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Xmas Toy Run - Yorkshire

Xmas Toy Run - Yorkshire - Forums [Biker Match] Xmas Toy Run - Yorkshire - Forums [Biker Match]
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Xmas Toy Run - Yorkshire

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From the Sun Inn pub, Brame Lane, Norwood, Otley, Yorkshire . In aid of Barnados Spring Hill School for kids with learning difficulties. Meet at the Sun Inn at 10am to set off at 11am. The pub will be open early for drinks. I shall be taking caz36 as my pillion , caz36 works at Spring Hill . We are looking for anyone around the Ripon area attending this event who has a spare pillion seat as caz36's son would like to join us too , he is a really good pillion , sits well at any pace , I have taken him out a few times on the bandit , if anyone can help us out it would be most appreciated . Thanx Dugald

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fastjock @ 23/11/2008 14:10  

I'd offer Dugald but to be honest it's a bit far for sure there'll be someone tho such as XKL he's only a mile or so from you ..but if you get stuck nearer the time give us a shout.......they do a nice pint o guiness in the Sun.

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Herne @ 23/11/2008 14:51  

i`ll be there! cant give anyone a croggy just yet though. had my lunch there today, it was heaving!

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julie j @ 23/11/2008 16:36  

so hands up who knows whats what with toy runs?

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julie j @ 23/11/2008 19:56  

Roll up, bring toy or donation, follow convoy to destination, usually local special school, children's ward or hospice,claim warming drink, and ride off with a feel-good expression. Several runs ask not to bring warlike toys.

Three on the west side of the Pennines coming up: one in Wirral following the Egg Run route on December 7, another at Rivington the same day (on events), and one starting near Preston on December 14 heading for Alder Hey in Liverpool (also on events). I'll probably be at Rivington and Preston.

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Wills @ 23/11/2008 21:42  

Toy Runs can be a lot of fun and are really satisfying when you see loads of toys etc being dropped off to an army of young uns who deserve them and will appreciate them. I've been involved with the Darlington MAG toy run for several YEars now and I've never missed one yet, although the only downside is the average speed on the run. I'm no speed freak on the bike, but travelling around at 20mph is a right chew on. Watch out for some of the toy run's though, a lot of them take it on themselves to marshall the event and think it's only right to park their bikes on round-abouts and stop the traffic. I tried this one year and nearly got forced off my bike by an irate car driver who was at the head of a mega long queue of traffic. It doesn't go anywhere to break the rift between some car drivers and us bikers. Basically, turn up at the event with a toy or donation and follow the others till you get to the destination(s). Some toy runs can only take new (boxed) toys, which is common sense really. I guess toy runs are very like Easter egg runs, except you can't eat the toy if you get peckish half way round lol . I haven't looked at the date yet, fj, but I'll take a peek and see if Cassie and I will be able to come out to play.

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Blueboy955i @ 23/11/2008 22:39  

yorkshire toy run will be coverd by the yorkshire post and ripon gazette and talk of tv as well toy's are welcome, a car is on hand to take all toy's if you so wish idea's for toys *interactive games *roller scates *art's and crafts *colour by numbers *colouring books *jig saws (not the cutting type) *board games *ps2 games 2nd hand but in original box please age 3+ to 16 *chocolate for me toy run will be supported by north york's fire and rescue unless called away some biker's will have santa suit's on ( optional) also many gifts donated by shops for the toy run raffle toy run route at this moment is from sun inn B6541 to A59 to harrogarte north on B6161join A61 to ripon past ripon then left on A6108 run will be about 24 miles many thanks to you all , and have a nice day tb500

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tb500 @ 24/11/2008 13:16  

Sorry, can't make this one, as will be at the Xmas bash in Belper.

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XKLYBR @ 25/11/2008 14:46  

BUMP ! just thought id bring this up front as it is this sunday Hi all should be there if its not raining.

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kenn52 @ 11/12/2008 12:22  

Hi Kenn Long time no see! hows things? I wint be able to go on this, tis the day after our Xmas do, you know!! lol

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Karey @ 11/12/2008 13:40  

Another tip, for those who are new to toy runs... ...Don't wrap the gift, the staff /organisers need to know what the toy is, and its condition, to decide its suitability before sending it to Santa for wrapping.

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Sandi @ 11/12/2008 21:04  

Don't think it going to rain , but has been mention of sleat , see you there if you make it kenn. I've had a change of plan , am now taking Dan as my pillion , caz36 has volunteered to be at recieving end . I might just make it to Sun Inn before everyone sets off , got work from 6am-10am , get home for quick wash n brekie then go , takes about 20mins from mine on a good day .

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fastjock @ 12/12/2008 00:43  

A great day , apart from the cold , there was snow on the ground at the Sun Inn and parts of the run around Menwith Hill and Pately Bridge , roads were clear tho had been well salted , had plenty of salt in my eyes from a Harleys back tyre (visor had turned white with salt so had to ride with it open) . Awsome thunder of bikes as we rode thru the centre of Ripon in a non-stop convoy , car drivers seemed happy to wait for us to pass too . Certainly a heart warming experience to see the big smiles on all the kids faces , especially the ones who got to sit on some of the bikes and revv them up (including mine , to the red line and beyond) . I have added some pics to the events calendar . This was the first toy run that I had done , if you have never done a toy run before go and do one , what a fantastic experience .

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fastjock @ 14/12/2008 22:45  

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