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Night Out In York

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Night Out In York

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Hi catkins, I am recovered and ready for the next one. I promise I will be prepared for the next do so your rejuvenating power will not be needed but best bring it along just in case
Whacker @ 22/02/2017 11:29 starting to collate folks' availability.

If the eventual date plumped for ends up not being the right date for everyone, just to reassure - there will be plenty more do's arranged and you will get to one of them. Will do my best re the dates, ok?
Catkins @ 22/02/2017 12:19  

Hello my dear TT
Yes I would be up for this dates permitting.
I am free 1st April 22 April and 29th April so far.
As for 3rd March it's a possibility as I will be in York on 1st to 3rd march with Ka,we are visiting a crazy woman called Catkins, do you know her?
So perhaps we could just push those dates out if that weekend is best for others. Xx

jaxrocks @ 22/02/2017 12:43  

Would love to do this if i have nothing on that weekend
Bikeabill @ 22/02/2017 13:22  

Depending on date and price of accommodation would love to join you for this one :)
Brummie Jackie @ 22/02/2017 14:17  

Hello fellow TT. Yes, I am familiar with she, but as you know she gets whackier when in the company of whackier folk. Hope you can mek it to this, Jaxl Rose!! XX

Bikeabil and BJ... great if you can make it. Chewing over dates at mo. Can you have a dekker and a think over those mentioned and let me know which you can/can't do? Ta.
Catkins @ 22/02/2017 17:16  

Hi Cath,
yes, I would like to attend, Scottish Mike.
Mikeyboy55 @ 22/02/2017 18:58  

11th March & 1st April, good for me . Don't know about His Lordship though , guess I ought to ask him .

From what I can work out Seunke & Ruth should be able to do 11th March, but will get His Lordship to ask if they are up for it.

Lindsay @ 22/02/2017 19:52  

Doh! I'm being stoopid (again) looks like 1st April is good (not 11 March). Sorry for confusion
Lindsay @ 22/02/2017 20:18  

Scottish Bike show at Edinburgh March 11th don't forget to throw into the date pot.
red_daytona @ 22/02/2017 20:20  

If I had to choose it'd be 8th April ...
goingtouring @ 22/02/2017 21:07  

Count me in sad missed last one
Deeply @ 22/02/2017 22:18  

Being a pain

Can we sort a date as the longer we leave it the less time to arrange accommodation.

smiler2964 @ 23/02/2017 08:31  

Already bunged through for events at first light this morning. N ya not bein a pain. Right from the off there was one date that stood out loud n clear from nearly all of you (but not quite everyone...sorry) :((( The date submitted is 1st April. Once back in York (as still in Chester) will be on the case with help with accommodation.

Got one place for starters that's cheap.... Seahorse Hotel, Fawcett Street, York. 9 bedrooms. Tis a Samuel Smith's pub n hotel. But they get booked up cos o their cheapo tarrifs.

More later folks n bung your names down on events once it's been cleared and please let me know whether you will be including the meal as I need to book n pay deposit. Got two places lined up but I need to know numbers.

Steve and Sue.... I know this date is regrettably not clear for you but I had to go with majority. But on the plus side there will definitely be more and I wil always try and err to the dates to suit most folk. Will deffo see you at Upton Blues if not before! X
Catkins @ 23/02/2017 09:35  

I'm defo in,.
Nice one Miss Catkins your a .
Motorbike50 @ 23/02/2017 17:28  

Deffo interested in this as 1st April is bang in the middle of my long weekend off work, perfick !!
DAVE VM @ 23/02/2017 17:31  

Oh whoop whoop in triplicate!!! Davius Maximus!! Yay!! :))))) X X X X great news!
Catkins @ 23/02/2017 17:39  

Whoo hoo Mr H im glad to hear your coming to York. Looks like there will be a large gathering of bm ers at this one.

Accommodation booked so if anyone wants to meet up on the Friday evening give us a shout
smiler2964 @ 23/02/2017 22:03  

i noticed that the egg run is on the 9th not the 8th, but canna make this one as i will be in Chester lol x
dizzydot @ 23/02/2017 22:39  

Yup, Egg Run is on Sunday 9th (week after this)

Aww Diz, I wanted to chat about the joys of SA again!
Lindsay @ 23/02/2017 22:41  

 Posts: 203       Pages: 2/11

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