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What Turned You Into Mr Angry Of Mayfair Today?

What Turned You Into Mr Angry Of Mayfair Today? (2) - Forums [Biker Match] What Turned You Into Mr Angry Of Mayfair Today? (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What Turned You Into Mr Angry Of Mayfair Today?

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ABS Systems that refuse to bleed

   Update Reply
JP @ 08/11/2018 16:57  

Alice Cooper sang "Only women bleed"....perhaps that's your problem JP??

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 08/11/2018 17:31  

Its like a woman bad tempered unreasonable and down right bloody annoying

   Update Reply
JP @ 08/11/2018 17:51  

I'm annoyed tonight, my new bike is acting like a man, unreliable, dishonest (pretends to start then conks out), mean with petrol usage/money and just an egotistical unrideable c u next tuesday ....think I will sell it back....

   Update Reply
Dee7 @ 10/11/2018 00:51  


   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 10/11/2018 08:02  

The amount of discarded litter on the green play area outside my neighbours must be very proud how their children have turned out....(perfect replicas,judging by the language..:/)

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 12/11/2018 20:16  

All aimed in one direction today...WHY ,as soon as it starts to get dark,does the rat race heading home slow down to 40mph on a 60 limit road..?? If their night vision is that bad,get off the roads..!!
WHY ,do almost all the oncoming cars have main beam on,i don't need to,and get fed up having to flash the eejits to above,if their night vision is that bad...despite having superbright xenon/led headlamps AND fog/driving lamps on permanently...are the next generation truly going blind,from being w*nkers full time...??

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 15/11/2018 18:22  

Being a complete f***ing melt and tilting the kettle back just after it had boiled, so a nice amount of boiling water came out the top and went all over my hand.

What a f***ing idiot!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 20/12/2018 13:21  

Third party companies who want to steal in house drivers work, but are incapable of the simplest of administrative jobs.

   Update Reply
double six @ 20/12/2018 14:32  

The absolute unfairness and injustice of fate and life..😣

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/12/2018 00:16  

Life is a gamble Jinx, unless you are holding aces up your sleeve, someday you will play a losing hand.

   Update Reply
double six @ 21/12/2018 00:25  

Shatwest..............what a piss-poor excuse for a bank!!

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 04/02/2019 14:11  

It's not just Shatwest that are useless.....agents/leaseholders/landlords are complete arseholes too.

I get a statement claiming I owe two and a half grand. I tell the arsehole it has been paid.
Arsehole replies, yes but this is a new statement.
So I reply, check the dates the statement claims that I owe for.
Arsehole says yes ok.
I explain to arsehole that I have a pile of receipts for the period they claim I owe for, saying "Payment Received With Thanks"
Arsehole asks me to send them in.
I say no I am not sending them in but I will email pics of each receipt for that disputed period.
I email them in.
Arsehole replies, that doesn't prove that I have paid for that period.
I reply, are you for real? I have receipts from your company saying "Payment Received With Thanks", now what part of that don't you understand?
So, arsehole has yet to get back to me after that.................

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 04/02/2019 17:18  

Folk who know f&#k all about f&#k all!😠

Close the door as you leave. Adiós!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 04/02/2019 22:23  

You know, I swear some people are only alive because it's against the law to attack them with a machete.

Just sayin'

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 04/02/2019 22:44  

Still waiting for that arsehole to get back to me, since I pointed out the flaw in their argument.......maybe the penny has dropped finally.

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 06/02/2019 12:19  

Nearly getting wiped out while turning right at a roundabout near Reading when a car came tearing on to the roundabout and the only thing I could think of was where was I going to land. Thankfully they missed me by inches and had the F**KING cheek to beep me.
All I can say is the air turned more blue than a clear sky.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 06/02/2019 15:41  

Something a former mate said, who then wished he'd not said it.

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 14/06/2019 21:29  

When the clutch cable snapped on Verity,i thought"no biggie",i'll save lots of pushing,just ring Green Flag,usually quite quick to send recovery van out.....rang up and gave my details and main vehicle on policy(my '94 Tiger900)..they ask "which one are you riding today?"..give Verity's "Ah ,sorry...can't recover it,over 16 years old!!!!"
"But the main one on policy is even older....25 years old now!!!"
"Okay...if you were on that one,no problem....should have read your terms and conditions (small print)"
"Well here's a good idea,shove your near worthless policy up your arse,cancel mine with immediate effect,and i'll find another company ,one that deals in logic,not bollocks,have a nice day.."

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 29/06/2019 06:35  

Being quoted just over 31 quid for a couple of round rubber spacers and a couple of metal washers from a Suzuki dealer, needless to say I'll be off to steal a couple from B&Q. Sorry, I meant buy not steal...............

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 29/06/2019 16:17  

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