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General Chat/Anything Goes

Things I have found I cannot do

Things I have found I cannot do (7) - Forums [Biker Match] Things I have found I cannot do (7) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Things I have found I cannot do

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Actually it was me not Geoff who moderated you! Language TC!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember the asterisk it your friend

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 05/12/2008 18:37  

lm*o - oops!!! Sowee frag.... The asterisk is my friend, but the punctuation mark pushes me over everytime he sees me... big bully!

   Update Reply
TeeCee @ 05/12/2008 18:43  

Not on the ebay boards it's not.

I tested it out and got a slap for a post that only contained asterisks.

Then I did a few that were only smileys and got a "procedural notice".

And then I committed the heinous crime of referring to a post that had subsequently been removed and got a 7 day posting ban. Bless 'em

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 05/12/2008 19:20  

Hang on Geoff....i'll see if i can locate any part of my (duvet) wound that hasn't already had salt rubbed in it!!

   Update Reply
Triumph_Sy @ 05/12/2008 19:26  

Say no to a drink on a Friday night.
or any day with a Y in it
I think I should warn everyone that anything said in my name later is not me,it will be down to John Jamesson & the owners of Scotish & Newcastle breweries
Any problems please consult with them.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 05/12/2008 20:47  

Can't wait!

   Update Reply
Triumph_Sy @ 05/12/2008 21:04  

Sorry Arfur,they were kept under control,preoccupied

Erm,I've got to edit this.They weren't kept under as much control as I first thought according to texts I'm getting this morning.
'Reports of several men performing a fully monty for diners of the Bombay garden Indian resturant are believed to be nothing more than rumours,how ever witnesse's have said at least three of the group were known to have taken their shirts off & ran up & down the High st exclaiming at high volume 'We love xmas' & asking Santa where their bikes were whilst it's also thought they were asking him to count though actual word cannot be verified.
This group also entertained the crowd with songs from the Macc lads like Sweaty Betty & a few choice rugby songs.
One eye witness,Flo Milar 73 was quoted as saying 'They were very funny,but I wish I'd seen some full frontal male nudity'.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 06/12/2008 07:48  

"but I wish I'd seen some full frontal male nudity" Has she seen how cold it is outside?? Full frontal male nudity? She'd be lucky. LBAS strikes again I should think ..... (Little Blue Acorn Syndrome)

   Update Reply
geoffb2005 @ 06/12/2008 10:11  

Hence why I kept my strides on.
I think
Must've been some reasonable thought process working last night then

   Update Reply
oggy @ 06/12/2008 10:18  

LBAS strikes again I should think ..... (Little Blue Acorn Syndrome) Is that 3 wrinkles and an inch then?

   Update Reply
Karey @ 06/12/2008 10:21  

.....Hence why I kept my strides on.I think... Are your sure Oggy? ...there's reports of a pair of shreddies hanging from the barbers pole ont high street..... I'll leave u to mek yr mind up over that one......

   Update Reply
Karey @ 06/12/2008 10:25  

Persuade my family that they really don't need to be running around after me... Dad's arranged to cut his own hospital stay short, because of my operation, so that my Mum can be around when I'm admitted.

I knew it was causing a problem as I wouldn't be able to collect Dad from hospital, but was hoping that would prompt them to demand ambulance transportation - not rearrange everything to fit around me - d'oh!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 06/12/2008 10:45  

Dohhhh ..sounds like my mum .. has regular hospital visits for her cancer treatment.. my fanatabulous sis-in-law drives her everywhere ( on account I'm 250 miles away ).. but mum wint get Hospital parkin permit..cos she says 'its not right as she doesnt have a car..and other ppl who have cars might need it'..!!! Dohhhhh MUM...the permit is for sis in laws car.....!! lol Also..if its a whole days treatment .. and treatment finishes early.. mum will get the bus home...leavin SIL turning up..and mum not there... Quote'.. well i didn't want to put u outta your way...Unquote! Things i have found i cannot do..... Understand parents !!!!

   Update Reply
Karey @ 06/12/2008 10:54  

Must be the same for our kids then
They're not mine Karey,went out commando last night

   Update Reply
oggy @ 06/12/2008 10:57  

lol...thats true Oggy...never fort of that ! Ahhhhh..... definately can't be yours then!

   Update Reply
Karey @ 06/12/2008 11:08  

Go out tonight...noone to go out with and no sitter...what a flipping bore....yawn! YAWNNNNNNN!!!

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 06/12/2008 21:50  

You've got us bikerchick!!!!......(ooooooopppssss....sorry, didn't mean to make you feel even worse)...

   Update Reply
Triumph_Sy @ 06/12/2008 21:53  

THANKS!!!!!! Not many peeps on BM tonight all out or watching Comedy Awards or something just as

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 06/12/2008 22:01  

Quality, not quantity as they say me dear!!...

   Update Reply
Triumph_Sy @ 06/12/2008 22:03  

Creme de la creme.....

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 06/12/2008 22:04  

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