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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

KISS 5 Rally 11 - 13 Sept 2015

KISS 5 Rally   11 - 13 Sept  2015 - Forums [Biker Match] KISS 5 Rally   11 - 13 Sept  2015 - Forums [Biker Match]
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KISS 5 Rally 11 - 13 Sept 2015

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BikerMatch is proud to present the FIFTH edition of our annual Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S) rally.
With over 500 visitors last year we're hoping the 2015 edition will be just as crazy and successful.
Based on the idea of going back to basics, enjoying each others' company, riding out on the bikes, having a dance and socialising with members you may often only meet online.
Our rally is absolutely a FAMILY-FRIENDLY event. That means you're welcome to bring the kids and come in a car, no problem.

Don't forget that we will be at a NEW LOCATION this year! Check the "MAP" tab for directions.

As always the event will contain lots of silly games, surprises and laughter.
Music entertainment will be in the form of 2 bands plus a weekend DJ. Don't miss our surprise comedy dance competition -)

As a celebration of our 5th rally, 8th year online and 70,000 members.... this year's rally will be FREE ENTRY!!!
This is still a BM (full-)members-only event with only one guest allowed per member. You may bring more than one child but please inform us in advance via

This year the KISS Rally will be FREE ENTRY to all FULL members of BikerMatch who are listed on the GUEST page of this event.
So just to confirm, all you need to do is...
1) Add yourself to the attendance list:
2) Upgrade your BM account before the 11th September:

You may bring one guest, also for FREE. However, if you want to bring more than one child we ask you to please email us first with yours & their details:

On the 11th September we will print a list of those on the Guests page of the event who have a FULL account on BikerMatch. This list (with profile photo and real-name) will be held at the rally and you must check-in when you arrive.

This year we have been lucky enough to secure a weekend at SQUIRES bikers cafe in West Yorkshire.
We believe that this location is not only central for most of the UK but also provides some wonderful biking scenery.
One of the fields and the function room will be reserved for rally visitors only. Entrance to both the camping and entertainment restricted to our guests only.
The function room has a maximum capacity of 250, so first-come first-served. Arrive late and you're still welcome to enjoy the other entertainment and meet BM members in the other rooms.
There are plenty of toilets and showers for all members available 24 hours.
First aid will be available at the reception and via indicated qualified first-aiders.
Food and drink will be available all day from Squires at reasonable prices. Please do support the cafe who are kindly hosting us.

There will be TWO ride outs, both suitable for ALL skill levels.
One will be a short trip (approx. just over 1 hour) to Seaways Cafe. Route will be provided at the rally.
The second one will be a longer trip going over to Hawes by Pateley bridge and Wharfedale then back by Layburn. Also for all levels of rider, and will take up the larger part of the Saturday daytime

Friday night band: BAD DOG (Headline act!)
Saturday night band: Speed Weasels
There will be a supporting DJ all weekend keeping the festival beats flowing.

As always there will be plenty of games, surprises and humour, planned and unplanned.
Prizes will also be available including BM memberships.
If you'd like to organise anything in particular please get in touch with the team via
Anyone willing to donate prizes for the raffles & games please also get in touch via email asap.

This year the writing is in RED.
. T-shirts £10 Ladies and Gents
. Ladies vest tops £10
. Hoodies £18
. Zipped hoodies £20
Logo on the back, name on the front.
Place orders with either "Brummie Jackie" or "Scorpio54" DIRECTLY giving size and name required and we'll contact you with payment details.

This is STILL a members only event with only one guest allowed per member (except for children).
You are not permitted to take your own food and drink into the pub.
Feel free to discuss the event on our forums...

