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General Chat/Anything Goes

Why were you dumped?!!

Why were you dumped?!! (13) - Forums [Biker Match] Why were you dumped?!! (13) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Why were you dumped?!!

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i've done the dumping in both my relationships the first one (after 18 years) was violent an sleeping round (including a friend) and the second, as i said b4 was still taking things day by day (after 3 years). I've yet to contemplate entering into another one, but maybe 3rd time lucky

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nutty tart @ 09/09/2007 16:02  

I got dumped over the telephone at 6 am one morning earlier this year! I wasnt too bothered about that as i had been wanting to end it after 7 years together as he was becoming unrealiable and other reasons which i wont go into here, so i was glad he did the dirty work to dump me so i didnt have to feel guilty! but he could have told me to my face then i wouldnt have done a Bobbit...... Im too nice for that! I really am a nice girl by the way! Hes started texting me again recently 2 months ago til now asking to see me - i told him where to stick it as it makes me laugh in a way as hes like benny hill doing all the chasing lol so revenge is sweet watching him make a prat of himself ive moved on and he should take a leaf from my book and follow my example etc....... Ive heard that he ISNT IMPRESSED with me enjoying myself it is nothing to do with him!!!! tsk tsk.......

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scattygal35 @ 10/09/2007 09:35  

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