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Rc & petervalks b'day bash

Rc & petervalks b'day bash - Forums [Biker Match] Rc & petervalks b'day bash - Forums [Biker Match]
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Rc & petervalks b'day bash

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RC petervalks B.Day bash meet 5TH May at the bridge inn duffield around 12 12-30ish have something to eat its cheap food , buy 1 main meal get other main meal FREE then if its a nice day have a ride out to mb xxxx

Large, modernised Cask Marque pub, close to the river. Has a terrace area. Popular place to eat. Worth a visit.



it is a monday but it is a bank holiday hope u can all make it still...

wooohooo flame see ya there hunnie xxx

   Update Reply
RC @ 26/02/2008 13:00  

Ooooo!! Think I'll be making it to that one RC!! Me and Pete can fall off the Toasdtool together!!

   Update Reply
FlameRed @ 26/02/2008 13:03  

I would not miss your birthday RC or Petervalk's birthday bash for the world...boy are we going to have an ace time again Flame? Yeee Haaaaaa!

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 26/02/2008 13:17  

if i knew were duffield was i would lol,

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 26/02/2008 15:15  

did you lot read the post i put up for my b/day,its not till june but im not sure wat to do,was going to get a function room,but would everyone turn up lol,there aint many bikers pubs in sheff either

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 26/02/2008 15:23  

Im sure someone will give u a lift katy hun xx

   Update Reply
RC @ 26/02/2008 15:24  

ok,if i get a lift sorted,ill be there deffo,with it being bank holiday my parents can take the kids out lol

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 26/02/2008 15:26  

sorted then woohoo lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 26/02/2008 15:28  

ME ME ME ME ME ME 2 o its my birthday and ill come if i want 2, come if i want 2 and i want

   Update Reply
petervalk @ 26/02/2008 15:32  

Isn't it nice Pete for RC to think of you hun especially when it is her birthday too...just shows what a lovely person she here's to your joint birthday bash...can't wait!

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 26/02/2008 15:46  

I like JOINT birthday bashes BC just hope my hangover has subsided from an all nighter on the 3rd ***************** for RC for sorting it out XXXXXXXX

   Update Reply
petervalk @ 26/02/2008 15:53  

I would love to come to this one, its just the getting there !!!!

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 26/02/2008 15:55  

i have that prob too nut,how about we hire a minibus and all those that need a lift get picked up lol

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 26/02/2008 16:19  

Thought you was into JOINT birthday bashes Pete! pmsl Come on peeps, can you offer to help out KD and N68?

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 26/02/2008 18:21  

yes help us out peeps lol,there might be a drink or two in it for ya,and no i dont mean tea lol

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 27/02/2008 04:52  

Will have to check whether my lovely fella coming to this one, not sure if he gets Bank Hols off or not, will ask later, otherwise if I'm travelling it alone, may be able to offer lifts.... He he he!! My event diary filling up and I'm loving it!!

   Update Reply
FlameRed @ 27/02/2008 04:58  

your too far away from me aint you flame

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 27/02/2008 05:06  

KD, I don't mind doing a bit of a diversion, cos its not far off the route is Sheff, but will need to speak to My lovely fella who's away for the next 2 weeks, most likely tonight (I've got my phone replaced, woo-hoo!) to see if he gets Bank Hols off, if so we'd be travelling together, if not I'll be taking the car and you're welcome to a lift!!

   Update Reply
FlameRed @ 27/02/2008 05:16  

ok mate,just let me know soon as,then i can arrange sommet else,still need to get nut there lol

   Update Reply
katydevil @ 27/02/2008 05:47  

Has Pete and Flame fell off their toadstools cos I feel a ***BUMP***

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 27/02/2008 15:59  

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