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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Night Out In York

Night Out In York (8) - Forums [Biker Match] Night Out In York (8) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Night Out In York

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Food is at the White swan, we have been here for 5 mins and expect to be here for the next 90 mins. Have you ordered food linds???

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 01/04/2017 18:17  

Yes. We are our way now... See you in 10mins

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 01/04/2017 18:27  

Hi we are now in the artful dodger, in micklegate

   Update Reply
Krisbiker @ 02/04/2017 00:18  

An enjoyable day with friends old and new. Lots of laughter, most of it manic! Oh yeah and very sore feet!!

I can recommend Seahorse Hotel for BnB. Brilliant!

Thanks to Cath for organising. 

Hope everyone got home safely.

See you next time 

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 02/04/2017 14:14  

A huge vote of thanks to Cath for organising and making sure this event was a total success, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with a great bunch of people.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 02/04/2017 16:56  

Looking at those photos, looks like a great time was had by all.

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 02/04/2017 17:46  

Thanks to all for making this Event such fun! What a crackin' bunch you all are :) Matlock Pilly Run next!! Xx

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/04/2017 18:42  

.and I should think so too......

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 02/04/2017 18:50  

Faaaab time ... Big Thanks and big hugs Catkins you really brought the party to York.

Awesome seeing everybody again and meeting new friends too

Allready looking forward to the next one although I think a few days will be required to recover from this one lololol

cheers all

   Update Reply
JayDeeRed @ 02/04/2017 19:29  

Just to say me n anita had a blast ,thanks to all who made us welcome and meeting you`s all for the first time apart from firetrap and?mabe one more lol. Great to be back in the B.M. fold, will try and stay longer next tme,.cheers catkin till next meet.x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/04/2017 19:51  

Thanks to Cat,lots and lots,for her organisation and making it a brill event.
My first time,so I was a BM event virgin.
Great peeps,everybody so warm and friendly.
Now to some more sleep and medication-ooh ma head

   Update Reply
yorkie mick @ 02/04/2017 20:14  

Hi All, was great to meet so many nice people, hope to do it again !!
Thanks for all the organisation, Catkins

   Update Reply
Sirbob @ 02/04/2017 20:34  

Top Top night, great crowd and good to see some who i,d not seen for a while
Apologies as allways to the Landlords of York.......
Thanks Catkins for tour of your beautiful home town

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/04/2017 20:48  

A very big Thank You Catkinsfor a wonderful nightout in York. Had a fabulous time out with you all. Seeing the Chester peeps & meeting the new peeps. Looking forward to the next one LOL. But first need to recover from this one. Great pics!

   Update Reply
JoeAnne @ 03/04/2017 11:39  

 Posts: 154       Pages: 8/8

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