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Free set of tyres for any member

Free set of tyres for any member - Forums [Biker Match] Free set of tyres for any member - Forums [Biker Match]
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Free set of tyres for any member

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Just reminding you that the photo competition is coming soon! Several sets of free tyres and free bikermatch memberships available. All you need to do is take 26 photos of you, your bike & road signs of place names! A-Z is what we're looking for, or as close as possible to it. Competition starts mid-April, so get started now with the sunny weather already here! Main competition = First to get A-Z of place namesWinner's Prize = A set of Bridgestone tyres for your bike plus 1 year's membership to Biker Match. 2 Runner up prizes = 1 year's free membership to Biker Match Sub competitions...Best alternative to a placename for X Most international place names Largest group photo Funniest/Most Unusual photo Prizes = Set of Bridgestone tyres for every winner and a 6 month membership to BM for the 2 runners up in each category.

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Matt @ 25/03/2009 15:47  

PS: I'm looking for one or two example photos to use for the new section im making. Can anyone who has one please email it through to me? PM me for email address.

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Matt @ 25/03/2009 15:50  

So let me get this right, if you can afford to swan around the country and other countries taking photos of yourself, you will win a prize and those of us that can't afford it can buy our own tyres.

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Scary @ 25/03/2009 17:27  

i'm comin for the 'T'scary reckon should be able to get a few around Dorset n Zomerset wanna accompany me? [photographer's modell?]

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 25/03/2009 17:33  

What if you superimpose you and your bike at all the famous landmarks in the UK and Europe,does that count?????

   Update Reply
Chopperbloke1 @ 25/03/2009 17:52  

if i make it to London you can be in one Rnd!!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 25/03/2009 18:00  

jeees page 3 of the forums this got pushed to, you lot need to stop chatting so much. Scary... yep! U can team up like TM says if you want. Might cost u a lot doing it, but ull get tyres out of it (To cover the mile-crunching). It's a good way of getting the site more active and giving everyone something to do. You will be allowed to use pub names too though, not just town names. Or other place names, as long as there's a sign. R_ND - every photo is CAREFULLY checked by myself and doctored photos = ban from competition. Inappropriate = ban from the site (Same as with profiles and event photos). All the rules are covered on the competition page (Only myself and TC can access right now). Anyhow - who will be taking part in this? TM - i how u will b!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 27/03/2009 19:43  

nobody want a free set of bridgestone tyres then???

   Update Reply
Matt @ 28/03/2009 11:20  

Where do we send the pics to? And when?

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 28/03/2009 11:31  

2 weeks time (approx 15th april) it starts, and you upload them to the website (I'm making a new section). TC has already started taking photos or local places. The reason for this topic is to allow the forum users to get a head-start in the competition. There's several pairs of tyres available, one set (plus a years free membership to this site) available for the first to get A-Z (Exc. X).

   Update Reply
Matt @ 28/03/2009 11:50  

Are foreign place names acceptable? Taking the Bandit to France on the 12th April for a week, and should be able to get a couple of unusual ones there...

   Update Reply
Bandit_Mr_P @ 07/04/2009 14:55  

well wkd's comin up so i will get started!!checkin map's an pub's already! got a feelin TC's gonna get this he's the type determined and greedy for fame!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 07/04/2009 16:08  

Indeed they are - in fact there will be a set of tyres for the person with the most international places!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 07/04/2009 17:14  

Let me get this right. You fire the starting pistol on (say) April 15. Will pictures taken before then be valid, or do they have to be taken on of after that date?

   Update Reply
Wills @ 07/04/2009 23:20  

can be taken whenever you like. The reason for this topic is to give a head-start to those members who are active and involved in the forums already. If you don't take part in the forums, you miss out on getting a head-start. Same goes for the newsletter - i put info in there, so if you dont read the newsletter then u again miss out on a head start in the competition.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 08/04/2009 08:24  

All as "clear as mud" now Cheers for the "head start" Matt Em

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 08/04/2009 16:15  


Is it worth trying on a clapped out old pushbike with a flat rear tyre ? Not sure how far I could cycle though... and would the tyres I win be compatible ? Certainly needs new ones

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 08/04/2009 16:18  

Any volunteers to pump up WB's flat rear?

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 08/04/2009 16:39  


Walked into that one eyes wide shut, didn't I?

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 08/04/2009 17:05  

And we still need some example photos - so if you take any before the launch, please PM me and I'll give you access to the system (you can help me and TC test it).

   Update Reply
Matt @ 08/04/2009 18:55  

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