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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions - Forums [Biker Match] New Years Resolutions - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Years Resolutions

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What will be your New Years Resolutions?? Mine will be to never touch another drop of ABSINTH as long as I live!!! LOL

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Scary @ 25/12/2007 04:48  

To get my gpz going and meet bm members this coming year.

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happy jack @ 25/12/2007 06:11  

Tidy up more often Stop smoking once & for all I suppose.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 25/12/2007 07:47  

My resolution is to stop making new years resolutions! I never blooming keep them anyway. I've been going to give up smoking for the last 15 years

   Update Reply
darkcarnival @ 25/12/2007 08:43  

I'm going to try and give up smoking and masturbation which will be hard as I'm a 40 a day man......smoke like a chimney too!

   Update Reply
ghosthunter @ 25/12/2007 12:37  

my new years resalution is to ride hard and play hard lol well harder than this year and have some right bloody fun xx

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Deleted Member @ 25/12/2007 13:14  

Why do New year resolutions almost always include things we are going to GIVE UP/stop? How about a New Year resolution that states what we are going to TAKE UP/start? Mine would be... Smoking Alcohol Sex Not necessarily in that order, or at the same time ROFLMHO

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Sandi @ 26/12/2007 04:26  

LOL @ you lot!! I gave up smoking for 7 months this year from Jan 1st... am going to try again this coming new year... without putting on the 2 stone that I put on last time and have almost lost by smoking again instead of snacking PMSL!!! I'm also with Happy Jack on getting to more BM meets and rallies this year now I have a bike to get there on and a good man to accompany me!

   Update Reply
wiccan-one @ 26/12/2007 04:31  

Mine will be :- give up the smoking , enjoy life more and to pass my bike test

   Update Reply
nina @ 26/12/2007 04:59  

well im going to make resolutions i know i'll keep drink more booze eat more junk food ride my bike more, lolol

   Update Reply
lula @ 26/12/2007 07:07  

It took me a lifetime to perfect my bad habits . Why stop now lmao

   Update Reply
nack_3 @ 26/12/2007 07:21  

lol @ nack 3 good on you .... can i add to mine ... to buy a dish washer lol

   Update Reply
nina @ 26/12/2007 08:02  

Sure thing Nina , but yah gorra have your priorities in good order first :- Keep the bad habits which you enjoy . Try and add some more for greater beneficial effect . Dish washer ? What's wrong wi' hosepipe in back yard lol . But plse . Bike test is a deffo must 'ave . Wish you good luck and hope you make the right choices

   Update Reply
nack_3 @ 26/12/2007 09:41  

I resolve to become a dirty old man. Oh hang on I already am. Ok I promise not to carry newspapers with me so I wont be arrested for rustling.

   Update Reply
rubecula @ 26/12/2007 09:46  

giving up smoking again is a must but the rest can stay and i didnt drink nearly enough last year, my riding tailed off except for going to and from work so thats got to increase again errrr to right

would be cool to actualy get abroad which dismally i did not achieve this last year boooo hoooo

and to do some more art and sculpture that's a must as well.

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 27/12/2007 22:47  

I am not making any due to the fact that I'm unreliable and indecisive although I must get out walking more, may take up weight lifting again although as soon as I typed that I had second thoughts!......Do more miles on the bike and ride for the hell of it rather than to keep the bike from seizing up!.....finish the gt550 now all the parts are gathering dust on the shed floor.......finish the comedy script the BBC have been waiting a year for! nicererererer to people (some!...its not a blanket quote!).....finish my pilots licence if money a pan european and work on the pole up the arse riding position and smug look.......stop shooting the cat that shites in the the lottery..........spend the lottery........and bugger me I may just love a little too............right..what shall I do tomorrow now the word sorted?.....

   Update Reply
ghosthunter @ 28/12/2007 04:04  

that was "worlds sorted" and not "word sorted"...ithankoo

   Update Reply
ghosthunter @ 28/12/2007 04:06  

I dont usually do new year resolutions but I will this time and it is NOT TO BELIEVE A BLOODY WORD MY EX TELLS ME AS I KEEP FINDING OUT HE HAS TOLD LIE AFTER LIE!!!!! Oh yeah and if I see him again to give him one almight punch in the face!!!!!! lol He told me his bike was nicked and thats why he couldnt make it down for my 16 week scan. Found out today from his mum it never was! What a lovely fella eh! Hope the rest of you can stick to your resolutions. Just substitute one thing for another and you'll be fine!

   Update Reply
bandit1200girl @ 28/12/2007 12:47  

hi bandit1200g, he does not know what he's missing, silly boy. but your prob. better off with out him, or youv have already worked that out. bw Kenn.

   Update Reply
kenn52 @ 28/12/2007 13:03  

Mine is to break the 170mph barrier... am only 3mph off it but dont think my bike can go any

   Update Reply
skins @ 28/12/2007 14:53  

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