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Vaccine Coming Soon

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Vaccine Coming Soon

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Just availability is an issue,i suspect....still ,as long as Queenie and Phil got theirs whilst being cosy in a wee castle somewhere..i can think of 53,000 reasons why they could have waited a while...oops...getting a bit stroppy in my old age,haha

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jinx57 @ 10/01/2021 19:33  

Tuesday,and most of my usual elderly passengers are getting their vaccinations this week..thank goodness...:)>

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jinx57 @ 12/01/2021 09:59  

I rather suspect people will be suffering from the postcode lottery again on this one. Where I live both surgeries in the group will be vaccinating, where my daughter lives (near her 80+ year old grandparents) not one of a group of 5 practises is vaccinating?????

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Strom67 @ 13/01/2021 03:04  

My Dad has just received his letter today and we've booked his appointment online for next week. All very efficient, but not local unfortunately - a 40 mile drive to the mass-vax centre at Newcastle, but the sooner he has the jab the better.
So the big centres are up and running and we can expect local centres to follow on over the following weeks and months.
I'm a young stripping so I don't expect mine till summer at best.

The main thing is to get the vulnerable vaccinated to release the current pressure on the NHS.
There is a degree of self interest in this. Should I decide to lob the bike down the road later in the year* I want a nice safe hospital bed and a full squad of nubile nurses to take care of me!

* Don't worry, this isn't on my 'to do' list.

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Steve_H @ 13/01/2021 17:02  

yeah load of bollocks silly boris jumped in cos he carnt control it with his have aweek off carry ons then they find out its not final ever year another injection and hes so hell bent on the vaccine to look good to us but hes been pathetic as as his staff not an once of common sense between them hope we dont go to war with anyone couldnt run a bath never mind a country

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dennyboo @ 13/01/2021 22:22  

My elderly aunt (90) got a phone call in the first week of vaccines ready, asking her to go to Drs carpark for vaccination. As she was talking to them they spotted she is housebound on her records n then said that she would have to wait for home vaccination and they would call her .... two calls later to ask what's happening ... she is still waiting for a response.

Meanwhile most of her friends (some many years younger) have had both vaccines.

I suppose it is what it is but the local medical centre is lacking somewhat in its organisation imo.

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Lindsay @ 14/01/2021 08:12  

My dad had his jab yesterday and one thing they haven't been telling people is that you have to fill a form out before they give you the vaccine, Lucky for him he did have his reading glasses with him and he always carriers his own pen.
So be prepared when you're lucky enough to go for yours.

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Ragnar @ 15/01/2021 08:40  

Its the H&S / litigation culture Ragnar, but good point. I'll make me Dad takes his reading glasses.
It's the little things like this that can really colour someone's impression of a service, and unfortunately it's not something the NHS is particularly good at.

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Steve_H @ 15/01/2021 12:26  

Bleeping nora, apparently my age group, and with medical issues, aren't getting the vaccine until the AUTUMN. Just in time for pigging winter.

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Sandi @ 18/01/2021 08:48  

I think you need to change your info sources Sandi. Look up the covid vaccine calculator OMNI.

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Deleted Member @ 18/01/2021 09:47  

They said, all adults will be vaccinated by September, that is the aim. Roll out has started for the over 70s and health care workers. I received my invite this morning and booked in this afternoon

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TheSlasher @ 18/01/2021 12:50  

good for you lynn, my mum has had her first jab, still waiting for mine, i am 71 and diabetic and asthmatic , so hopefully i will get mine soon.

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rocker21 @ 18/01/2021 12:55  

The sooner the better that everyone gets done the sooner we can have our freedom back.

Being in group 9 I still have 24,945,924 people in front of me and going down 140 people by the minute so now 24,945,784

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 18/01/2021 13:21  

Only 24,928,984 now Ragnar!
Just back from taking my mother for her first......
Didn't hurt me a bit!

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 18/01/2021 15:22  

I'll second that sentiment Ragnar. I'm in group 6 so might be getting my first jab in April. We'll have to wait and see.....

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 18/01/2021 15:24  

I suddenly moved forward as iam a carer, very unexpected, and didn't hurt me either... 😂 😂

   Update Reply
TheSlasher @ 18/01/2021 16:41  

I wish they'd get a move on with my aunt's appt. Still nothing new to report. 🤬

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 18/01/2021 19:19  

I'm in group 6, til they change it. April sounds better than Autumn to me. 😁

I'll second that sentiment Ragnar. I'm in group 6 so might be getting my first jab in April. We'll have to wait and see........

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Sandi @ 19/01/2021 04:38  

I get my info from
and I think you're right lol


Quote: Yarg
I think you need to change your info sources Sandi. Look up the covid vaccine calculator OMNI....

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 19/01/2021 04:39  

Guess it might-be the site Sandi, but I suspect it's more down to previous "Confusion" caused by this government.

What I THINK is the situation:- Broadly speaking, if you've been advised to shield, you're classified as clinically vulnerable.

I thought I had underlying health conditions until recently, BUT I was advised to shield.
Makes a LARGE difference!


I get my info from
and I think you're right lol

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invalid characters @ 20/01/2021 11:12  

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