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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Mag rally's and cancellation

Mag rally's and cancellation - Forums [Biker Match] Mag rally's and cancellation - Forums [Biker Match]
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Mag rally's and cancellation

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Mag have said they won't stop there rally's from going ahead so we should be ok for Into the Valley, Pudding and Farmyard rally's. That is unless the government close them down, if they do they say you can have your money back

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Bikeabill @ 17/03/2020 04:23  

Just 1 more reason not to do mag rallys they are so arrogant pubs cafes theaters all being asked to put profit and there future at risk for public health but mag think it don't apply to them. Wankers the lot if them

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JP @ 17/03/2020 05:17  

Maybe they're all drinking as much (purely medicinal) Jack Daniels as me..??🍻🍻

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jinx57 @ 17/03/2020 10:46  

Thanks JP, you've just made things a lot clearer for those BMers who are MAG members/Marshalls etc. 👍🏻😂🤣

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Lindsay @ 17/03/2020 14:02  

At least MAG are giving you a choice on if you stay at home or not

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Bikeabill @ 17/03/2020 14:26  

If you have a problem with my comment say it out loud and clear Im very clear in mine MAG are a bunch of twats for saying they are happy to run there rallys in the present climate. I have refused to go to MAG rallys for a couple of years then gave them another chance but due to there attitude towards the paying attendees that they are happy to have ripped off by the so called food vans that wouldn't pass a food check during the rally, They are dirty, not fit to eat from and over priced, MAG don't care they are only interested in the money.

Yes they are giving you the choice but its bloody irresponsible

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JP @ 17/03/2020 15:32  

JP, I was merely commenting on the fact that your comment labelling MAG as "a bunch of twats" also includes a number of BMers who are not only members of BM but MAG marshalls and supporters.

Whatever your take on MAG and the events they organise is, that's your prerogative. However, there are many others who are involved with MAG (in various capacities) and support what they campaign for and events they organise.

I attended a couple of MAG rallies and other events last year. I personally enjoyed myself at each and everyone of them and I know other BMers in attendance also had a great time.

I had no issues with the cleanliness of the food outlets and, in the main, I thought the food was reasonably priced (in comparison to major music festivals and gig events in the UK).

Common sense would say all events (large or small) should be cancelled and I do agree with you that MAG should pull the plug for this year.

I've also got gigs and events planned for the entire year and I know I will be peeved if they are cancelled but reality kicks in and it's the safest option.

Perhaps BM camps etc should also be cancelled? As one infected person may become several and several may become dozens, ad infinitum.

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Lindsay @ 17/03/2020 20:31  

JP, this sounds to me that you have a little bugbear about MAG and using this to have a pop at them

Sadly MAG doesn't have the membership base of years gone by and needs the money from rallies to survive and possibly like a lot of restaurants and pubs at the moment, they may need the government to call a halt to social gatherings so they can claim on any insurance policy they might have.

The food vans that you see at MAG rallies are the same ones you'll see up and down the country the next weekend at another bike rally, so the hygiene would be the same, they don't import bacteria just for MAG do's.

It will not matter if you are at a MAG do or a BM camp, if someone turns up with the bug, anyone in their company will have a good chance of picking it up and to be honest I think I would have more of a chance of catching it at a BM weekend than a MAG rally, because I would talk to more people at a BM do than I would at another rally be it MAG or another group. with me being a little shy or a antisocial git.

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Ragnar @ 17/03/2020 22:19  

And Bum in the Mud at Mersea Island has been cancelled (along with NABD, Slurp 'n Burp, George to the Dragon...). Not that many spring rallies going ahead ☹

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TigerH @ 17/03/2020 22:29  

Well I agree with Ragnar well put, I also think it's wrong to have ago at Mag, they do a lot of good with little resources and I love there events, it up to people to be responsible about what they do, none of us like being told what to do, I personally won't be doing any events till things get better, I've already cut back on work, I carry sanitiser in my pocket, drink lots and have a box of disposable gloves in my van, so don't knock people for not telling you what you can't do, be responsible and stay safe.

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Bikeabill @ 17/03/2020 22:53  

I am no big lover of MAG, I certainly don't pay a subscription to them every year, I wonder really how many on this thread actually do, but having said that, I do believe it is an individual choice as to what a body attends and what they don't attend.
I am not much of a rally fanatic either, I would much rather go to a camping weekend of a select few people I know and have some trust in. When I say trust, I mean if I, for example, had planned to go to an event and at the last minute found I had developed symptoms of the galloping bog trots, I would cry off at the 11th hour, as I would expect anyone with any sense would anyway.
The few MAG rallies I have attended in the past regarding food, I have not partaken of the fare on offer other than perhaps a late night chip supper, not much can go wrong with that and happily nothing did. Generally as a group, because lets face it we are all pack animals and tend to group together in our own little cliques, I have eaten before going into the evenings entertainment and have no need for late night sustenance, so after an evening of self medicating on beer and or brandy I slide into my shelter and slip into a coma fuelled by alcohol until the need for caffeine finds me haunting holy joes 24 hour emporium at somewhat ungodly hours of the day feeding my addiction for a cup of java's finest. (even if it is nescafe instant).
I don't see much lobbying by MAG with regard to the biker fraternity, well none that is of note worthy mention at any rate. Back in the 70's, MAG were all over the government for this right and that right, mainly helmet law, all to not much avail I fear. I also remember the leg protector debacle of the mid to late 80's, which to my mind, wouldn't have got passed safety regs anyway.
When I look at my road tax for the bikes I run and compare it to the car tax I pay I wonder what MAG are doing for us really. My car is a nice saloon type with four wheels touching the ground for which I pay £30 a year for the privilege of using our very bad roads, but when it comes to bike tax, half as many wheels causing significantly less damage to the road surface, I pay a hell of a lot more tax for the privilege. When I see them actually fighting for parity with regard to fair taxation I might actually make an effort to support them. My car by the way is a diesel and I suspect, although well within the emisions limits, emits worse pollutants than my bikes do.
Will we see MAG doing something for the people they claim to represent or is it just another money making enterprise the likes of which we have seen so often before in other walks of life?
So please, enlighten me as to what MAG are currently doing for the bikers benefit other than making shed loads of profit on rallies, or have they gone so corporate that a CEO and associated directors salaries are more important than the members they represent.

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Double six @ 18/03/2020 00:31  

As you all say we all make personal choices in life and mine is not to surport any mag event and my comment about the twats at mag were the directors and I stand by it if they think it a good plan to hold a rally with that number of people in a small area is a good idea regardless of what the government say at this time is stupid

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JP @ 18/03/2020 03:03  

Well I don't mind anyone organising events large or small it's up to you if you want to risk attending, but even if it's a small event you organising your still asking people to travel around the country to attend and just one person can spread a virus to countless others so your as bad as mag JP

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 18/03/2020 11:29  

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