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BMW what goes wrong

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BMW what goes wrong

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bmw 1150 rt 2001 32250 miles panniers ant top case radio factory fitted 3495 notes what goes wrong with them also bmw 1150 rt y reg 26324 miles panniers and top case 4295 notes as above what goes wrong how can you lower the bike a bit more ( can put feet on floor but would like to better ) thanks norman

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havfun @ 07/07/2012 17:09  


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havfun @ 07/07/2012 17:12  

havfun,if you're thinking of going for bmwand getting rid of that triumph in the picture,don't bother.genuine reasons A.quality finish since 99/2000 model years abysmal by bmw,saw 04 plate beemer the other day in stroud,looked liked shipwreck salvage as do many 'New generation ' bmw's.B.fuel system components very susceptible to failure,pumps ,solenoid,seals,in fact all major electrical components on later your money and buy the f650/700/800 bikes cheaper lighter lower,fewer parts to go wrong,better recent reputation than r1150's.hope this helps.....unfortunately beemer dealers will tell you all is well,as do many owners,brand loyalty?cover up?very few tell all,most top range beemer owners can afford the expense.

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jinx57 @ 07/07/2012 17:37  

p.s. if you think i exagerrate on this look on independant owners forums....they tell all ,warts and everything.

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jinx57 @ 07/07/2012 17:39  

As requested by havfun, this thread moved to this forum from the General forum.

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Sandi @ 07/07/2012 21:57  

I just got rid of my 07 plate (05 model) 1150RT with 68k on it a couple of months ago,.. it was one of the worst bikes I've ever had, and thats about 75 - 80 in 21 years. Ok,. the sidestand is way too short, the tank range is just over half what my ST13 is, about 150 ish, and the economy was crap too. The standard boxes are too small, you cant get a lid in em, the standard seat is painfull, but the 'comfort' one is a tad lower, the standard grips give me blisters, while the ST's are no problem,. they are way under-powered for the engine size, the spares seem to be quite dear too, a lot of the fasteners seem to corrode more than Honda's, and as they are chromed they look orrible! The only thing I did like on it more than my ST13 is the stoppers,.. they were progresive, then wow! Err,... you can gather I didn't like mine, and wouldn't advise anyone else to get one either.

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Paj1369 @ 08/07/2012 13:08  

Got to put the other side of the story. I have had one 1150 and two 1200's in the last eight years - and had no problems with any of them. Bikes were and are used everyday to commute to work - Summer and Winter, and on the latest one, I have done 12,000 miles in the last 8 months. The only downside is servicing which can be a bit expensive. Each bike was serviced by a BMW dealer and the only problem I have had was a failed solenoid on the screen motor - not exactly critical. The only comment I can make is that they have been some of the best bikes I have had.

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kcsdata @ 08/07/2012 17:53  

kcsdata you love my 1300 pan to i think

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paneurojim @ 08/07/2012 23:27  

Jim For long distance touring it is the only other bike I would consider. Debs Kawasaki was superb, but it is too big and heavy for me, as are some of the other BMW tourers. When I change my bike I will have to think very long & carefully whether to stick to the BMW or go for the Pan.

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kcsdata @ 09/07/2012 00:05  

ha ha john B M W is for old yins have sum mad fun as me and debs did i think this will start a war now

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paneurojim @ 09/07/2012 00:19  

I've been a serial BMW owner for a long, long time, the latest being a 94 R1100RS which I've had for about three and a half years.
It's got about 57k on the clock now and in the time I've had it I've only had two problems over and above routine maintenance.
Firstly the thread on the headlamp adjuster stripped, which meant a new headlight. About £50-ish second hand from Motorworks.
Secondly, the speedo drive from the front wheel disintegrated. Can't even remember how much it cost to replace, I rhink about a tenner, again from Motorworks.
If you've not had one before, then just remember it's a heavy tourer which can made made to handle quite well with a bit of effort, is very comfy and will run for ever. Pillies love 'em, and the seat is height-adjustable.
Main thing I'd watch for is a slipping clutch. It's a dry car-type clutch and costs £££s to replace.
Having said all that, I bought a Honda VFR750 a few months ago and that is now the ride of choice, at least for most day trips. If I was doing a week of touring then I'd probably go back to the BM...horses for courses I suppose.
And of course a Honda Pan was designed specifically as a BMW-beater and does a pretty good job of it, too. Certainly worth a look.

