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The Random Rant thread

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The Random Rant thread

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Ok... we have a sad/unhappy thread, a smile/happy thread, a room 101 thread, but nothing to vent you're spleen's one where you can really let off steam. You can rant about absolutely anything you want, doesnt matter whether anyone knows what you're talking about or not. Any swear words must be suitably disguised. I'll start... Fecking policemen! Well just one actually(for the moment). What part of 'there are no vans' does he not understand! 'Get me a van now!!!!' isnt going to magic one out of thin air, nor is repeatedly shouting 'i need a bl**dy van!!!!' A tirade of abuse that everyone else can hear, isnt going to get you one any faster so for once in your life, listen to what i'm telling you! 'THERE IS NO F**KING VAN!!!!' Oh and while i'm at it, dont ask me what you've done wrong, you know fine well, you to**er! Ahhhh that feels better

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darkcarnival @ 23/02/2008 14:06  

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Di @ 23/02/2008 14:15  

hahaha, how about the same again (Policemen). Phoning up saying "Everything on my monitor is upside-down". After 30 minutes he realised that his colleagues had turned it physically upside down and taken the stand/base off it to confuse him. What an t**!!!! And no im not actually joking on this one. Same again, this time policewoman. "Press the start button" I say"What start button" (This is gonna be a long call!)"Its at the bottom left hand corner of your monitor""Oh right ok, one moment then" [phone goes down on desk][Picks up phone again] "No i can't see it".******Can u see where this is going???******"Hang on a minute, my colleague has better eyes." she says."Ok great thanks" I say."Bob! Bob! Can you find this start button for me?"[Russle russle, bang, clank, bang]"No, bob can't find it either. You sure my monitor has one?"DOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Matt @ 23/02/2008 14:17  


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Di @ 23/02/2008 14:19  

thing is - im not joking! Its totally true. Then a woman wouldn't swap the power cables from her monitor/pc to see if the fuse had gone in one cable - because (And i quote) "Shes not had the training I've had"

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Matt @ 23/02/2008 14:27  

I am soooooo angry and embarrassed this morning!!! I have had alopecia for 17 years and in that time when the need arose I always shaved my head myself. Today I decided for a change because I wanted to treat myself I would go into town and get someone else to do it. It's already at a grade 0 so it would just be a wet shave to get it smooth. I first went to a couple of unisex hairdressers you said they didn't have the equipment to do it, which I guess is fair enough. Plan B. I then tried the barbour shops, after being told three times that they are ever so sorry we don't do ladies hair I eventually lost my rag and asked why my head would be any different to a blokes??? The response was as follows..... "We have a rule not to do ladies hair because our gentleman come into the shop expecting it to be a woman free zone, it would make them very uncompfortable for there to be a woman here" So where if I can't do it myself am I suppose to bloody go, this isn't the dark ages I have a right to a smooth head!!!!!!

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Scary @ 27/02/2008 04:55  

Thats beyond shocking Scary!!! Cheeky little BLEEPS!!!! I don't see what the difference is, most places are unisex these days, and lets face it, men go for waxing, pedicures, manicures, facials and so on these days, where its mainly a woman ran concern, so why can't women go for the same treatments as men do???? I'm gob smacked, just goes to show, still a mans world in this day and age to a certain extent.... GGRRRR!!!!

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FlameRed @ 27/02/2008 05:05  

Scary, is that legal? Surely he can't refuse to serve a customer because of their gender? Besides how long does it take to shave a BALD head FGS! You wouldn't be there long enough to warm the seat. Try another barbers, there's gotta be one that aint still in the dark ages. Good luck.

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Sandi @ 27/02/2008 05:28  

thats pretty naff, but typical of the attitudes of people back in the UK. Just tell him that the other places dont have the kit to help you out. Or, in front of him and really loud, ask all his customers if they have a problem with you - im sure they wont have. Hey flame, whats all this about men and waxing, pedicures, manicures, facials etc??? Seriously? What's this world coming to?

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Matt @ 27/02/2008 06:22  

Cant bloomin believe it Scary....I think you look really suits you! But what utter Barclay bankers! Policmen, don't start me on that one! I will be here all day!

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bikerchick1966 @ 27/02/2008 06:24  

Scarey .. I can't beleive that either !! 'Women Free Zone'!! The barbers my son goes to has a woman stylist there, and he's just offered my daughter a job there as well. And what bout the mothers taking their boys in for haircuts ?!?! Hmmmmm...seems they wernt confident enough to shave your head..probably scared on nicking yr head. You probs had a lucky escape hun x

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Karey @ 27/02/2008 06:55  

The incredibly over used words "HUGS" and "HUN" Your all bright, intelligent people. get a better and bigger vocabulary!! like wot i have

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bluesbiker @ 28/02/2008 17:40  

hun, german fer dog!!! scary nxt time we have a drink i'll bring me mach3 turbo!

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tangoman60 @ 28/02/2008 17:45  

People who come on BM and slag others off or say derogatory remarks..this site is for FRIENDSHIP! Can some of these intelligent members remember this? and possibly be nice to one another? I for one am getting cheesed off with it!

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bikerchick1966 @ 28/02/2008 17:49  

nice one bc

   Update Reply
martin2452 @ 28/02/2008 17:54  

who we on about?

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 28/02/2008 17:57  

bluesbiker: The incredibly over used words "HUGS" and "HUN" Your all bright, intelligent people. get a better and bigger vocabulary!! like wot i have

Ooer get him! Who bit your bum on the way to bed?
It's 'you're' not 'your'. 'condescending', that's a better vocabulary init? As in...I found your comments, about us being bright and intelligent, condescending.

tangoman60: hun, german fer dog!!!
Yea Tango it should be hon', the abbreviation of 'honey' lol

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 28/02/2008 18:00  

i know but it makes me smile when i hear girls callin each other hun!!!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 28/02/2008 18:04  

Looks like i may have put someones nose out of joint. By pointing out the obvious TM. Obvoiously even on this thread your not allowed your say. I've said nowt that isnt true. I'm not sure who i've been derogatory to though. I'm sure someone will enlighten me.

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bluesbiker @ 28/02/2008 18:09  

PML blues, ya aint put my nose out of joint, I enjoy other people's sarcasm. Your post inspired my word 'condescending' and BC's 'derogatory', so I guess that's a start on the new improved vocabulary. It's playing 'havoc' on me 'digits' tho, all these extra letters

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 28/02/2008 18:15  

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