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Learner Rider Weekend

Learner Rider Weekend (6) - Forums [Biker Match] Learner Rider Weekend (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Learner Rider Weekend

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Well I've finally recovered, still tired and don't think my bum has ever ached so much

Huge thanks to Al for organising it and being so patient, especially with me and my mini breakdown I did enjoy it really
Thanks to Sal for putting us up on Friday night, thanks to Lisa for being my room mate and sleeping in the top bunk on Friday also for your extra words of encouragement
Thanks to Simon for all the help, and the extra trip round the roundabout

Special thanks to Steve for riding with me up to Sal's house and all the way home again on Sunday including coming across Saddleworth Moor in the wind. That was the scariest thing I have EVER done! I was terrified and, to be honest, I didn't enjoy the last bit of the ride home at all and I was all ready to put Ruby back on ebay and pack it all in as I just didn't feel I was cut out to do this.

However, that would be a very silly thing to do!!!

So....what did I learn???

That, I CAN ride a bike, maybe still nervous and wobbly but I'm getting there and not to give up just because of one bad day
BUT the main thing I've learnt, although I did know really, is that I have made some fantastic and extremely supportive friends and I think you are all brilliant

will get my pics up soon as my computer stops playing up

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HippyRockChick @ 24/10/2011 19:50  

at least it didnt rain across saddleworth, and thats always an unexpected bonus with steve!!! xxx

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2011 21:21  

Well done HRC I think we all did a fantastic job. And thanks to Sal for letting us take over your house on Friday night.

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lisaj @ 24/10/2011 22:41  

Well done to you - that was some mileage you racked up for a probably first long rideout. I for one am proud of you all and hope when i get mine I'll be as motivated - keep it up and Ang don't be too hard on yourself am sure other riders more experienced will tell you truthfully they too have hairy moments even after years of riding.

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chickflick75 @ 24/10/2011 23:35  

Wow what a weekend we all had, Plenty of laughter few mishaps but all in all what a fantastic weekend spent with great peeps, thanks to all that stayed on friday night was pleasure to put you all up and have a small get together with food and drinks.

Real big thanks to pots aka simon and alan aka t-cat for coming to my rescue when my chain snapped on the A64 I really did think id have to call the AA out to take me back and miss the weekend with you all BUT .........nope quick ride into York heavy duty chain purchased a blast back to my bike and with in 30mins we all was back on the ride out all together and I really was determind to get to Bridlington in one piece.

Ever so proud of Ange who if it wasn't for her encouraging words fri night telling me if she can do it then so can I and by heck lass you was right We all did it together team work, and you showed yourself too that with some supportive words from others you too have achived the same as I and Lisa did in riding there and back to Brid.

Also was lovely to meet yet another fellow BM highwayman who also met us all at brid, and every one else we met at squires on the sunday on our way back home what a brill weekend once again massive thanks to Alan for organising it and here is to many more ride outs with peeps.

sal xxx

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Deleted Member @ 25/10/2011 15:27  

thanks for a great weekend Sal ,Lisa , Ange you were all brilliant so proud of you all And big thanks to Alan and Simon two great lads 220 miles in 2 days not bad on a 125 well done girls

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321johno @ 25/10/2011 20:05  

Whens the next one ?

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321johno @ 25/10/2011 20:29  

I would say in Spring - the reason why I like the route is that it puts in quite a wide variety of road conditions that learners can cope with - especially the A64 between Leeds and York, since the A1 has become mostly motorway its a good place to practice that sort of riding. but it doesn't usually get too busy. The single carriageways also have a good variety without having too many bends which can catch you out. Something that could be thought about if we do another one? either a more central location (which may be tricky) or for those that are further away, organising some way of getting their bikes over, trailers, van pickups etc ?

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Deleted Member @ 26/10/2011 01:26  

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