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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

KISS 5 Rally 11 - 13 Sept 2015

KISS 5 Rally   11 - 13 Sept  2015 (28) - Forums [Biker Match] KISS 5 Rally   11 - 13 Sept  2015 (28) - Forums [Biker Match]
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KISS 5 Rally 11 - 13 Sept 2015

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What a fantastic weekend!! So many laughs and giggles with absolutely fantastic mates old and new!

WELL DONE to everyone that helped organise it and kept it running safe and smooth.

Big Thanks also to MATT and MARSHA

Massive thanks to Jan for the lift there and back, you're a star! Luv ya hun!

Big thanks to Linda for the outing to Scarborough and thanks to Sarah for the ice cream...............oh wait! She only got one for HERSELF.. didn't she Linda? Grrrrrrr

Hope you all got home safe... see you all at the next one, whatever it is!


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Karey @ 13/09/2015 17:29  

Great weekend thanks to all see you soon

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 13/09/2015 17:45  

Great wkend well done to those who organised it. Great to catch up wiv old friends and meet new peeps xx

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drobess @ 13/09/2015 18:10  

Thanks for a great weekend I would like to thank all those that gave up most of there weekend up to keep the site secure and all our personal possessions safe. Yet again BM and its staff have kept the scum off the rally site Long may it continue. Well done Phil, Bill, Sally, Kay, and all the rest of the team sorry I cant remember your names. Thank you for giving up your time to keep us partying.

On a sad note sorry to hear about Fireblade Johns House being broken into on the Friday night if there is anything we can do let us know

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JP @ 13/09/2015 18:42  

great weekend
big thanks to all the marshalls for all they did
oh and home ok all 25miles away up the rd

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havfun @ 13/09/2015 19:33  

Good times. great catch up thanks everyone, but to Sarah who really likes ice cream on her own and the history lessons all weekend i am not surprised I slept so much! And Kaz thanks for coming with us to Scarborough you were great company! xxxxxxxxxx

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bic chick @ 13/09/2015 21:31  

Home from a brilliant weekend thanks to all who helped organise a fun weekend, and to Matt and Marsha.

Was good to meet up with old and new friendsand look forward to seeing you all again soon xxx

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newbikerchick @ 13/09/2015 21:39  

Home ok , cheers for weekend was great time an good folk's

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Deleted Member @ 13/09/2015 22:18  

Absolutely a STORMER again... The KISS Rally's are always special and full of fun, but a huge thank you to boss man Matt for picking up the reins (and the tab) and along with the rest of the event team make it yet another weekend to remember... Great to catch up with friends from all over the country and to also meet and make some new ones, the people you only know by their face on a profile in BM... I can't wait for next years now.... hahah Well done everyone.... and thank you one and all

   Update Reply
Rider10 @ 13/09/2015 23:36  

Thanks for the photos A J.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 14/09/2015 01:19  

sorry I missed .but had to work, is there any pics of smiler aka firestorm?

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bikerchef1981 @ 14/09/2015 01:28  

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend!!
Sounds like everyone got home safe!!
Ditto jp's comment on Fireblade's house..shout if we can do anything xx

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Joey05 @ 14/09/2015 09:25  

Great weekend with fab folk.

Brilliant to see Sumo, Stroggy and Stella (all the S's) after such a long time.

Cheers to Boss Man and Lady for footing the bill.

Big pat on the back to all those who gave up there time to ensure everything ran smoothly over the course of the weekend :)

Have spoken to John and he assures me all is OK.

BM folk certainly do know how to party thats for sure lol

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Brummie Jackie @ 14/09/2015 10:02  

Ditto to what's been said above.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 14/09/2015 10:07  

oh and by the way i did get to dance with Rag ................. it was done privately :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 14/09/2015 10:09  

And you done a crap Tina Tunner impression.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 14/09/2015 10:15  

Just wanted to say thank you to all the willing and unwilling participants of the games - you were great!
Matt has some fantastic photos which I hope will be uploaded soon!

Also, thanks to everyone that helped out to make the weekend a brilliant one.
It was great to meet so many of you and can't wait to catch up with you all again soon.

   Update Reply
Bebe D-Oie @ 14/09/2015 10:18  

Rag you didnt complain at the time !!!!!

Mind you i am still traumatised by the Pervs request to play Naked Twister

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 14/09/2015 10:39  

A big thankyou to all who organised the weekend. I had a fantastic time and the rain did not stop me.
Thanks to Rag for leading the Southern Softies up to Squires and to BigRay for the brilliant ride around the Dales.
It was really good meeting up with everyone, I wish it happened more often, I am missing your brilliant friendly company already.
I still have my final 32 mile run home this morning from Lindas. :-)

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 14/09/2015 10:46  

He stop drinking beer after you reminded of the naked twister and only drunk coffee for the rest of the day (wimp)

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 14/09/2015 10:50  

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