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funniest thing to happen to yer mobile phone

funniest thing to happen to yer mobile phone - Forums [Biker Match] funniest thing to happen to yer mobile phone - Forums [Biker Match]
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funniest thing to happen to yer mobile phone

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i have just dropped mine into my bowl of porridge. it sank to the bottom so i had to fish it out and clean all the damn stuff off it. phone is ok, good job i like my porridge thick but it is everywhere now. had to throw the rest of it out having read about how dirty they get. got me wondering whats the funniest thing that has ever happened to yer mobile?

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xj @ 27/03/2012 22:54  

I swallowed mine and when my mum rang me (she always rings at 7pm on a friday) I could hear it ringing in my tummy

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missme @ 27/03/2012 23:12  

didnt know i'd left mine on the windscreen wipers of a customers car.

he rang me at work on his way up the M6 in the fast lane asking "have you lost your phone? "

when i said yes,
he replied "good job its not raining,its on the screen"

he returned it next day. undamaged

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buxton @ 27/03/2012 23:40  

Am just wondering how Missme could swallow a phone!! ...I dropped mine down the loo the other month.....dried out nice in the airing cupboard though

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Holmfirthgirl @ 28/03/2012 07:52  

Stells - was that before, or after.....

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XKLYBR @ 28/03/2012 09:13  

I forward a rude joke to several friends once.... including the doctors surgery number, daren't go there for a while !!!

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Nutkin68 @ 28/03/2012 09:38  

daren't go there for a while That explains a lot.....

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XKLYBR @ 28/03/2012 09:42  

Not a funny thing, but a warning... Best not to keep your phone in the inner pocket of your leather jacket. I had a "grass bank-chest" interface situation after a sticky rear brake lever threw me off on a corner and was left with a Samsung imprint on my chest. My friends said it was so deep that they could actually read the number of the last person I had called... Would probably have laughed if it wasn't for my cracked ribs

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TeeCee @ 28/03/2012 11:22  

...and another warning! For anyone that is thinking of using a mobile for phone sex - don't bother!! I tried it once... and it really hurts!!

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TeeCee @ 28/03/2012 11:24  

I'm with Stella, mine was in back pocket of my jeans and fell down the loo - unfortunately it never worked again, but at least it was BEFORE and not after!

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Deleted Member @ 28/03/2012 15:12  

Managed to drop my iphone into a bowl of water complete with bleach the other week!!

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W.M.F. @ 28/03/2012 21:17  

Yep...def want to know how you can swallow a phone ??!!

And can anyone ever forget Madhat and HER phone after the BM Xmas party 2010 ????

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Alice2 @ 28/03/2012 22:34  

Lol @ Alice. How pished do you have to get to not feel it vibrating!

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Deleted Member @ 28/03/2012 22:41  

I don't drink and I usually don't feel it when my mobile vibrates LOL I can't think of a funny incident with my phone but have a slightly embarrassing one. I went to the M P shop for a new battery, a while ago, and the fella in the shop said, for everyone to hear, 'crikey, that's an old un, it must be at least 6 years old' By modern standards it's a bit of a brick lol.

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Sandi @ 28/03/2012 22:48  

misplaced mine at work one time, so when I got home I rang it every half hour or so hoping the customer would answer it and tell me which job I had left it at. . . . 9am the next day I had an irate call to tell me a phone had been ringing in the loft above their bedroom for most of the night . . . Oops!
Another one with texting, make sure its the right name BEFORE you press send. I sent a very explicit, suggestive text to an ex (Paula) one night after the pub, and the next morning got a reply from my Mum (Pat) expaining the meaning of the word Incest!!

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Deleted Member @ 28/03/2012 23:04  

...also with texting, make sure that your predictive text is off if you are having a racy conversation!

Apparently, it is not sexy to tell someone that you can't wait to get home to kick her puppy....

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TeeCee @ 29/03/2012 09:04  

I sent my sister in law a message about coal for the bbq , with predictive text I had in fact asked her about anal :o

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tlrmick @ 29/03/2012 09:29  

was driving up the motor nice warm day windows open ,then the phone rung l threw it on the dash then watched it slide across the dash and straight out the window, just in time to see the car behind run it over Doh, pity only had it a week

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Deleted Member @ 30/03/2012 19:17  

drowning them repeatedly

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Deleted Member @ 31/03/2012 10:28  

drowning them repeatedly hope this was the mobile phone you were talking about Mr I-ronnie

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Deleted Member @ 03/04/2012 01:59  

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