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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Avebury Re-mix Meet - Saturday 16th May 2009

Avebury Re-mix Meet - Saturday 16th May 2009 (5) - Forums [Biker Match] Avebury Re-mix Meet - Saturday 16th May 2009 (5) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Avebury Re-mix Meet - Saturday 16th May 2009

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*tuts @ XK* I quite clearly promised NOT to do any nekkid stone circle dancing! Had a great time Saturday - lovely to meet you both at last Moonstone and 2-Wheely! I've decided it's the "BM meet" part that causes weather issues with Avebury... I went a month or so ago and was lying in the sunshine in a flipping T-shirt... yet the 2 occasions I've arranged to meet up with BM folk, it's snowed or blown an absolute gale! We had a fabulous weekend... despite getting a flat while going crop circle chasing and getting somewhat wet & muddy sorting it out! Still - it took about a tenth of the time it would've taken me had I been alone, so huge thanks to Punkdude And thanks to the nice police officer who stopped to check we were OK and very kindly didn't stick around to glimpse sight of the excuse for a tyre I've been driving around on I am a very lucky Wannabe... could so easily have blown on the motorway, but it chose to go on a nice straight stretch of Wiltshire country lane, when I happened to be travelling at no more than 20 miles an hour. Phew!

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Wannabe @ 18/05/2009 09:13  

Some great photos there Lin! I've not quite made it home yet *ahem* So when I finally do, I'll see if I've any worth uploading. I reckon 2-Wheely's our No.1 model this Avebury trip - carrying on the BM modelling tradition as begun by SumoDwarf

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Wannabe @ 18/05/2009 09:28  

I too had a great time at Avebury and I know Moonstone did too. The weather was "interesting" but at least it didn't rain all the time and Swindon was fun going back to Redditch since it had no direction signs for anything except local destinations and the M4. I'll go back the way I came next time - through Marlborough.

Anyway, it was worth the effort for the good company and good practice for our trip to Germany on Thursday. See you at the next one.

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Cataraptor @ 19/05/2009 22:20  

Hi Wannabe It was lovely meeting you too after all this time and all of the others too Cataraptors the only dude i had met before so it was really lovely dispite the weather. Avebury is somewhere that I have always wanted to go but nevergot around to it but now I surely will retun its so mystical therefore right up my street LOl. Soz to hear you had tyre trouble but pleased it was in a safe spot. Thanks to all for making it a fabulous BM meet. Whens the next one ?? Catch you on our return fron The Bikers Farm Germany. Lin xx

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moonstone @ 19/05/2009 23:05  

maybe the dancin was what was missing art 4 arts sake

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Emzed @ 19/05/2009 23:37  

I'm so glad you liked it Lin - it's a very special place to me and I love introducing people to it... made all the more worthwhile when they fall in love with the place as I did

We wanted to visit Wayland's Smithy on the Sunday, but after lying around in wet, muddy roads, changing tyres and having general deep joy, we figured a nice Sunday roast at the Barge Inn was way more up our street & we'll do Waylands another time.

Hope you two have a fab time in Germany & look forward to hearing all about it on your return

Now I've restored internet connection, I'll see what I can do about adding a few more photos. My router went a bit doo-lally and changed all its settings for reasons unknown. It's probably female.

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Wannabe @ 20/05/2009 07:53  

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