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General Chat/Anything Goes

BikeaBill in Hospital

BikeaBill in Hospital (4) - Forums [Biker Match] BikeaBill in Hospital (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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BikeaBill in Hospital

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BILLLLL!!!!! what on earth you been up to ya daft sod!! Glad you not too bad though ...gentle to ya. expecting BJ will be making plans to pimp up ya Zimmerframe Stells xxx

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Holmfirthgirl @ 22/05/2011 13:00  

Mr Bill you will use any excuse to get a mobility scooter before me !!!!

Hope you enjoyed your crumble and custard and the second helping :)

Like i said on the fone to you, i'll come pick you up myself if need be to get you to Cornwall , cant go camping without my Mr Bill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Brummie Jackie @ 22/05/2011 13:04  

Get well soon Bill, keep off the ladders bikes are safer they don't have a mind of their own. See you in Cornwall I'm sure you will have a few willing servants at hand.

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harry worth @ 22/05/2011 13:05  

Well done on your escape Bill I can sympathise as my last time on a ward I lasted less than a day and signed myself out. It was full of really sick people. Not my cup of tea at all! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and don't jump back on the bike too soon (easier said than done!)

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Rattay @ 22/05/2011 13:34  

awwwww!!! get well soon xxx

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clarabelle @ 22/05/2011 13:54  

Bill (((((((((((xxxxxx)))))))))))))))) how can you have done this ?? U have hollow legs that are normaly filled up with food - so did u not eat the day u did it? norty boy ! Serously my thoughts are wiv u as I fractured spine in two place not long ago and it bl88dy hurts. xxxx

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kazninja @ 22/05/2011 17:24  

your dead right it does hurt like hell but i do know it will get better, can,t think what it must be like for some one who has to spend the rest of there life like this

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Bikeabill @ 22/05/2011 18:51  

Sorry to hear you've been in the wars Bill. Wishing you a super speedy recovery.

   Update Reply
Roachy @ 22/05/2011 18:52  

Having spoken to Bill today I am not sure he deserves the sympathy vote ...

Escaped IS the right word for it.

He told such a tall tale about the support he has & people he has & pain he was not in & the facilities he has at home that the staff fell for it & let him home (they wanted him in till next week)

Just please Bill dont make your injuries worse

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Deleted User @ 22/05/2011 19:25  


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madhat @ 22/05/2011 19:35  

awww bill, speedy recovery hun. gonna have to wait even longer for that big hug now! i will send you one of these until then x

   Update Reply
kfoggy67 @ 22/05/2011 20:26  

hugs xxx

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 22/05/2011 21:34  

oh hey soft lad!!! Get well soon!

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limeninja9 @ 22/05/2011 22:00  

Bill!!! I camped at Squires last night and did the Whitby run this is first chance I've had to read this thread.. Big hugs nice and gentle..and fluffy and warm Like others have said, please don't try and do too much too soon! I will be keeping tabs on you, laddy Get better soon...and see you out and about, WHEN YOU'RE READY...and not before!! lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Karey @ 22/05/2011 22:28  

All I can say to every one is thank again and I will be back

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Bikeabill @ 23/05/2011 03:54  

Are u threatening us, Arnie?

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XKLYBR @ 23/05/2011 09:16  

Mr Bill hows it going with your zimmer lol have you pimped it yet :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 23/05/2011 09:28  

Me thinks a trip to Hull is in need Jackie to pimp it for him .. plus a spanking for telling lies so he would be discharged from hospital !!!

No crumble for Bill this week

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 23/05/2011 10:15  

pst ..... Mr Bill, i'll sneak crumble into you but dont tell Shell Lady ok xxx

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 23/05/2011 10:33  

tut tut Bill get well soon bud ! and dont pull yeh tights up so high next time eh ? lol

   Update Reply
WheelyNealy @ 23/05/2011 11:45  

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