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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions (2) - Forums [Biker Match] New Years Resolutions (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Years Resolutions

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its all them profiteroles he ate at his mums thats stopping it, LOLOL

   Update Reply
lula @ 28/12/2007 14:54  

Thought it was the mint sauce lula? Or was that the weight loss plan? I forget!!

   Update Reply
Di @ 28/12/2007 15:03  

Lose weight Have faith in myself Love myself more Dont believe a blooming word that some fellas say! Including my ex!

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 28/12/2007 16:25  

keep dancin an ridin my bike,try an stop drinkin meself to an early grave,try not to be so cynical ,but its hard!!people say i have to be true to myself !but that is me a cynical boozer!!!

   Update Reply
tangoman60 @ 28/12/2007 17:32  

Has gotta be cutting back on the booze... It'll make my doctor happier !

   Update Reply
stueylewie @ 28/12/2007 19:14  

Get that smile back on my face this year -permanently Not to keep others happy who don't give a stuff about me or how I feel.... Be kind to myself.... Oh and a bit kinder to my liver too !

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 29/12/2007 10:30  

Hey Stuey just have a baby..... My body has never had such a detox before as now! lol

   Update Reply
bandit1200girl @ 29/12/2007 14:52  

Hi skins try in to the tank it may up the octain, break wind break 170.

   Update Reply
kenn52 @ 29/12/2007 16:04  

Must go and see a good Dentist!

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 29/12/2007 18:04  

My new years resolution will be the same as last year 1152 by 864 pixels

I'm going to drink even less, which will be a terribly difficult thing to do as I only managed about 20 pints of lager all year.

Next will be cutting down or giving up smoking.

   Update Reply
Daytona_man @ 29/12/2007 20:27  

Hi All Im going to spend bit more time at home and buy a crosser to go out more with my boy before he grows up. Well gets taller boys never really grow up

   Update Reply
micksaway @ 29/12/2007 23:34  

That's a good one Mick,think I'll have a go at that

   Update Reply
oggy @ 30/12/2007 08:36  

Have a go at which one Oggy ? Getting taller or growing up ??

   Update Reply
stueylewie @ 30/12/2007 11:23  

Stuey - Oggy must mean getting taller - can't see him ever growing up!!

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 30/12/2007 12:00  

Its the Peter Pan in all of us right time of year for it get a job in Panto

   Update Reply
micksaway @ 30/12/2007 18:53  

Put more miles on my bike. Put more effort into losing weight Look sexy in new leathers before the end of the summer season, Umm sports all in one leathers on a Virago, perhaps I should add get a new bike to.

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 30/12/2007 20:02  

Hi Cruiser gal I have a Blackbird up for sale in the New Year but then wouldent you have to change your name

   Update Reply
micksaway @ 30/12/2007 20:18  

Quote micksaway.. Hi Cruiser gal I have a Blackbird up for sale in the New Year but then wouldent you have to change your name No not at all as my name comes from my age and using a zimmer frame not from the bike I ride.

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 30/12/2007 20:37  

Might be pos to rig up a bracket for Zimmer frame on the back.

   Update Reply
micksaway @ 30/12/2007 20:48  

gonna go for the growing up one Stuey,most weekends I'm horizontal so not much chance of getting any taller

   Update Reply
oggy @ 30/12/2007 23:14  

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