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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

BM 2017 JUNE Rally Challenge

BM 2017 JUNE Rally Challenge - Forums [Biker Match] BM 2017 JUNE Rally Challenge - Forums [Biker Match]
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BM 2017 JUNE Rally Challenge

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OK, for those inclined to give it a go, the challenge for June is to ....

write "BM JUNE/17" on a sheet of paper large enough to show on a photo of your bike

take a photograph of your bike (with the control card visible) in front of places as noted below

by NOON on the 3rd of July upload your entries to the event photo page and label with the locations

That's it. I might ask a few questions about the places you've been but I'll choose and announce a winner by noon on the 6th.

For June I require no more than:

2 bridges

3 border signs (town,county,country,national park,etc)

4 boxes (AA/RAC boxes, telephone boxes, pillar boxes -especially Gold ones)

ONLY stop where it's safe and legal to do so, and enjoy the rides.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 02/06/2017 08:38  

I thought I could see who had uploaded photos to an event - but I can't so please add your forum name to your card if you're taking part in June.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 03/06/2017 21:52  

...would you accept the forum username as text imprinted on the image itself - kinda powerpoint / photoshop stylee?
That might help keep the control card smaller, especially with wider images.
My wee friend is worried he'll be forced out of shot.....

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 04/06/2017 02:40  

Challenge accepted as of this morning(Sunday),now where do i post the pictures onto?..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 04/06/2017 16:16  

Here for June, jinx:-

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 04/06/2017 18:26  

Thanks for the link Nick and yes, photo-shopping would be fine, "no-one puts Baby in the corner".

Hope you manage to upload your photos Jinx

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 04/06/2017 18:45  

Nae problemo,but still got a few to come yet,need a few more pics of County Boundaries,etc....if my one bridge photo is deemed incorrect,i'll pop down to Aust and get a REALLY BIG bridge for you..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 04/06/2017 21:07  

You've got all month, glad to know that you're enjoying gadding about.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 05/06/2017 12:22  

Targeted a unique old style Oxfordshire roadsign on my travels today...only to find someone had nicked the top half of it for a souvenir.
On Google street one minute...on someone's mantlepiece the next.

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 08/06/2017 00:58  

Hope nobody nicks the Severn Bridges then...:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 09/06/2017 22:18  

i pass a former phone box on way to work, its now a book box, does it meet requirements?

   Update Reply
naomijr @ 26/06/2017 20:24  

Yes - the more interesting it is the more it'll add to points, as it looks like there's some competition this month.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 26/06/2017 23:41  

Well impressed with those gold boxes, jinx
Bridge is cool, too. Very ornate - where is that?
Look fab.
Nice work with those pics

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 03/07/2017 14:24  

The bridge is in Chepstow,just across from their gorgeous castle...a town well worth a visit of it's own,recommended

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 04/07/2017 18:36  

The June challenge honours go to Jinx - well done.
I like the double-gold boxes and also the letter box at Box (hee-hee)

CMD, you need to get your bits of bike out of boxes, put together, and on the road.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 06/07/2017 21:50  

All photos taken within half an hour's ride of where i it's quite easy ,even for an old git like me.oldest box is the one in Tetbury, A rare Hexagonal one from Queen Victoria's reign..hope this will give incentive for people with a WHOLE brain to have a go..

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 06/07/2017 22:01  

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