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Why are BMW air cooled engines called boxers?

Why are BMW air cooled engines called boxers? - Forums [Biker Match] Why are BMW air cooled engines called boxers? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Why are BMW air cooled engines called boxers?

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Brummie Jackie @ 01/10/2010 13:21  

its the piston movements like how a 'boxer' moves his arms and fists side to side...

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johnnytb @ 01/10/2010 13:28  

Boxer engines got their name because each piston moves simultaneously in and out rather than alternately, like boxers showing they're ready by clashing their gloved fists against each other before a fight.

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GreasyTony @ 01/10/2010 13:33  

Thats ruined my theory.. It's got nothing to do with being pants then?

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bluesbiker @ 01/10/2010 13:35  

Squashy i like urs better lol

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Brummie Jackie @ 01/10/2010 13:48  

Oh, and there was me & Johnny thinking you wanted a factual answer .............. It's really coz they are smaller in design and fit into a box

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GreasyTony @ 01/10/2010 13:54  

do they have wet noses as wel

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Brummie Jackie @ 01/10/2010 14:13  

Not always Jackie .. .. but they do leave a mess on the floor sometimes. lol

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GreasyTony @ 01/10/2010 14:17  

According to BMW the very first shaft drive bike with flat engine layout was called a Spagthorpe Boxer so every flat engine after that was called a 'boxer'.

Nothing to do with boxing gloves or fighters

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RustyKnight @ 01/10/2010 14:57  

See there is a different reason

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Brummie Jackie @ 01/10/2010 14:59  

its because they fall out of box's on the beaches in the south int it ? or was that containers

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WheelyNealy @ 01/10/2010 15:02  

RK Really ?

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Rob1050 @ 01/10/2010 15:20  

Incorrect RK. Just because an engine is a flat design it does not make it a Boxer type. ONLY an engine that has pistons that move simultaneously in and out together, rather than alternately, are called boxer's On a boxer engine, each con rod has its own crank pin as opposed to two rods sharing a crank pin. On a flat engine the pistons would move in relation to each other i.e. one at TDC & one at BDC. ONLY a boxer engine has two pistons ( use the BMW 2 cyl engine as example ) that will have both pistons at TDC at the same time.Conversley, both pistons are at BDC at the same time. That is the definition of a boxer engine.

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GreasyTony @ 01/10/2010 15:27  

Nice one Rob .. I just seen that.

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GreasyTony @ 01/10/2010 15:35  

Greasytony lol keep up the good work

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WheelyNealy @ 01/10/2010 15:35  

The correct name is horizontally opposed, then the number of cylinders. For example Alfa Roneo flat 12. This engine is a twelve cylinder horizontally opposed lay out. The boxer term came about because the piston and conrod moves like a boxers arm and fist.
Not all BMW aircooled engines are called boxers because they made single cylinder engines aswell, which were half of the boxer engine.

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yamahama @ 01/10/2010 17:49  

so its not cos if they go over they are up again before you can count to ten,or not??

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julie j @ 01/10/2010 17:52  

If you can pick one up before 10 you're a stronger gal than me

   Update Reply
yamahama @ 01/10/2010 17:55  

I`m struggling to pick anything up thats why I`m on here!

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julie j @ 01/10/2010 17:57  


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yamahama @ 01/10/2010 18:01  

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