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Night out in Shrewsbury

Night out in Shrewsbury - Forums [Biker Match] Night out in Shrewsbury - Forums [Biker Match]
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Night out in Shrewsbury

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Thinking of sorting a "Night out in Shrewsbury"
I was thinking of a weekend in March.
The last ones arranged originally started out as Saturday night but ended up meeting on a Friday evening. We then became the Friday nighters lol.
They were good events and a great way of newbies meeting us old members.
Let me know your views And preferred dates.

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smiler 2964 @ 27/12/2018 16:52  

Be interested as was away for previous nights out

   Update Reply
shelleygirl @ 27/12/2018 17:25  

Be good to meet up again xx

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 27/12/2018 17:31  


   Update Reply
Grumpy of the Seven @ 28/12/2018 12:46  

Possibly depending on date

   Update Reply
will70 @ 29/12/2018 16:20  

Yea well as i live in shrewsbury id be up for it

   Update Reply
andrewjones @ 29/12/2018 20:09  

I am nowhere near Shrewsbury, but always up for a trip out

   Update Reply
Tezza1958 @ 29/12/2018 20:17  

Nice to see some interest.
I am looking at either the 9th or 15th but this is flexible at the mo.
I will sort out places to stay and a list of pubs we shall be visiting over the next couple of weeks.

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 30/12/2018 11:09  

Any date is good for me Smiler 😊

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 04/01/2019 11:29  


   Update Reply
Grumpy of the Seven @ 06/01/2019 14:11  

I could be up for that. Let me know ta. AJ

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 07/01/2019 18:24  

Be good to see you again AJ
Its looking like Sat 16th March for the night out.
Anyone wanting to join in on the Friday eve more than welcome.
Going on events page soon.

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 07/01/2019 20:52  

Sorry cant make that date.

   Update Reply
will70 @ 09/01/2019 14:08  


   Update Reply
Grumpy of the Seven @ 12/01/2019 09:12  

Hi all
Due to a family cock up i need to change the date of this event It will now be the weekend of the 9th March. Hope you all can still make it.

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 15/01/2019 09:38  

Here is a few places with rooms available if anyone wants to stay over in Shrewsbury.

The Vaults from £50
Abbey Court from £69 on site parking
The Old Post Office from £67
Premier Inn from £72 discounted on site parking
Morgans from £77

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 16/01/2019 14:36  

A good night to be had and an ideal ice breaker for those new members wanting to take their 1st steps into this community and find out we don't bite

   Update Reply
Grumpy of the Seven @ 20/01/2019 10:20  


   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/01/2019 07:05  

For tbose staying over where are you all booked in?

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 24/01/2019 21:01  

9th of March sounds okay to me..if situations (family stuff) allow l will be going 😊

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/01/2019 20:55  

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