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Mid life crisis-or what?

Mid life crisis-or what? - Forums [Biker Match] Mid life crisis-or what? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Mid life crisis-or what?

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I don't wish to offend anyone but I’m finding more and more that men around my age and older are mostly looking for slim, younger,model types. If however, our men folk want to walk the walk ,they should at least talk the talk. Most of these guys fall into at least two or more of the following categories .... short/fat/bald or look at least a decade older then they their years. Give us girls a break guys! We might not all be a size 10 and look like the biker babes you see at rallies and bike shows but try digging a little deeper, you might find a whole lot more to keep you interested.... like brains, life experience and inner beauty.

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Chopperbloke1 @ 18/03/2009 19:04  

Ooh, this should be a good thread! *grabs popcorn and takes a seat* I am not in or looking for a relationship so I had better not comment (but I can see your point!). Welcome to the forums, R_ND!

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TeeCee @ 18/03/2009 19:12  

here here well said R_ND

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chunkichick @ 18/03/2009 19:23  

I'm looking for a slim, younger male model type...there aren't any!!!

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polls @ 18/03/2009 19:28  

Mmmmmm Mid Life Crisis = Sports Car Motorcycle Jet Ski Bimbo..(blonde or otherwise) Or a combination of the above. The way I see it when some men hit middle age they want to start again, by having the freedom that they didn't have with their ex's and because most see their ex's as dominating old battleaxes they try to find the complete opposite. This may not be true for all men, I know that for a fact. This is just an oppinion and maybe a complete load of rollocks. Thankyou for listening

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Scary @ 18/03/2009 19:36  

I don't get that vibe from this site at all - I know where you're coming from though... my sis has just joined a dating site and none of the 35-45 age group even bother looking at her profile - they just browse the 20-somethings. She mostly gets messaged by 60-somethings... age gaps are all well & good, but some of us prefer not to date someone old enough to be our dads - sorry & all that!

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Wannabe @ 18/03/2009 19:39  

You missed out the pub owning nymphomaniac heiress bit ... Seriously though I think part of it is down to the fact we are all still eighteen in our heads (no gender bias women suffer from it as well) Just because some old stranger looks back at us from the mirror never really changes it. Bald, old looking git but not currently fat

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prof @ 18/03/2009 19:41  

Mind you... equally true is that the short, fat & bald have more to offer... it cuts both ways

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Wannabe @ 18/03/2009 19:42  

Mind you... equally true is that the short, fat & bald have more to offer... it cuts both ways I don't remember offering you anything WB!

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Scary @ 18/03/2009 19:48  

I distinctly recall a doughnut offer!

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Wannabe @ 18/03/2009 19:51  

I don't have a problem with short, fat or bald either.It's just that some men (and women) need to face the fact that none of us are 18 anymore and we don't look like it either.

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Chopperbloke1 @ 18/03/2009 19:53  

Fairy Nuff - I'm personally dead glad not to be 18 any more!

But then, at 18 I resembled a barrel on stumpy little legs and completely hated myself... Hmmmm...

There are shallow folk out there - male & female - but I reckon there are more than enough decent peeps to make up for those sorts

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Wannabe @ 18/03/2009 20:00  

Sad thing is, I can't really remember being 18,it's all a bit blurred. Guess I must have been having a great time! lol!

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Chopperbloke1 @ 18/03/2009 20:12  

No offence taken R_ND, a ladies appearance is not my first criteria I'd much prefer integrity and a sense of humour. But I'm with Prof on this one, not many of us like or are comfortable with getting older, me included, but I realised quite a few years ago that the skinny girlie young things weren't my thang! and I know I'm probably old enough to be their GRANDAD let alone father!! I've seen too many of my mates come to grief after giving their all to a young pretty woman, taken them everywhere with no expense spared till she takes a shine to a younger version at a rally or a gig and its bye bye Better in my opinion to stick to what you know, an older woman (whatever her physical attributes) is a much safer place to offer your affections. At least she is more likely to tell you straight to your face early on if its not working for her, then at least you can both move on. Well thats my opinion for what its worth. Keep smiling, keep looking, somone will turn up. But they are unlikely to knock on your door (it has happened) so you have to get out there and LOOK. Ride safe, ride free. Em

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Emzed @ 18/03/2009 20:14  

Hehehe @ blurred memories! Like it R_ND!

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Wannabe @ 18/03/2009 20:18  

emzed...A wise man indeed ;-)

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Chopperbloke1 @ 18/03/2009 20:22  

Thankyou Maam, (doffs hat) Em

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Emzed @ 18/03/2009 20:27  

"I don't have a problem with short, fat or bald either.It's just that some men (and women) need to face the fact that none of us are 18 anymore and we don't look like it either. " Hey ... I'm bloody gorgeous me!

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geoffb2005 @ 18/03/2009 21:05  

Yeah but you're taken Geoff!

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Wannabe @ 18/03/2009 21:07  

And so you are geoffb2005

   Update Reply
Chopperbloke1 @ 18/03/2009 21:08  

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