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Free set of tyres for any member

Free set of tyres for any member (3) - Forums [Biker Match] Free set of tyres for any member (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Free set of tyres for any member

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afrikaans Matt not,XK's questions very valid but wtf's a skidlid ?? i will have to brushup my english a bit .hehe

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excalibur @ 24/04/2009 04:05  

Skidlid = motorbike helmet aka crash hat and lid and as I aint got a bike on the road and find it difficult enough getting a lift to an event I dare say it won't be me winning this competition lol

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Sandi @ 24/04/2009 10:11  

Well, what would you do if you did Kwak? Although I suppose you could make a couple of tyre swings for your garden?

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Wannabe @ 24/04/2009 11:44  

whoever wins will probably have gone through a set of tyres to win anyhow! :-) Its the first person to get A-Z or the person who has the most before the end of the comp. The side objectives (like funniest pic) is a vote and will be counted at the end (Votes are placed by any member, each member can only vote once in each subject).

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Matt @ 24/04/2009 20:04  

Wannabe, what would I do if I did what, had a bike? I'd ride it, like I did when I had one lol. Not in the winter tho, been there, done that, outgrew the t shirt. Mm tyre swings, funny you should mention that cos Shadz brought home 4 wheels, 2 of em have tyres on 'em and they are stinking the bedroom out (where the computer is) just a pity the tree in my garden doesn't look well enough to have tyres hanging from it. I think it's dead. I can't wait to see the funny pics to vote on. Has anyone else started the competition, besides excalibur?

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Sandi @ 24/04/2009 22:36  

TeeCee has a few pics already. I'm just trying to figure out where to put the button for it now

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Matt @ 25/04/2009 10:44

   Update Reply
Matt @ 25/04/2009 11:08  

 Posts: 47       Pages: 3/3

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