he was like a spoilt kid himself.still tied to his mums apron strings at 42 !!! his loss though not mine (((((((((((XXX)))))))))

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storm @ 18/09/2006 06:07  

I been dumped a few times lol like oggy ive got a son and some cant handle the fact that u cant always do what they want to do,Go out when they want to go out,my son has and will always come first! men lol

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RC @ 18/09/2006 06:08  

Same for me rc. My lad will always come first. Even if the little monkey drives me up the wall some days

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Di @ 18/09/2006 06:35  

kids come 1st so when you meet a new person they have to understand that.dont get me wrong i've got a lot of freetime to myself so do have time for other ppl or even a relationship but if a person cant handle the fact that you had another life before you met them & there children around as a result of that life & try to make you choose between them then it shows how insecure they really are,thats no basis for any kind of a future with someone, my girls need thier father in thier life & i wont let anyone come between that

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oggy @ 18/09/2006 17:17  

Awwwww, you darlin'. Big softie when it comes to your girls then? Just how a good Dad should be. Good for you sweetie.

   Update Reply
Di @ 18/09/2006 18:06  

u know oggy ya a darling blokes like u are very rare!!!! my kids dad a bastard didnt see em for 9 monthes last yr and hasent for 2 mothes now he lives other side of city!!!! if i ever find a man who cares about his kids that much i gonna snap him up ,he can sleep on the fllor though lmao

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Sexysmirnoff @ 18/09/2006 18:14  

oggy its so nice to hear a guy saying things like that congrats on having your priorities right everyone has history and a past and people should just accept that an live in the here an now, think the whole relationship thing would be loads better then, and jealousy especially over the past, never understood that one at all just a waste of human energy have brought my son up on my own for 10 years now, its hard at times but crap happens an we come as a package like 2 for 1 type of thing, an i luv my kid to bits ((((((((XXXXX))))))))))

   Update Reply
storm @ 19/09/2006 07:00  

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