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dot com or is that dot con? lol I happened upon this site and was impressed cos it said INSTANT quote for my bike, so I filled in the necessary and then it said my bike wasn't in their database so I'd have to contact them, via email or phone, I chose email cos the phone was a mobile number. I gave them all the details that their online form requested and asked for a reply either way.... ...a week later I'm still waiting. of course it could be that they aren't in business anymore but seems odd their site is still active. Has anyone had an INSTANT QUOTE from this company?

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Sandi @ 02/07/2010 16:05  

post it on here kwak some one will buy it im sure maybe its just not wot there after they will want new bikes and stuff worth scraping yours may be to specialist for them

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WheelyNealy @ 02/07/2010 16:23  

Kwak it's a massive company making fortunes out of people who need to get rid of bikes/cars in a hurry. I tried them on my Fazer out of curiosity and they bid a grand less than it's value in part ex for a bike they were selling. They should be called we buy any bike as long as we can make a fortune on it .com!!

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RustyKnight @ 02/07/2010 16:49  

At least they contacted you Rusty lol Nealy, see here

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Sandi @ 02/07/2010 16:52  

Have to agree with RK. They'll be taking a cut of the value, which is better in your pocket than theirs.

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Rob1050 @ 02/07/2010 18:46  

As an exercise I ran my car through the webuyanycar site. A realistic valuation of the car would be to advertise it privately at about £990 and accept £850.

Webuyanycar offered £105, less an admin fee of £49.99, meaning I'd walk away with £55.01. No deal!

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Wills @ 02/07/2010 19:15  

I tried my car too, they offered around half its market value. I've heard similar stories from others too. If you do need to sell in a hurry I'm pretty sure your local dealer would give you a better price than them.

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Deleted Member @ 02/07/2010 20:22  

i tried my old 205cc with them they offerd more than trade did so i used it to push trade into paying more worked for me that time but they were new thing then

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WheelyNealy @ 02/07/2010 20:31  

Oh well looks like I'll be taking the bike to the scrap heap cos no one wants the bloody thing.

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Sandi @ 02/07/2010 22:57  

Sure someone will ... eBay?

There is always a home for something some place :-) don't give up Kwak x

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Deleted User @ 03/07/2010 07:03  

Kwak, I reckon it would be money well spent to get it taxed and MoT'd. Unless the seals are completelly knackered and pouring oil, you might just get away with an advisory, and the rest just sounds like an afternoon's tinkering.. You'd get back all the money you spent, just by offering a bike that a new owner can ride away on.

As Shell says, there's always eBay.

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Wills @ 03/07/2010 09:40  

I've tried most places, even a museum (too young lol) and I'm sick of timewasters and foreign scammers!! I've been trying to sell it for about 5yrs. I haven't got the money to sort the bike out to get it to MOT standard and even if I had I wouldn't cos as it's a 250cc no one is interested in it, it would just be money wasted. The bike starts and does not leak anywhere, won't take much to sort it but I aint got any dosh at all. If I knew I was going to have trouble selling it I wouldn't have bought it. I'm going to call a college that does MC maintenance courses see if they will buy it off me for their classes, if no joy there then I'm getting a big hammer and smashing it up cos I'm fed up now.

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Sandi @ 03/07/2010 13:51  

Bang it on EBAY with a reserve of what you won't go below someone will buy it!!!

   Update Reply
Hull750Rider @ 03/07/2010 14:48  

failing that cant the bike shop sell it for you thats what i did with my VN1500

   Update Reply
WheelyNealy @ 03/07/2010 15:03  

Came across on Friday and started down the form filling in thing, but once it got to filling in more personal data I dropped out quickly as just don't like doing that to companies who are in the business of making money as you tend to get placed on mailing lists and get even more rubbish. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Considering parting with my old (L- reg, 17k miles) but much loved Fireblade 900RR, as I can't take it with me, only going back to Africa nothing terminal. I’ve considered storage, does anyone know the costs of that? <o:p></o:p>

   Update Reply
Tezzzer @ 03/07/2010 17:41  

Tezzzer start a new topic re: storage costs, otherwise other folk may not see your question in here. Ebay charge upfront don't they? I've no dosh. A bike dealer would probably give me pennies instead of pounds, I think most expect a seller to buy one of their bikes in P/X.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 04/07/2010 00:21  

I think that Nealy is saying that a bike shop will put it in their window (no doubt for a fee) but it's you that a buyer deals with, not the bike shop. Usual thing is that when the bike sells, the shop takes a cut.
Ebay is much the same, they want their cut when the bike sells. But unless they have different rules for cars and bikes, there's no money asked for up front, unlike your local paper or the corner shop that puts postcards in the window.
I still reckon that whatever you put into getting it taxed and Mot'd will more than pay for itself. If all else fails, I'll be over your way with an empty van come September...

   Update Reply
Wills @ 04/07/2010 01:23  

Not wanting to sound like a broken record but I can't afford to pay a mechanic to fix the bike, I can't even afford to pay for an MOT test. After 5 years of trying to sell it, putting ads in local bike shops and biker venues and on the internet several times, if someone wanted the bike they would have said 'get an MOT and I'll buy it' but no one wants the bike, except scammers and timewasters wanting me to GIVE the bike away.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 04/07/2010 21:24  

Ebay do charge for their service Kwak but it's at the end of the auction wheather sold or not! If sold they take a percentage on top of the insertion and listing fee, it's all listed on the site if you have the time to go through it! I for one think it's a reasonable ammount for the exposure you get for the item, others may not aggree. If you do decide to list it remember to set a minimum ammount you'll take for it, this avoids it selling for 1st bid of 99p also you can set a starting point where you put say £400 as the starting bid, you can put a buy it now price on but that costs more money in the 1st place and you may not get a bid it you start too high in the 1st place. My main advice is just to have a good read of the fees section on there

   Update Reply
Hull750Rider @ 06/07/2010 12:16  

Thanks for the advice HR, I really appreciate it.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 06/07/2010 12:32  

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