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Storming the castle

Storming the castle - Forums [Biker Match] Storming the castle - Forums [Biker Match]
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Storming the castle

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Hiya folks , hope everyone is doing ok ,was wondering is there many folk going to storming the castle in the 1st weekend of September ? and if so what can i expect ? thanks

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alpinab14 @ 16/08/2022 00:32  

I love this rally, although I havent had the opportunity to get there in recent years.

Witton Castle is great. Assuming things haven't changed too much since I last attended, there are toilets and hot showers (coins required) at the Castle, and a small provisions shop but as stated it's a long time since I was there.

The guys/gals who run the rally are great and it's well organised. Bands are usually brilliant, saw Levellers there several times in 90's. My kids were tiny but loved the whole thing. There was a family field, so if its still the same I would make sure you are in the right camping area for you.

The food stalls used to be very nice but again it's been a while since I've attended.

I note Angel Fire are playing, they are a reasonably local band to me and played YRBS at Squires last weekend. They always go down well.

If you forget any camping gear, get yourself along to Johnson's of Leeds (army surplus supplies) they have all sorts of stuff available, again local to me and I know them well 😊

Have a great time!

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Lindsay @ 16/08/2022 08:06  

I’m going as some others from here although not coordinated or on the events section on here. It’s a great rally.

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peter1200gs @ 16/08/2022 13:05  

I'm sure you will have a wicked time 😁👍🏻

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 16/08/2022 15:00  

Verry good time

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Tracie @ 16/08/2022 21:20  

Now on events, get yersel added if you're going......

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izzyhill @ 17/08/2022 09:02  

Its an awesome rally done this myself for over ten years never miss it have got friend coming from all over uk to meet up with " stop say hi" if passing

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2022 18:34  

Hiya Lindsay ,hope your doing good , thats brilliant info thanks , its crazy after all these years theres still so man festivals and rallies to be discovered , but thats great thanks im definitely going to check this one out thanks x

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alpinab14 @ 22/08/2022 21:14  

hi peter , thats great thanks il keep an eye out for yous , thanks also Tracie just hoping its a nice dry one apart from that everything else should take care of itself , thats spot on Izzy thanks ive popped myself down on the list , thats great CID76 ive no idea about what camping fields ect there will be but il keep my eyes open for everyone unless everyone will be scattered all over the place lol

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alpinab14 @ 22/08/2022 21:18  

No probs Shaz, have a fab time. Let me know if things have changed since I was last there. I may well go next year.

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Lindsay @ 22/08/2022 22:27  

Hiya Lindsay , aww thanks yea will do , apparently theres 2 camping fields , one big open one and one in the woods a bit more private which i think the open one will be more fun but the one in the woods nicer to chill/sleep in so will see when i arrive , for next year im so tempted to pop up a Europe trip in the events with the help of others of-coarse, there used to be 1 trip a year with chris (madscots) to usually germany and it was amazing , loved those trips , its something were missing a wee euro trip once a year, what do you reckon ? x

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alpinab14 @ 23/08/2022 18:12  

I think it's an ace idea. Go for it!

I just need time to drop some weight and find myself a pilly seat, so give me at least 7 months. 😂🤣😂

Enjoy yourself immensely, I'm really envious, wish I was Stormin' the Castle. 🙄

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Lindsay @ 23/08/2022 19:33  

Don't forget to take note of the start time for this Shaz, no rocking up when everyone's gone to sleep, as late as that is!

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izzyhill @ 23/08/2022 21:24  

Aww, C'mon Izz-ster, Shaz is The Midnight Cowboy and to ask him to change his schedule is nigh on impossible. I'm sure he will, ride onto site very, very, quietly. 😲😵

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/08/2022 21:32  

Haha you pair of lovelies have got to know me too well lol , funny thing is i always try and do things in a timely fashion but life always seems to have other plans lol

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alpinab14 @ 24/08/2022 01:16  

We pitch up in the far field, guess it’s the wooded one you mention, not really quiet lol. Will keep an eye out for you. We get there lunchtime ish.

Haha you pair of lovelies have got to know me too well lol , funny thing is i always try and do things in a timely fashion but life always seems to have other plans lol...

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peter1200gs @ 24/08/2022 08:30  

Going up on own as been let down at the last moment, nice to meet up

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Benh @ 30/08/2022 17:25  

Hi Benh , il be heading down myself as well , i stay in Edinburgh but all my camping stuff has wound up near leeds so on friday im going to have to ride down to leeds then do a u turn then head to storming so il probably be way behind everyone else but thats normal for me but see yous down there , will be a good weekend , il keep my eyes open for petes bike in the camp site chears

   Update Reply
alpinab14 @ 31/08/2022 23:14  

You should use what.three.words to let others know where you've pitched, especially if trying to save a pitch for them, but also to just find each other.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 01/09/2022 12:53  

thats a great idea Izzy , would be good to be together

   Update Reply
alpinab14 @ 01/09/2022 13:41  

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