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you can tell winters here

you can tell winters here - Forums [Biker Match] you can tell winters here - Forums [Biker Match]
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you can tell winters here

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Yon can tell winters here as I've had to light my wood burning stove for the first time.
Any young ladies fancy getting all snuggly in front of it with me?

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IanT1966 @ 20/10/2011 17:57  

You need to behave and yes I agree with you, winters here!! I had to de-ice the car this morning

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2011 19:10  

I've just put the liner back in my bike jacket, bought some winter gloves and dug out my thermals for the weekend ride out

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HippyRockChick @ 20/10/2011 19:15  

I'm still wearing my summer gloves...

heated grips up to 11 though this morning

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2011 20:11  

Putting liner in my jacket for Saturdays lesson and digging the textile trousers out 'cause jeans just did not cut it last week. Not sure I'll be resorting to thermals... just yet anyways!

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2011 21:08  

lol thankfully avoided the motorway as i didnt fancy the windchill on the way home despite wearing lots of layers...thankfully i was snuggly warm :-) cant beat thermals loobylou-id much rather look like michelin woman and be snuggly toasty warm than an icicle lol

   Update Reply
mizzi @ 20/10/2011 21:16  

@mizzy & Loobyloo

yup.. winter gear = Thermals & occasional Rainsuit. I might look like pillock, but i'm a warm & dry pillock!

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2011 21:29  

My thermals were bought with winter walking, camping & mountaineering in mind, not been out of box yet. Think I'll see how I go this weekend first with techie t-shirt & fleece aswell as textile trousers. Don't want to get winter gear out just yet incase it gets lots worse!!

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2011 22:06  

Cold weather, we all know isn't great on a bike. But it does have it's advantages. On the ball, all the time. Good practice. And isn't it funny, when you jump in a car and have to turn the heating down. Or is that just me? Goatskins are the way forward but they don't button down to well. Everyone be safe this winter.

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Deleted Member @ 20/10/2011 23:26  

Oh yes winter's here. Bike to work Thursday morning...fingers numb by the time I got there and my cheeks really rosey and burning hot all day once I thawed out....think I got freezer burn or is that just what frostbites like?

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Minnie the Minx @ 21/10/2011 04:21  

me behave Elliemay and where's the fun in that

   Update Reply
IanT1966 @ 21/10/2011 05:02  

Here's a tip for winter riding, or even just keeping warm what ever you're doing. Heat up one of those theraputic gel pacs in the microwave then place it across your chest if it's big enough under a jacket, I use a velcro strap to keep it in place, it keeps your core temp warm & stops your extremeties from getting cold. I've got heated grips but I rarely use them 'til I've done at least twenty miles in the coldest weather 'cause of the gel pack, it's good for around the house too, saves on heating bills which are flipping sky high at the moment, give it a go & see what you think.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 21/10/2011 06:17  

I had a hot water bottle down my front Tuesday night prob not Ideal but it was dam cold !

   Update Reply
Ninja Lou @ 21/10/2011 07:20  

lol - try hot water in it next time mand! xx

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/10/2011 09:12  

Sounds like a bunch of girls !!! Oh wait you are . WInter aint here yet, and made it fine up north again in my usual summer gear except the gloves.

   Update Reply
potnoodles @ 21/10/2011 10:23  

We're hardcore oop north, folks still walkin about dressed for t'summer, I kid you not! mind you the *chicken skin* look is sooooooooo not a very attractive look

   Update Reply
Littlefecker @ 21/10/2011 11:28  

I resorted to buying a pair of pjs today! I'm used to having someone to snuggle up so this change in the weather is most unwelcome.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/10/2011 22:57  

A few years ago when I started riding I discovered a heated fleece waistcoat which has a little battery pack that on full lasts 5 hours, on mid setting (it has 9 heat settings) lasts 8 hours, it has 2 panels on either side of your chest and a 3rd across your kidneys ... Was £50 with a couple of spare batteries, the batteries are rechargeable ones not AA etc it was well worth the pennies, especially at cold camps or below my jacket on a cold days riding ... I think Bill got one too......

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 22/10/2011 03:41  

Big yellow jacket over your bike jacket for those coldest days or long, cold journeys. That's all you need.

Plus, a big white and red motorcycle being ridden at a ton plus in the right hand lane by a guy with a yellow jacket and a white helmet is a great way of beating traffic lol! Seriously, everyone moves out of the way; I've even had people move into the right hand lane well ahead, then spot me coming and quickly swerve back into the middle lane and out of my way lol!

   Update Reply
geoffb2005 @ 23/10/2011 09:50  

motorcycle being ridden at a ton plus kph I trust Geoff,

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 23/10/2011 10:13  

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