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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Extra BM Events Organisers needed

Extra BM Events Organisers needed (4) - Forums [Biker Match] Extra BM Events Organisers needed (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Extra BM Events Organisers needed

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Cheers JP I have actually been to many rallies in my life, Bulldog, Kent Custom, Druids MC rallies in Yorks, rallies down South Ireland etc etc so Im no a wee virgin in that respect lol just a BM one... Haven't had the pleasure of a BM one yet....although I do chat with loads good peeps here it will be good to meet 'em in the flesh. Don't like the rally camping life much these days as I detest camping now... give me a good ol BnB anyday with hot showers and comfy beds haha love my comforts too much....but will still attend rallies for the craic and music and DRINK hee hee hee I keep threatening to come over meet youse I know but either money is tight or work prevents it, I have had a couple of very bad years financially but am now seeing light at end of SOON I shall torment youse with my presence Thanks for thinking of me and the kind offer (which I haven't forgotten you did before too) xx

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Deleted Member @ 05/04/2014 14:01  

Looking at the events page most of them are not BM organized events, some even have no one attending.

This might put some people off as they won't know anyone and might never find the BM contingent.

How about we use a simple color code system so at a glance you can see which are BM events and which aren't.

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Steve_H @ 13/04/2014 16:08  

Sharrup Steve, u cudna organise a pissup in a (Dent) brewery...

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XKLYBR @ 13/04/2014 19:31  

That means it's your round XK :-)

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Steve_H @ 13/04/2014 20:48  

Please keep all the offers to join the team coming, we still need many more.

I'm getting round to contacting everyone back - just so much going on right now.


PS: the Ts & Cs of the website cover everything. We don't want a strict club where people have to sign papers before every ride etc. It's common sense to have the necessary paperwork to ride a bike on the road. This isn't America! :-D

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Matt @ 16/04/2014 20:38  

Also rem folks it doesnt have to be a massive event and if anybody is thinking of having a go at organising something and has any questions, you can always contact myself or another events team member for advice :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 17/04/2014 11:27  

Please descend on Hastings 1 st of may wherever you are :)
i for once wont be home ( in hastings)
as with MB to nurenberg ring and black forest woooooooot .

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Deleted Member @ 19/04/2014 20:03  

so what is going on in Hastings on 1st may then?????????

ps Thursday 1st may........

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Deleted Member @ 20/04/2014 22:08  

hahah too funny you are massive mayday run to hastings 70.000 bikers etsimated RHHHHHa us is Pirates

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Deleted Member @ 22/04/2014 12:44  

mayday bike run is on Monday 5th may not Thursday 1st .

check on the 1066 web page.

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Deleted Member @ 23/04/2014 00:26  

should be may the first colliding with a lOOOOng weekend , anyway that is what it is looking likely to be :)

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Deleted Member @ 24/04/2014 14:04  


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Cloud_God @ 14/07/2014 23:37  

LOL @ Cloud_God, you realise you're bumping a post that's pinned to the top of all the forums and has been forever.
That'll keep me smiling in the rain as I ride to Fort Augustus.

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izzyhill @ 20/07/2014 08:10  

yes Izzy I realised that but it is when put an answer to all the quizzes and puzzles there is this one at the top without my name. OCD or what lol

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Cloud_God @ 20/07/2014 17:59  

Hi all
as the summertime approaches we are looking to dramatically increase our events team with some new fresh energy.
If you regularly organise biking events in your neighbourhood - from small ride outs, BBQs, pub visits etc... up to festival level.... then we want to hear from you.
Please help us compile the most extensive motorcycling events calendar in the UK.
Volunteers from all over the UK are needed - particularly around the outskirts and corners of the UK.
If you're interested in putting your name down, please email me via the Contact page....
BM Admin

This is here for a reason

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JP @ 20/07/2014 20:17  

if theres ever any thing you think I might be able to help out with just give me a shout im always listening

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Deleted Member @ 05/08/2014 10:20  

Hi I am also available to help out in my area if you need it

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beezerbird @ 05/08/2014 16:10  

I need it.
Just say 'pretty please'...

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XKLYBR @ 06/08/2014 18:40  

is just wondering whats what with the ride outs and events ..... it seems some faces appear on events almost every event but yet are never at the event would it not be better for people who are really going to put their pic up and for those who are not to leave their pic off this then would save confusion as to the number of people attending also if for some reason a person had their pic up for an event then for some reason couldn't go would it not just be a decent thing to do to remove pic so that when its a limited number to an event it leaves spaces free for others who want to go but obviously then think event is full so don't don't go ? just asking not preaching as I wouldn't want slapped hands or anything just being sensible

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Deleted Member @ 10/08/2014 15:44  

That is what supposed to happen Dixie, but sometimes people forget to remove themselves is all.

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rowanblossom @ 10/08/2014 16:55  

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