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An old gripe

An old gripe - Forums [Biker Match] An old gripe - Forums [Biker Match]
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An old gripe

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Hey, I know this is an old gripe (which will probably never achieve a resolution) but I've just been looking at the few events I have attended this year and noticed that nothing has changed over the past couple of years. Events look really well attended on the 'Guest list', although in reality there are several members whose presence was noticeably lacking at the event itself. If you are not attending the event, for whatever reason, please remove yourself from the 'list'. This way a true picture of BM presence at an event/rally/rideout can be easily seen. It can be quite annoying looking out for certain members who aren't actually there! Sorry guys n gals but it's my OCD kicking in.

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Lindsay @ 28/08/2017 18:22  

I guess one of the issues will be committing way ahead before the weather turns sour, but not updating the event.

My tendency to commit to day / night meets at the last minute probably isn't helpful either...but I'd rather say yes when I'm sure.

I'm also guessing this is less of a problem where people pay..?

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nickscafe @ 28/08/2017 18:52  

It's just that some people like to look busy... even if they aren't

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Steve_H @ 28/08/2017 20:00  

I know it's an old gripe but it throws newbies into a quandary when looking at profiles of possible friends/riding buddies/dates. An awful lot of relatively new members have told me that they tend to look at how active on site people are by using the 'my forum posts' and 'my agenda/events' alongside initiating conversations.  However, if members are adding themselves to events and then not attending it gives a totally false impression of that person's interaction on site. 

I put myself down for a couple of things this year but as soon as I knew I wasn't able to attend for various reasons I removed myself from the attending guest list.  

It's not rocket science and only takes a second.     Only polite I think, I wouldn't say I would go to a party then just not turn up!   Anyhoo, obviously different strokes for different folks as they say .

Steve, you're probably right there!

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Lindsay @ 28/08/2017 21:28  

another old gripe is that quite a lot that attend only post their photos on facebook or just on their profile. It doesn't take too long to post on the actual event itself and it means every one gets to see how much fun the BM events are and will be tempted to go to the next one.

A big thanks to all that do actually post.

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rowanblossom @ 29/08/2017 06:32  

Here's another gripe.
You sit there typing out a post and it just disappears. You said you had sorted that out Matt ?

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JP @ 29/08/2017 07:06  

There are times that members don't add themselves to events and just turn up or say they are going to an event and don't. This is mainly females and it has a very good reason behind it. Most female and some male members will know and understand why. I have cancelled events due to lack of response only to be moaned at later by members that they wanted to go but never put there name down so I had no idea on numbers.
It will never change I know some members on here who claim they do this and do that on there bike but the truth is they don't even own a bike. Its all down to fitting in with the group they make up there profile and want to fit in put a load of B/S down then cant go to events as they will be found out. Shock of the week I for 1 don't care if you don't have a bike as 95% of my events are very clear come in the car if you don't have a bike.

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JP @ 29/08/2017 07:20  

well said xxx

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Deleted Member @ 02/09/2017 23:45  

I forget to log in to the entire site for weeks/months at a time, let alone remember whether or not I've put myself down for an event I'm no longer going to

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Wannabe @ 05/09/2017 07:54  

I was disappointed a number of people whom I had contacted directly did not come to the do I recently arranged. Of the 27 people who had their names down, only 15 attended. Despite my requests regarding the meal I was trying to arrange, only a few people bothered to reply. When you as an organiser had to put your own money down for deposits, it can be a little off putting and stressful. So, I agree, if you would like to attend any event, please put your name down, if you then find you are unable to attend for whatever reason, please remove it AND pm the organiser. Just letting the organiser know is, believe it or not, a great relief to them. Moan over :-)

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Deleted Member @ 05/09/2017 22:44  

Oh, and I forgot to mention, what a brilliant time everyone who attended had, including me :-)

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Deleted Member @ 05/09/2017 22:48  

Is that a wry smile I see there Whacker?!

Hope you weren't too much out of pocket.

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Lindsay @ 05/09/2017 23:48  

Whacker I will never put a deposit down for anybody unless I know them personally and I know if they cant make it they will pay me any moneys owed if I cant sell on there place.
I know it sounds hard but that's the way it is. I have been putting on events for 8 years now and you will find only 2 out of 3 turn up it will never change. But good on you for stepping up and taking on an event

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JP @ 05/09/2017 23:53  

As far as putting deposits down for food or rooms etc. Its starting to get stupid with people pulling out of agreed arangments. 

Granted some people are fantastic, they let you know and if theres an out lay that can not be recovered pay up. Its those that just simply are no show that grind my gears. 

Apart from people being left out of pocket some times were also left sitting in a car park in the cold waiting for people that arent turning up wondering if there just no show's have that had an accident en-route. 

It costs very little to comunicate. 

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Deleted Member @ 06/09/2017 00:00  

Stuie that's why very few are willing to step up and put on events and when you get to the big events like the Kiss rally with a shed load of paperwork and chasing up sites, Insurance, T shirts, bands, DJs, food, and the bank account they just walk away shaking there heads and I don't blame them its a lot of work and you have to give up most of the rally weekend to sorting problems that come up over the weekend. On saying that if anybody would like to have a go at putting on the Kiss rally we can give you a crash course and tell you how to avoid some of the problems that we came across.

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JP @ 06/09/2017 06:50  

Have to agree with JP about almost every point made...i used to organise our own area Italian Owners Club Rally,and i frequently missed all the 'best bits' through trying to do too many things single-handed,always ended up well out of pocket too,but oh my god,what memories...

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jinx57 @ 06/09/2017 21:26  

The problem is, if nobody put them selves out and organised these get togethers then no one would ever meet up. I think the simpler things are the better for everyone. So for the next night out, I suggest whoever organisers it should just promotes the pubs we should go to and if folks would like to eat, they can go their own way.

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Deleted Member @ 06/09/2017 21:35  

I fully agree with you on that one Whacker!

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Lindsay @ 07/09/2017 00:21  

When we do the Hallowistmus party's it is made very simple. This is the venue these are some local hotels they charge x the rest is up to you.
Camps can be a bit more difficult the Barmouth cams were a real pain at 1st as we were getting told don't we don't wont bikers here all the time.
Now we have been to the site a few time she is fine with us, We get a date and if its free we get sole use of a field for the weekend.
As you say if you don't step up as you have there will be no nights out so keep it up and have fun.

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JP @ 07/09/2017 07:48  

Simple solution - go find a 'regular' dating sites where they arrange cooking lessons etc and take the hit for no-shows.

When I arrange social meets it's at places where food is ordered at the bar and tables can be reserved (or bagged) without deposits but this being a biker social site I'd have thought; if you want to meet other bikers get on yer bike!
I prefer to arrange rides where there's no more expenses going to a meet than going on a ride - I stop for breaks and have a bite and a drink either way, only difference being whether there's BM company to meet or not.
Rather spend my pennies enjoying the road.

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izzyhill @ 07/09/2017 21:10  

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