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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Southern Christmas Dinner 2017

Southern Christmas Dinner 2017 - Forums [Biker Match] Southern Christmas Dinner 2017 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Southern Christmas Dinner 2017

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I would like to guage interest in this before adding it to the calendar.

I am thinking of having the event over the weekend Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd of December in Eastbourne, along the lines of the very successful "Night out in" events that have been organised this year.
Visit a few hostelries and have a meal on the Friday evening, i dare say we could entertain ourselves during the day on Saturday before having the posh dress up Christmas Dinner on Saturday evening followed by dare i say it more if you want to.

DAVE VM @ 21/06/2017 18:30  

Im in and Sharon is a maybe due to work comitments
JP @ 21/06/2017 19:12  

If I can book the time off work, I'll be there
Ragnar @ 21/06/2017 19:17  

Hey I may be ok for this will just need to confirm with works doo and dads racing doo dates, my parents live in Hastings so I can visit them at the same time lol :)
X Beanz X @ 21/06/2017 21:19  

Count us two in
shelleygirl @ 21/06/2017 21:39  

Sorry Dave, i'm working that weekend, and there's no way roster's will grant anything in December. I'm still waiting to find out if I've got the weekend off to go to your do at the Golden Swan.
Deleted Member @ 21/06/2017 22:56  

Oooo, any chance of an honourary sarfarner from oop norf attending....already penciled it in in mon diary. Hee hee
Catkins @ 21/06/2017 22:59  

Would be disappointed Cattykinae if you did'nt venture "Sarf" to attend our little soiree

@ Hastings, sorry to hear you won't be able to get to the dinner, keep plugging away for the golden swan though.
DAVE VM @ 22/06/2017 04:13  

Me and Ken would love to come annoy th etaxi drivers down sarf :)
Brummie Jackie @ 22/06/2017 10:22  

Count us 2 in
Going to get someone in the christmas spirit if it kills me lol
smiler2964 @ 22/06/2017 21:52  

Hey Dave count me in !! I wouldn't miss coming down just to see you ha ha
Roughrider02 @ 22/06/2017 22:41  

I'd love to come to this planned Christmas event but I've only just joined this forum, haven't owned a bike for several years and may have to beg pillion to come along!
Gemini57 @ 23/06/2017 07:18  

Hello Gemini57 & welcome to bm n your first post.  You can request pilly events on the event calendar once event is up or, as you have done, posting on this thread. Coming down from York I'm going to be in me mo'ah though. Good to see new folk joining in. Look forward to meeting you.
Catkins @ 23/06/2017 07:25  

Oh my gawd Deb's, I hope Joe has'nt got any red speedo's with white fur trimming he's likely to wear !!.
DAVE VM @ 23/06/2017 14:35  

My mum, sister, and brother live in Eastbourne so I'll probably be up for this.

If anyone needs a lift I can stick you on the back.
Cornholio @ 24/06/2017 18:21  

Ooo gordy don't go giving him any more ideas there Dave the picture in my head is bad enough lol
smiler2964 @ 24/06/2017 18:30  

Sounds fun but as I'm a pilly, depends who's available that weekend x
Woo Woo Blu @ 26/06/2017 11:18  

Got my room sorted for this one its a long walk from the venue. All the way across the car park
JP @ 30/06/2017 10:09  

You sure you can manage all that way JP or will you need help, i mean it is all of what 30-40 yards !!!.
DAVE VM @ 30/06/2017 18:58  

Could be interested depending on the date.
VTECMartin @ 30/06/2017 19:12  

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