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Not the Northern Christmas lunch

Not the Northern Christmas lunch - Forums [Biker Match] Not the Northern Christmas lunch - Forums [Biker Match]
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Not the Northern Christmas lunch

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There's no organised Christmas lunch at Squires this year, but who's up for a get-together anyway on December 17, or maybe December 10 if folk prefer?
No reserved tables, no secret Santa, just get as many people together at 1pm as we can and chill out over food and drink.

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Wills @ 26/11/2017 19:34  

May be able to make it will have to see when you set a date

   Update Reply
JP @ 26/11/2017 19:45  

I'd prefer Dec 17 myself, but if there's more interest in the 10th then I'd go with that. Let's see what the interest is like and decide one way or the other by Friday this week.

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Wills @ 26/11/2017 19:48  

I will try to stick my head in, all being well with Stu. Hopefully all will go swimmingly and he won't be in hospital for too long!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 26/11/2017 20:00  

Never been to Squires - about time I did.
Just might be up for this.

   Update Reply
GHW @ 26/11/2017 23:50  

"Squires December :
Sat/Sun 2-3rd 1-3pm / Sat/Sun 11-12th??? 1-3pm / Sat/Sun 16-17th 1-5pm

Santa's Grotto

Santa's Grotto is here at Squires. Kids can see Santa and get a small present for £4. Also available is Ice skating at £3 and face painting at £3. Why not come on down and make an afternoon of it!"

LoL - Oh yes.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/11/2017 00:14  

10th is the Wirral toy run, may keep a few away from the lunch.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/11/2017 14:27  

OK, I've decided on December 17 - executive decision! Squires from 1pm it is, then. Just to recap: there won't be any reserved tables and nobody'll force you to sit down in a group if all you want is a coffee and a catch-up. I'll be there from about 12.30.
I'll try and round up a few lapsed BM members too so maybe a chance for a reunion or two :)

   Update Reply
Wills @ 29/11/2017 22:07  

Now on Events

   Update Reply
Wills @ 29/11/2017 23:59  

Wills really sorry cant make this as i am on me holibobs

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 30/11/2017 12:39  

Anyone else volunteering to annoy people, then?

   Update Reply
Wills @ 30/11/2017 21:10  

Hoping to get there

   Update Reply
JP @ 01/12/2017 04:41  

Me and small son will be there!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 01/12/2017 18:28  

I'm gonna make every effort to get there.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 04/12/2017 22:21  

I've been off here for a bit but nowe I'm back .... I might be able to make squires depends what time visitors go ... will try to get there x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/12/2017 18:49  

Ah pants if love to come along but I think I mug be a bit far away.... But I'm gonna check on map coz I need to get along and catch back up with some bm mates x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/12/2017 19:18  

I've been telling people 1pm, though I'll be there a bit before. If anyone wants my mobile number, just drop me a PM.
I'd guess there'll be people around until 4-ish, maybe a bit later.

   Update Reply
Wills @ 05/12/2017 19:20  

Think might be bit far for just a cuppa!!! Have a fabby time though peeps x I need to find something in this neck of the woods or get organising!!......

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/12/2017 19:37  

Think I’ll be able to make this, be nice to catch up with the Linz and Stu again 😁

   Update Reply
D1no @ 06/12/2017 11:17  

Aww bless ya D1no! You is the bestest!! 😶😘😀

I'm hoping Stu will be out of hospital by then ... If not you will just have to put up with lil ol' me😉

Looking forward to seeing you matey (and I'm sure Stu will say the same!)

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 06/12/2017 20:46  

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