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Learner Rider Weekend

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Learner Rider Weekend

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Been toying with this idea since getting to know a few peeps who are riding 125s and are thinking about their test in the future but not ready to do it right now. This isn't to substitute for those lessons leading to a test from your intructor, or for your Mod 1 please bear in mind. But would probably involve a ride out to a location - perhaps Scarborough or Bridlington which from West Yorkshire is pretty easy to do avoiding motorways and takes in some pretty good roads which aren't too daunting, but have a good mix of conditions. Bit of Observed riding on the way there - perhaps some theory when we get to where we are going, Pub night out (will try to find if theres a local band on somewhere) 2nd day maybe little mock test in Brid or Scarborough then ride back home. If anyone is interested then reply to this post giving your thoughts. Don't want any money for this so no worries there, all the cost would be fuel/food and accomodation - but was just an idea for this sort of ride out with a group of other 125 riders without perhaps being slightly intimidated by those on bigger bikes? No dates set yet, as testing the water for interest

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2011 16:48  

This was loked at before but not much interest lets hope there is more now

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JP @ 21/09/2011 17:01  

T-cat(Alan) Im glad you posted this,as I for one would deffinately would be interested and Im sure now they are few more 125cc riders who are wanting to get out more on thier bikes, but if like me don't want to feel like been a burden to the more experienced riders and hold them up on ride outs.

Can't thank you enough for the help the other day whilst taking my bike for her MOT,to be fair didn't think it would of taken me that long to get there,but goes to show the in experience I have of riding bikes,yer some might laugh think it aint that hard but hey can't be good at every think

They so much more into riding a bike I feel then when driving a car but guess ive been driving for so many years forgot what it is like to learn.

So count me in please

sal x

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2011 18:03  

Brilliant idea tcat! i would definately be up for this. Although I don't consider myself a new learner, I think I've probably picked up a few bad habits and need to iron them out before I take my test again. I've ridden to Whitby a few times and that's a good ride for 125's or even down to Matlock Bath through Glossop etc. Count me in!

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Karey @ 21/09/2011 18:15  

I don't think it's that there's not much interest, it's just that us learners are a bit spread out across the country and it can be a major undertaking to get to any meeting point on a 125, especially if you've not clocked up that many miles. I think this is a fab idea and would love to take part...but for me getting to the Huddersfield area from Kendal is a bit daunting, especially at this time of year

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Minnie the Minx @ 21/09/2011 18:23  

I think I'm going to have to get a towbar fitted to my car & buy a trailer...cos I keep missing out on these rides out cos I've got 80 miles to cover before I even start
Alternatively, bring em all up to Kendal/ Lakes/Yorkshire Dales tcat...some fabby roads for learners up here

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Minnie the Minx @ 21/09/2011 18:30  

I'd be up for this but as Mini said it would be a long ride for me too to get to Huddersfield to start this. As with Karey I'm an experienced learner rider too but have prob picked up bad habits.

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2011 18:35  

Well lasses once ive got more experience I wont mind riding over to you lot as its more experience for me too.

sal x

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2011 18:54  

Well if there are any advanced riders in other areas there is no reason it cant be done in more towns across the uk

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JP @ 21/09/2011 19:00  

I'd be interested but as yet, not that confident about going that far on my own
I've had brilliant help so far from Steve (321johno) but I'd love some help with improving my riding and practice theory and stuff.

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HippyRockChick @ 21/09/2011 19:46  

I agree with the others, this is a brill idea tcat and I'd join in if I still had my bike. Mm maybe not, I forgot it kept breaking down lol

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Sandi @ 21/09/2011 21:35  

bril idea tcat ... if need any help this side like info around Brid etc give us a shout ... even Scarb if that's the way to go

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Sherry @ 21/09/2011 21:44  

tcat... I'm a retired instructor if I can help in any way count me in

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2011 22:25  

Does anyone like this from North of the border ?

Not sure how many we have up here but happy to sort a small run for a few also

Maybe some of the other BM staff would like to come on board as smaller cc riders I think would prefer it as local as possible ????

Just a thought

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madscots @ 21/09/2011 22:54  

Absolutely fantastic idea tcat.

I've not been able to get out on my bike as much as i'd like and need all the practice I can get before I join a ride out with the big boys and girls. So count me in. I work shifts but with enough notice I may be able to swap with someone.

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lisaj @ 21/09/2011 23:12  

tcat,,,,great idea,,,a few years ago there was a trip to whitby which included L riders,,,and all others,,,,a good day it was..... I would be willing to help,,,tail end charlie or similar so nobody gets left,,,you might need a few groups if numbers increase !!!!

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Deleted Member @ 21/09/2011 23:20  

thanks for the response everyone. any help from experienced riders, including (ex)instructors would be appreciated. I know a long run can seem daunting to some, so I won't try to push anyone into it. Although with a few other people on smaller sized bikes can make it seem less intimidating. Used to do the run quite alot the other way round when I ran a bike school in Bridlington (where I grew up) and lived in Mirfield - with small and big bikes : Huddersfield area to Brid/Scarborough is about 80 miles Om a big bike, with an experienced rider who could do it all in one run you would be looking at 90 minutes or under. but on a training type of ride would expect it to be broken up for coffee breaks / debriefing etc. would be looking at 4 maybe 5 hours as there wouldnt be any rush. Sorry for those that may be a bit far away (Swadlincote is a good two hours, even with the M1 - I know because my sister lives in Linton) and Kendal too. Maybe for those in the closer areas (Manchester/Barnsley etc) perhaps a ride over on the Friday evening to all meet up and crash over at a fellow BMers house or mine? Just so theres no rush to meet up on the Saturday. Dates? don't want to leave it too late in the year, so weekends 22nd-23rd or 29th-30th October could be an option? I think any later than that may be risking colder, worse weather and of course sunset being earlier. After that then perhaps looking at Spring 2012.

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Deleted Member @ 22/09/2011 01:52  

Hi T-cat can do the 22-23 oct but not one after that as im off to the murder mystery weekend thats been arranged on here with fellow members

sal x

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Deleted Member @ 22/09/2011 09:12  

great idea tcat and if i can be of any assistance let me know :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 22/09/2011 09:26  

Both weekends are ok for me. I don't get home from work till 10pm on Friday 21st, but if you decide on that date, and any of you that live a bit further away need a bed for the night, then I'll try to see if I can get out a bit earlier.

I'm looking forward to it already. Especially if we're off to Brid!

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lisaj @ 22/09/2011 09:47  

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