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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

KISS 5 Rally 11 - 13 Sept 2015

KISS 5 Rally   11 - 13 Sept  2015 (29) - Forums [Biker Match] KISS 5 Rally   11 - 13 Sept  2015 (29) - Forums [Biker Match]
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KISS 5 Rally 11 - 13 Sept 2015

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Well, what can I say - yet again another brilliant BM 'do' Just echoing everyone else's comments I am however traumatised by the amount of bruises I'm covered in thanks to the Hungry Hippos & the Sumo Challange (no!!! not that Sumo!!! ) However my fringe is lovely now thanks to the eggwash it got!

Oh & if anyone found a camera - it's mine - can I have it back please?? .

It's made me realise how much I miss you guys! xxx

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Holmfirthgirl @ 14/09/2015 14:12  

A great weekend, and brilliant to meet up with friends, old and new!

My thanks to Matt and the team - well done!

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Deleted Member @ 14/09/2015 14:16  

I can only echo what has been said above!
It was a great weekend. Many thanks to Matt and all of the team that spent many hours preparing and organising the rally.
It was so nice to have been able to meet so many great folk.
It pi$$ed down for most of my ride back on Monday morning but a bit of water never hurt anyone!! I have a few photos and will see if I can upload them to the event pics. Thanks to those people who tolerated this weird old git!!

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Deleted Member @ 14/09/2015 14:52  

I'd just like to take the chance to thank everyone for their help on Saturday and Sunday when I was ill lyndsay for coming for me in the car and taking me back to her place.Stuart for riding my bike back even tho he did look hilarious.dough and mandy for keeping me warm for the water.Amanda for the tablets and everyone else I'm really grateful to you all such a lovely group of people and Julia sorry I couldn't help out x

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Deleted Member @ 14/09/2015 16:36  

Wolfy I didn't know you was ill. Hope it's nowt serious and that you're feeling better now Yep Stuie did look funny on your bike.. I didn't know he was riding it all the way back, thought he was just taking it to the car park!

Stells hope you get your camera back and John I hope you managed to sort out your house etc, Cazz hope you got your tyre sorted... besides all that I hope you all managed to enjoy some, if not all of the weekend. I know I did.. I always love seeing the BMers, you're all stars!

Shame about the weather, although it was lovely yesterday and a few of use stayed at Squires supping non alcoholic beverages and putting the world to rights till late afternoon.

See you all again soon!

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Karey @ 14/09/2015 17:27  

Thank you to everyone for a great weekend. Wonderful to catch up with everyone.
Thank Lin for the laughs the and the trip to Scarborough and the "Quality" food. I loved my ice cream on my own lol. Sorry Kaz you had to put up with my terrible sense of direction and Delialah!!!

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Deleted Member @ 14/09/2015 20:00  

Had a super fab time at my 2nd KISS rally. Great meeting up with such lovely people. Bloody funny playing the games although I did get covered in egg and carrying some bruises atm. Your more than welcome Wofly hope your feeling much better. Most of all thank you for a free weekend M & M and to all whom worked to make it possible

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Amanda @ 14/09/2015 20:27  

Fabulous weekend, took a huge leap of faith knowing only a couple of people but I was overwhelmed by how welcoming & friendly everyone is.
Thank you Ray for taking me on the long ride out to the dales & everywhere else along the way! Felt like I had been riding a cob horse by the time we got back to Squires but what a comfortable ride.
It was fabous making some new friends & can't wait until the next rally.
Thanks to Matt & Marsha for footing the bill for the weekend & to all the organisers & marshalls making it possible & safe for us all. Brilliant weekend :-)

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Phoenix691 @ 15/09/2015 01:43  

What An Amazing Weekend - Had A Brilliant Time!!! I got back lateish on the Sunday!!!

Kaz Your Welcome Hun - It Was A Nice Little Detour!!! Luvs Ya Too Hun!!!

Thank You To Matt & Marsha and all the people running it!!!

It was great catching up with friends and making new ones!!!

Lots Of Love & Big Hugz Everyone!!!


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FibroWarrior @ 15/09/2015 14:55  

good weekend,well done all organisers,nice place and plenty to see ,shame all those on events page didn't turn up. 660 mile round trip with all the other southern softies well worth it ......well done all the organisers

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stutts @ 15/09/2015 19:56  

As stutts said good weekend and a good trip with the other southern softies.This was my first kiss rally hopefully the first of many........ and well done the organisers.

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GL Blue @ 16/09/2015 12:59  

Oh forgot to add thank you carol for the bus time table.

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GL Blue @ 16/09/2015 13:01  

must say a big thank to OJ im still smiling thanks

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kaycat @ 16/09/2015 14:31  

Big Thank You to all who made KISS a big success and made me feel at home. Hope to see you all again soon

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Quietman2 @ 16/09/2015 14:45  

Went by all to quick........I guess the sign of a good weekend away

was my 1st rally and thanks for assistance from various people (not sure assistance is the correct word as sounds like I need a carer.

maybe I do/did. but I know what I mean.

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VFR800AJ @ 16/09/2015 18:25  

Well done & Thanks to all for a fab weekend

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Deleted Member @ 16/09/2015 18:32  

What a brill weekend with the regulars and all the new faces that joined us on KISS 5.Massive thanks to all that made it possible and here is to KISS 6 2016 x

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Deleted Member @ 16/09/2015 20:52  

Only a couple of brief pop-by's for me due to family stuff...but a great time was had :>> Thanks to you organisers and those crazy games :> Lovely to catch up with old crazies and to meet new ones :>>

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Alice2 @ 17/09/2015 19:21  

thanks for a great weekend, recent sad events in my life slowed me down to a standstill but this weekend was just what i needed, laughed so much, drank too much, met some new pals and reunited with old, Amanda u are totally aka Peonix u r a lovly lady, H and Wills my constant companions and Simon for making me laugh so much and Jaks for rememberin my t shirt

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dizzydot @ 17/09/2015 21:31  

Great ride up with the rest of the Southerners, great event, was good to meet with members old and new and a good ride home again, just short of 600 miles for the whole weekend.

Posted a few photo's on the calendar.

Thanks to all those who organised the Rally.

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DAVE VM @ 17/09/2015 22:43  

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