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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Whitby Pirate Festival

Whitby Pirate Festival (1) - Forums [Biker Match] Whitby Pirate Festival (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Whitby Pirate Festival

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Still checking for latest info on this event. Is up on calendar but not got much more info yet. Friday 15 September to Sunday 17 September at lovely ole Whitby. Am booked n goin with sis, regulars for the goth n gasoline weekends n steam punk do's but this is first pirate festival we'll have been to. Is a charity event n last year's was for RNLI. But...... bonus!!! Have just found out there is a Custom Bike Show too! Categories include.... Man O War (Best in show) / Stately Galleon (Classic bike) / Pie Rat (Rat bike) / Brigantine (Best paint job) and more. Whistlestop Cafe sponsored some of it. Sooooo .... watch this space but looks a cracking do. (Have put paragraphs in this post but suspect this post will just run on in one hard to read chunk so apols if system does that)

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Catkins @ 27/08/2017 08:42  

Ha ha.... yep it did! One big inglorious paragraph! Lollarooroos

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Catkins @ 27/08/2017 08:44  

Any information better than none ,even in big blobs,catkins,mercy buckets....oh and YAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!

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jinx57 @ 27/08/2017 09:43  

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on 19th September. Whitby Pirate Festival is 15-17 September

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 05/09/2017 17:44  

Arr. So the Whitby Pirate Festival be a dress rehearsal, me hearties?

   Update Reply
Wills @ 05/09/2017 20:51  

Time to hoist up ya Jolly Rogers and get oop into the crows nest with ya parrot. Pieces of Eight!

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 05/09/2017 20:54  

Ol' Cap'n Flint be not likin' crows nests. 'E sez they be for crows, not parrots

   Update Reply
Wills @ 05/09/2017 21:15  


   Update Reply
Catkins @ 05/09/2017 21:56  

Shiverrr mee timberrs, thats a hell of a baad throat ye gart therrrr.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/09/2017 22:23  

Aye matie!!

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 05/09/2017 22:46  

If i drink enough grog(cider) will they let me on the poop deck................?

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 09/09/2017 12:38  

Sounds like a fab weekend wish I was going

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 12/09/2017 21:27  

The poop deck is all yours, Jinxie.

xSuzix...well hello hun!

Have finally finished mekkin me pirratical stuff for the next few days. Chillin now. Meetin Pirate Sis tomoz. Oooooo cannae wait!!

East Coast overload at mo..... last weekend Staithes.... Whitby Pirates this weekend n racing at Scarb's Ollie's weekend after!!

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Catkins @ 14/09/2017 20:58  

This pirate has landed!!

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Catkins @ 15/09/2017 11:48  

Is there a stall selling strepsils, they should make a killing if there is.

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Deleted Member @ 15/09/2017 13:34  

Mayhaps tomorrow, Yargles.

Just walked through torrents and waded through veritable rivers - tis extremely wet in Whitby. Hoying it down. Great first night. Good scram. Good muso n lots o pirates

So anyone attending.... a bit info gleaned tonight: the bandstand at the harbour is the focul point o it all tomoz. Custom bike show startin from 10 a.m. with prize giving at 3 p.m. pubs where there be pirates n piratey happenings : the Pier down on harbour front n the Little Angel on Flowergate is like pirate HQ. We were in there tonight amongst other places. Fab. Weather absolute cack though had lovely blue skies n sunshine late afternoon.
So Little Angel tomorrow night too n tis just opposite the lil goth pub the Elsinore, Flowergate.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 16/09/2017 01:19  

Amongst all the aaaarggghs a lil awwww cos was only a handful o bikes at custom bike show.... Pix are on events. More to follow from today's shennannigins.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 17/09/2017 02:18  

All pix now on events. Not put em on file yet as still have Micklegate soapbox ones to do first. Great weekend n all in aid of Whitby lifeboat. Pirates raised four grand last year. Hope they did well this time.

Bike show was a disappointment due to weather but deffo goin to this event again. Anyone thinkin o goin, tis really friendly, just like the goth weekend. N pirate look is cheap n easy to put together. Ooo arr it is.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 18/09/2017 07:24  

Loved the pics Cat ...the costumes looked fab

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/09/2017 14:07  

@ Jw

Have always loved the pirate look n thing was there were loads o piratesses there too, including a "Joany" Depp. Tall, leggy, blonde who had even painted facial hair n chest hair on. Lovely friendly bunch o lasses they were. Waiting to hear how much was raised for Whitby Lifeboat n then will post up amount.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 18/09/2017 18:52  

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