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Messages Disappearing

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Messages Disappearing

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This seems to be happening with ever increasing frequency of late. NB - this is not the same prob as earlier with send and clear buttons being too close together. When I've done my pm I hit send button. I am very careful as buttons are close together n I'm definitely hitting the send button. The white whirly bit happens but your message is not recorded anywhere resulting in you having to retype it. This is not just happening to me - others have said they have tried sending several times n same thing happens. Length of message doesn't seem to matter, happens on both long and short messages. Is quite disheartening!! Can others who have experienced this when they've definitely hit the send button flag up on here, please. Ta.

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Catkins @ 17/05/2017 11:24  

Yes....that's happened to me from time to time...people have joked 'fat finger syndrome' but like you i have been most careful to be sure I've pressed 'send' and like message gets sent. I have thought it due to my temperamental iPad touch keypad at I get a lot of typing and sending problems in chat too. I do have probs with the keypad ..but it isn't always due to that I'm sure :/

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Deleted Member @ 17/05/2017 11:57  

Some of my messages have vanished,on sending,and some a friend has sent to me,i've not received...a gremlin in the works,mayhap??

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jinx57 @ 17/05/2017 17:43  

Am thinking is a gremlin afoot here, Jinxstah. Has been the last week or so that it has been much more noticeable, two or three times with the same message to one person. Not conducive to communication. And I know there are others who have muttered bout the message gobbling gremlin.....

So nope, we not got fat fingers, JW

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Catkins @ 17/05/2017 17:57  

I think this is the same issue Neophyte raised earlier (08.05.17). Sounds pretty much the same sort of thing.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/05/2017 22:33  

Difference is Neophyte said it shows messages as being sent.... this gremlin doesn't as nothing is recorded and everything has to be started from scratch again. No record of message.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 18/05/2017 05:46  

although i don't send a lot of messages, it's happened to me on one occasion.
it took 3 attempts to send one PM.

it only seems to be personal messages, forum posts seem to be ok.

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mikedabike @ 18/05/2017 13:57  

It has happened to me several times

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Deleted Member @ 18/05/2017 19:47  

I did have a very short period whereby I'd type my PM message, hit the send button and my message wasn't sent or recorded, happened about x3 times.

I ended up typing my message in 'word', then copied & pasted message into the PM box and tried again for each message, sometimes took x2 attempts at sending each message, but then did go through.

I haven't had any other issues of late, but there again I haven't sent any PMs over the last few days.

When I posted my problem I thought it was a separate issue from this one.

So if anyone has sent me a PM and your wondering why I haven't replied it could be because there's a problem, and not because I'm ignoring you.

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Deleted Member @ 18/05/2017 20:05  

I'll see what I can do.
But, coincidentally I was working on the NEW messaging system last night for the new website. I honestly don't know what the problem might be, but hope that on the new site it's fixed.

Biggest tip i can give you: Enable COOKIES in your browser! These keep you logged in, especially when writing long messages which can result in you timing out.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 19/05/2017 09:49  

Okie dokies, Matt, cheers. (but it does happen on the short messages too) Hopefully the new website will be wonderful n bug free n is awaited with much anticipation. Thanks for all the time you spend on improving BM

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Catkins @ 19/05/2017 21:05  

My computer and keyboard is ALREADY covered in toast AND biscuit crumbs,and now they want cookies too!! If i find the black hole where all these lost messages are,i'll

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/05/2017 11:22  

Seems to me that this problem is becoming more widespread and frequent with alarming's frustrating to say the least if you can't rely on the most basic form of inter-site communication...: (

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 15/07/2017 06:38  

And newbies will be quick to stop using the site if it doesn't function properly,'s hard enough to untangle what goes where if you've never been on a dating site pun intended

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 15/07/2017 06:40  

Moot valid point, Jinxie.

Any NEWBIES reading this thread who are having problems witb messages disappearing, disheartening and frustrating though it is, bear with it. Matt is updating the site and we are all, twud appear, experiencing this probbo. As has been mentioned in another post, it has never affected sending posts, it just affects PM's.

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 15/07/2017 08:05  

Righto you fat-fingered people.... it might have been my fault after all.

Question 1) Did this only happen with significantly large messages?

Question 2) Was a photo copied into the text box?

Question 3) Is it now working ok?

I increased the maximum data limit from 0.2mb to 50mb

The way I created the problem was by copying the entire BBC news HTML into a new message to myself. It failed, then i tried again with an increased limit and it worked ok

   Update Reply
Matt @ 21/07/2017 15:32  

By the way - the old server had this same limit increased. But I forgot to set it on the new server, which is probably why the problem appears to have increased over the past fortnight since migrating

   Update Reply
Matt @ 21/07/2017 15:33  

What do you mean it might of been your fault.
Your the one poking it with a stick, You poked it too much and it broke, No go stand in the corner with no geek week porn mag

   Update Reply
JP @ 21/07/2017 15:48  

You been spying on me again?

   Update Reply
Matt @ 21/07/2017 15:57  

Had no problems this week, happy days.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/07/2017 16:07  

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