There is no extra charge for cars, come in/on what you like. Cars to be unpacked and then left on main hardstanding car park at front of venue except for blue badge holders.
Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated towards staff or anyone else. This is a family-friendly rally and members are asked to respect that and behave accordingly.
Racism, nudity or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and nor will the open use of illegal drugs.
Whilst you are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol on site, this is not to be consumed in the bar/pub under any circumstances.
Members are requested to respect others and clean up after themselves and make sure they leave the showers/toilets how they would like to find them, clean and tidy.
Friendly dogs are allowed on site but are required to be kept on a lead AT ALL TIMES and any fouling must be cleaned up by members straight away and disposed of properly.
Children are to be supervised by parents/carers at all times for their own safety and to ensure there is no damage or injury to themselves or other members' bikes/equipment.
Animals use the field on occasions so no glasses to be used on site (glass bottles excepted but they must be placed in the designated receptacles provided)
No fires or barbecues whatsoever on site.
No club patches to be worn on site.
All members are expected to have their vehicles in suitable condition, taxed / MOTd / Insured.
Neither BikerMatch, Squires nor the KISS organisers will be responsible for damage to personal property or injuries outside of our control. Take care of yourself, friends and family at all times.
Serious misconduct and irresponsible behaviour will not only result in you being removed from the event but also the website.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 02/03/2015 21:33  

Well done SQUIRE for getting this up, but where's going to be?
It does say it but it's not clear above.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 02/03/2015 21:56

   Update Reply
Matt @ 02/03/2015 22:04  

Once you have paid, add your name to the Event.
This will help me keep a check on attendees.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 02/03/2015 22:35  

I'm hoping to be there but won't be camping - I'll be stopping in one of the nearby hotels!!! Will be good to catch up with everyone!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

   Update Reply
FibroWarrior @ 04/03/2015 18:33  

Great to see everything now posted...would not miss this event for the world, unless we all go out in the big bang that, looking forward to tickets going on sale...

   Update Reply
Rider10 @ 07/03/2015 19:13  

Tickets are on sale.
See previous posting.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 07/03/2015 23:41  

I need a lift to this rally, but for the days only,I can't camp overnight. If anyone can oblige please send me a message and we can discuss the cost. :-)

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 11/03/2015 08:46  

Sandi, if you dont manage to get a lift, there is a train station in Sherburn. Alternatively Garforth has two stations. I think all are more or less the same distance from Squires. Perhaps someone will offer to pick up up from one of these. Trains run on York, Selby lines. Hope this helps.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 11/03/2015 12:05  

Thanks GBNP, I will look into the trains if I don't get a lift offer.x

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 13/03/2015 11:27  

Hi Sandi - I'm after a lift too but, if we don't get any offers, I could always drive up in the car and pick you up on the way if that would help? Jx

   Update Reply
Bebe D-Oie @ 13/03/2015 13:59  

Thank you Julia, that's very kind of you. X

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 14/03/2015 06:55  

Hi Sandi - I know it defeats the object turning up to a bike rally in a car but, in the worst case scenario of no lifts being available, at least we'll get there! Jx

   Update Reply
Bebe D-Oie @ 14/03/2015 07:03  

OK I need to time this just nice then, how many you sold so far ?

But can I have curry sauce instead of peas ?

I'll sort mine out on Tuesday.

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 15/03/2015 17:24  

There are no tickets as such. It is more of a reference number for admin purposes.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 16/03/2015 12:23  

lol, you guys crack me up! ..... grandma n eggs came to mind...

I really hope the 100th person likes chish n fips with muss ; )

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/03/2015 06:55  

You can have 'ticket no 100' jp.
I'm quite partial to fish n chips.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 17/03/2015 12:36  

Would put my name down on the events page but no Idea how to. Not liking it at all

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/03/2015 17:52  

I would recommend cars are parked in front of Speedstyle and not in the main carpark as that gets busy with bikes on Saturdays and you may find your car blocked in. Also the car park is being closed off late Saturday night for a big event on Sunday morning.
For those of you not familiar with Squires. Speedstyle is their on site accessory and clothing shop.

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 17/03/2015 20:14  

GL - go to the event, click on guests and there is an "add me" button.

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 17/03/2015 20:59  

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