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Wills @ 09/07/2012 00:41  

Talking to a guy who runs his own independent bike repair workshop only yesterday and he was saying that in his experience quality controle on BMW's has being going down the pan since around 2006. As somebody who's owned 6 older Beemers over the years, and is still using a 27 year old Beemer daily, that really pisses me off but there it is

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centurion @ 10/07/2012 10:13  

I ran a GS1150 for 5 years and 54K miles and pretty much bomb proof, 51 plate.
Just expect the engine to take 20K before it's fully bedded in and they do use a bit of oil.
BMW lost the plot with the 12's though...

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Steve_H @ 15/07/2012 18:29  

just back from almost 1800 mile trip up to and around glasgow and the isle of sky on my 1100 pan euro absoulutely effortless

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2012 19:31  

also have a BMW k75 cant see what all the fuss is about stupid fuel injection pumping the unused warm fuel back into tank not great on a hot day stuck in traffic, stupid indicator switches,alloy tank so magnetic tank bag useless,horrible seat erm interesting handling. fairly disallusioned with bike so much so am thinking of outing it for a 2nd pan but time will tell

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2012 20:12  

Yes, the K-bikes don't half chuck the heat out, and the alloy tank won't allow an ordinary magnetic tank bag.
And yes, the indicators are different, but what's so wrong with pressing right to signal right, and left to signal left? Not the universal Japanese way of doing things, but it does have a certain logic to it Aren't Harleys the same?
More seriously, the handling ought to be OK, even if it's rather top-heavy. Take it you've checked out the usual suspects for iffy handling?
Again, the seat should be OK as long as you're fairly tall.
I'm a bit puzzled when you say the fuel injection pumps warm fuel back into the tank, though. Like I said, they can throw heat out onto the rider's legs, but that's from the cooling system.

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Wills @ 19/08/2012 23:00  

ANY fuel injection system pumps unused fuel back to the tank. As for the indicators whats wrong with one switch that you click right to go right and click left to go left? and who wants a Harley anyway? personally not me never have and doubt i ever will just my opinion of course after over 40 years of motorcycling on both Brit and Jap iron of an over rated over priced erm motorcycle. So your saying if your not tall dont buy a BMW? because the seating wont suit you? erm ok thats some kinda logic i guess

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2012 07:25  

Basically, yes. It would be great if we all fitted every bike the same, but we don't. So shorties should think carefully before trying a big BMW in the same way that 20-stone 6ft 4in brick outhouses should think carefully before buying, say, an SV650. Great bike, but big guys could get uncomfortable very quickly on one.
Same with the switchgear. First time you ride a new bike, or drive a new car, you take a couple of minutes to check where everything is.
Actually I've got a theory that there's some German professor out there writing an academic thesis on BMW switchgear over the ages. I've had a few over the years and I don't think any two have had the same switchgear positions. You just get used to it
Now if you really want to get me going about the downside of BMs, try the gearboxes! And the cost of replacing the car-type dry clutch, especially in the later ones.

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Wills @ 20/08/2012 10:59  

you think a BMW K75 is a big bike??? lol ok.

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2012 19:55  

I have just bought a K1300S HP, I test rode a lot of other bikes. Out of all the bikes I looked at the BMW had a better finish and handling than any of the others.

I just finished 3700 miles around Europe and it was great, comfort and economy as well.......

As a life long "no way I'm ever riding a Beemer it's an old mans bike", I can say I am a convert..... Can't fault it....

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johnnytb @ 22/08/2012 01:57  

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